Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 78

78 Sweat Makes Champions

"Doctor Ling is here." Lu Wenbin, who had arrived at the hospital half an hour early, tried to show just how hardworking he was to Ling Ran.

Creatures like doctors, no matter what age, whether they were ugly or good looking, ordinary or popular, were ultimately loved by all if they were diligent and studious.

Skills were not only related to talent, but also forged through hard work.

Doctors knew this. The higher they stood, the better the doctor understood.

Lu Wenbin was certain that he would never impress Ling Ran with his talent, but he could make up for it with hard work.

Lu Wenbin was strong. He had left work at nine o'clock in the evening and went to the gym in the medical technology building for forty minutes. His five-feet-eleven-inch frame carried a lot of muscle. His fourteen-inch thick bicep could almost block the entire office door.

With an easygoing and boyish smile, he said, "Doctor Ling, I'm ready for the ward rounds. How about now?"

"Already done it." Ling Ran yawned softly. He was up at four o'clock in the morning. It had almost been four hours now, and he had not taken any Energy Serums. He was really sleepy.

Lu Wenbin stiffened up like a statue, whispering, "You performed the ward rounds in advance?"

"Not yesterday, I just came here two hours earlier today," Ling Ran stated as-a-matter-of-fact.

'Two hours' sounded like a bomb in Lu Wenbin's ears.

"You came at five o'clock in the morning?" Lu Wenbin was tongue-tied.

Ling Ran nodded. "Around four, yes."

Lu Wenbin could not help but be dumbfounded. Great anxiety rose in his heart.

'If someone is better than you are, what should you do?

'If he is more diligent than you are, what should you do?

'If he is more handsome than you are, what should you do?

'What should I do?

'What should I do?!'

Ling Ran handed the medical records from the ward rounds to Lu Wenbin and said, "Let's sort these out."

Lu Wenbin did not respond for a moment. Ma Yanlin the houseman came out from behind Lu Wenbin and reached for the book while he said that he would sort out the records. He began categorizing them in the cabinet in the office.

In the doctors' offices, documents and bills of all manner were in the grid-like cabinets at every corner. For example, the 'informed consent forms,''notice of critical illness' and 'discharge instructions.' Patients' medical records, ward rounds records, and so on would also be included in it. Usually, there was a random inspection by the directors and the archivers. Whenever the hospital was to be graded, the entire hospital would begin assessing and inspecting their own work. The entire hospital often took half a year to rewrite the documents that had not yet been written or otherwise poorly-written.

The process was similar to primary school students copying texts, teachers copying teaching plans, and political party members copying ideas.

Lu Wenbin was early, but he was one step behind the houseman. He was so angry that his biceps were all swollen and pumped up. He hurriedly said, "During the ward rounds yesterday, Beds 3 and 7 were a little edematous. I applied some medicine, and gave medical advice to raise the affected limb and soak it with hot water. Bed 9 complained about some dizziness. I consulted Doctor Zhou, and he had the patient confined to bed rest"

"The patient sutured the day before yesterday was also in good condition. There were no abnormal reactions after the anesthesia." Ma Yanlin cut in.

"Yes, the prognosis has been very good for several recent patients." Lu Wenbin lowered his head. The anxiety generated by the inferior complex when it came to talent, diligence and looks would not go away easily, but life and work still had to go on.

He was a resident doctor, and he was performing the duties of a resident doctor. Going about ward rounds and paying attention to patients' conditions were their most basic tasks. In the hospital, the medical staffs who had the most contact with patients were the resident doctors and nurses.

Many of the frequency of doctors performing ward rounds when they were attending physicians would drop significantly, especially when they were attending physicians of surgical departments. Many times, these doctors would only learn of the patients' names only when they were about to perform surgery on them.

The chief physicians' ward rounds were even more sporadic and even rarer. The three-stage ward rounds were only required once a week. At the current hospital bed turnover rate, many patients were discharged from the hospital within three to four days.

Ling Ran also had a few ward rounds before this, and the main purpose of his ward rounds was just to observe several patients after they had received their surgery. After all, he initially only knew how to employ the M-Tang technique. Huo Congjun had to handle the other routines.

However, he now had the Specialist Level Physical Examination Skill, making him more useful than ordinary resident doctors.

"Bed 3 and Bed 7 may be undergoing a more severe adhesion of tendons, and their rehabilitation programs should be escalated. Do not be afraid of the rupturing. I have already exhorted this. You can take a second look during your usual ward rounds," said Ling Ran.

"Okay." Ma Yanlin the houseman was once again one step ahead of Lu Wenbin.

"Yes." Lu Wenbin, who had come to work early in the morning feebly rose to his feet.

"In addition to that, there is a need to give several patients additional examination programs, especially Bed 11. Give him an ultrasonography, I suspect he has fluid accumulating in his abdomen. It is not any simple postoperative edema." Ling Ran was still an intern. He could neither prescribe medicine nor have patients go through other programs. He had to go through Lu Wenbin.

This was why Huo Congjun had forcefully assigned a resident doctor to Ling Ran.

Lu Wenbin nodded. He could deal with simple symptoms and prescribe drugs according to the guidelines, but he was totally inadequate when it came to comprehensive judgement.

Ling Ran concluded the two-hour rounds in a few words. It was the same for most resident doctors, and it was just as uninteresting and time-consuming as a normal office worker's routine.

"How many patients are available today?" Ling Ran inquired about his scheduled surgeries.

It was the one thing that interested him the most.

"Oh, I just looked at it. So far, there are three." Lu Wenbin quickly went to get the pad and looked for the electronic medical records within.

"The M-Tang technique has had a high success rate and good prognosis. The hospitals referring the patients to us are now more keen on promoting it."

Ling Ran lowered his head to look at the medical records.

For doctors, as long as their medical skills were good, other problems were minor.

When it came to referrals, lower-level hospitals were powerless against the higher-level hospitals. They could not even keep track of their patients during most of the time. But the higher-level hospital doctors often looked upon the lower-level hospitals with a disdainful eye and mocked them by saying they were not worthy of being doctors.

Even so, the lower-level hospitals were aware of the gap in skill, and quietly accepted their place.

Referral doctors would not track the conditions of each patient. But if the results of each referral were favorable, said doctor would send their patients to that hospital frequently. If multiple problems arose after they referred their patient to another hospital, they would naturally stop referring their patients to the hospital. They would just transfer their patients to another high-grade hospital.

Small hospitals in small areas were everywhere. Doctors and patients were more likely to work on a more intimate basis. Although the doctors transferred the patients to large hospitals for better treatment and expertise, they also hoped that the patients would get the best possible medical treatment. Case in point, Lower Groove Clinic often referred patients to Yun Hua Hospital. If Boss Yang had not encountered Ling Ran, Ling Jiezhou would have quickly arranged for Boss Yang to be transferred to Yun Hua Hospital. It would also affect his decision as to where he should refer his next patient, Yun Hua or a provincial hospital.

Thanks to Huo Congjun and the Changxi Province Medical Company, hospitals had been turning to them more often than not, but not to a very enthusiastic level. Some hospitalsonly referred the patients over for the sake of the Yun Hua Hospital Hand Surgery Department.

As of now, some subtle things had changed.

The M-Tang technique of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital worked well. The patients, Emergency Department, and medical representatives all shared the same feedback. This way, hospitals could confidently refer people to the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital.

Although it was only a slight change from their slight doubt to slight reassurance, the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital was undeniably receiving an increasing number of flexor tendon injury patients.

Several small hospitals were located in industrial areas. Those without Hand Surgery Departments would not refer patients to hospitals of equal level, they could only turn to the larger tertiary grade A hospitals.

The Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had some ongoing referral offers, and the results were good. Naturally, they became the first choice of many.

"All three. Write up the preoperative diagnosis. It's for Department Director Huo once he arrives." Ling Ran flipped through the pad and handed it back to Lu Wenbin.

"Three again?" This instantly made Lu Wenbin's skin to crawl.

"It's going to be more than that," Ling Ran smiled and said.

"More will come in by lunchtime. Give it another look by then."

Lu Wenbin had just only taken a day off. He was originally well-rested and refreshed, but at that moment, he instantly became awfully nervous and uncomfortable.

Ling Ran felt comfortable and relaxed.

The difference between days with surgeries and days without surgeries were practically like night and day.

"Two single-finger lacerations, one two-finger crush injury. We can try to get all of them done in the morning. Hmm let's do the two-finger laceration first. After we finish, we will contact the new medical cases, arrange for our operations to be connected together, and save time." Ling Ran seemed to have made a fool-proof plan, and joy was practically radiating from his body.

Lu Wenbin's face lost more blood.

"Can I wait until the latter half of the surgery to come out and ask"

"I can be responsible for contacting other hospitals." Ma Yanlin took the opportunity to step in.

Lu Wenbin wanted to argue against that, but remained silent in the end.

Ling Ran was indispensable. Huo Congjun was responsible for the contacting the patients earlier, but the department director could not be expected to take all the work.

Ma Yanlin secretly clenched his fist. He wanted to get involved with the M-Tang technique rather than perform chores for other doctors.

"By the way, Doctor Ling. I just saw the new edition of 'Chinese Critical Care Medicine'. Your name is on it. 'Barehanded Bleeding Control Without Setting Up a Surgical Field by Applying Localized Pressure During Suturing of Glisson's Capsule.' Right on the front page."

Ma Yanlin waited for Ling Ran to sit down before he bent over to hand him a journal.

Of course, he had not seen it himself. But he had told the same by the interns in the administrative department. Hospitals were extremely concerned about the publication of doctors' articles. Every month, they would count the number of people who published articles, articles that were published, and influence factors for the publication of articles, and so on. Most of those who were tasked to do this work were young-uns in the same batch as Ma Yanlin.

Ling Ran took the copy of 'Chinese Critical Care Medicine' in surprise. He opened it and saw that the bottom right corner of his article had been folded and marked.

The words 'Yun Hua Hospital, Emergency Department, Ling Ran' was located under the title of the article and could be seen at a glance.

The notifications from the system popped up right on time.

[Mission completed: Completed a thesis]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]