Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 780

781 Pressed For Time And Bothersome Task

On the following day, after Ling Ran had a good night's sleep, he watered the flowers and plants that he had not seen for many days. By the time he was done, milky white clouds were already rising up the horizon.

Huang Maosheng, the pharmaceutical sales representative sent over a full set of breakfast comprising guo bian hu, [1] deep-fried pancakes and dumplings in a show of attentiveness. He then helped out in Lower Groove Clinic by sweeping the courtyard and sprinkling some water on the ground to clean it. After he helped wash some rice and cook a pot of porridge, he left with a smile.

His main task right now was to get in touch with Ling Ran, and he had slowly gotten to know Ling Ran's likes and dislikes. He knew that Ling Ran did not like it when other people followed him around all the time, and this made things even easier for him. The only inconvenience was that Ling Ran's working hours were a little weird. But due to his lucrative monthly bonus, Huang Maosheng swallowed his dissatisfaction and went on with his task.

When Ling Jiezhou heard the commotion, he slipped on a singlet and went downstairs.

The singlet was a little old, and the fabric at the position of his shoulders had become a little yellowish. The hem has even become a little curled. Ling Jiezhou did not mind at all though. He knocked on his shoulders a few times to loosen his muscles and washed up in a leisurely manner. He then took a piece of rag and wiped down the railings as well as the tables and chairs. After he was done, he straightened his body and said, "Young people nowadays don't know how to do chores. All they know how to do is to sweep the ground and sprinkle water on the ground. They have no idea that they need to use a rag to wipe down things at all. In my opinion, that pharmaceutical sales representative ofyours is not meticulous when he does things."

Ling Ran did not catch the main point that his father was trying to convey. He merely hummed in acknowledgment.

"What do you think? Should I talk to him on your behalf next time?" Ling Jiezhou suggested half-jokingly.

Ling Ran still did not realize what his father was trying to imply. "Why do you need the pharmaceutical sales representative to do all this?"

"Because I'm lazy." Ling Jiezhou grinned.

Ling Ran nodded in agreement.

"I'm too lazy to do this sort of stuff, so I'll have to take the initiative to talk to him. Get it?" Ling Jiezhou sighed in resignation, as he felt that he had just wasted his breath. However, he continued, "You should put that pharmaceutical sales representative of yours to good use. He'll feel guilty anyway if you don't assign tasks for him. And as time goes by, he'll get used to doing nothing. In the end, he'll be incapable of getting things done when you ask him to do something. Aren't you turning him into a piece of trash this way? So, it is only reasonable for you to work your subordinates."

Ling Ran threw Ling Jiezhou a suspicious glance and said, "This is what you used to say about a doctor working in this clinic, and in the end, the doctor resigned."

"It's because that doctor was immature. Take a look at Old Xiong, he has gotten used to being oppressed No, I mean, isn't he doing his job well now? Moreover, even if the pharmaceutical sales representative were to resign, the medical company will send someone else over. You don't have to worry about this."

Ling Ran hummed in acknowledgment again and started scooping porridge into his bowl.

Even though Ling Jiezhou was not a doctor, he was involved in the field of medicine. He was akin to a person who had seen a pig even though he had never eaten pork. Hence, he had a good understanding of the relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical sales representatives. Now that they were talking about medical companies and pharmaceutical sales representatives, Ling Jiezhou made it a point to give Ling Ran a reminder. "Companies like Changxi Medical Company mainly focus on selling drugs. Most of those drugs can be supplied by other companies too, and there isn't much difference when it comes to the effectiveness of the drugs and other aspects. I know that you don't like to bother yourself with too many things, so just take their after-sales customer service into consideration."

"After-sales customer service?"

"If you have any requirements when it comes to the drugs they supply, you can raise those requirements to them. You can also ask for data and information from them. This way, you will be able to select medical companies that best suits your needs. Of course, you can carry on with companies like Changxi Medical Company that you have worked with for a while. But if you're bringing in new drugs and stuff, you can go for the medical companies that are more professional." Ling Jiezhou looked at his son. For some reason, he was a little pleased with himself. "This is especially true when you're introducing a new surgical method, as cooperation from the medical companies plays a big role in this."

Ling Ran nodded a little, and he was a little surprised as he looked at his father. He agreed with what his father said. "Makes sense."

Ling Jiezhou placed his hand on his hips and laughed. "Right? Even though your dad isn't a doctor, I know the happenings in the field of medicine like the back of my hand. Of course, I know nothing about things like surgeries. You've really outdone your dad in this. But when it comes to matters concerning hospital affairs and medical companies, you still have a lot to learn from me."


The bedroom door on the first floor was pushed open.

Tao Ping's voice rang out. "Don't listen to your dad. He deliberately called someone to ask about this yesterday. He even talked to that person for a good few hours."

Ling Jiezhou laughed so hard that he almost suffocated. "Wifey, I thought we agreed that we're managing different aspects of the business?"

"Ah, I forgot." Tao Ping sounded surprised.

Ling Jiezhou raised his head to glance at his wife. "Please wipe that smirk off your face."

"I really forgot about that!"Tao Ping said good-naturedly.

Ling Ran quietly finished his bowl of porridge as well as eat some deep-fried pancakes and guo bian hu. He then gobbled down a bowl of dumplings, two eggs, and some salted egg yolk. By the time he finished a few grapes and a pear, the courtyard was silent once again.

"I'm off to work." Ling Ran wiped his mouth and shouted. He then went to the backyard and started his car.

Ling Jiezhou massaged his round belly, which was becoming bigger by the day, and reminded Ling Ran from the first floor, "Old Chen will be bringing his uncle over for a consultation later. Don't forget."

"The one with cholecystitis?"

"Yes. Old Chen used to sell cakes. You liked his sesame cakes quite a lot."

"Why isn't he selling them anymore?"

"He probably used to have a contact in the food bureau and could get expired ingredients at low prices to make cakes. But after the reform, all the expired ingredients are used to make animal feed, so he couldn't profit as much as he used to. I guess that's why he decided to stop selling cakes." Ling Jiezhou paused for a moment and continued, "He purchased houses with all the money he used to earn though, so he's probably focusing on being a landlord right now."


At the consultation area, Ling Ran listened to Zuo Cidian's suggestion and only put up ten slots. He then sat in the comfort of the examination room and waited for the patients.

Right now, Ling Ran had become a fairly renowned surgeon. Not only had he received media coverage, but there were also other doctors who recommended patients to him. Since he was away from the country for over a month, there were quite a lot of patients slated to see him. If he were to put up too many slots, he would run out of time before he could see all the patients.

Soon after, the patients came in according to their slot numbers. Right after that, there were requests for Ling Ran to put up additional slots.

"Doctor Ling, I have come to you for a consultation before."

"Doctor Ling, you have operated on me before."

"Doctor Ling, Doctor Liu from the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City recommended me to come over, but I wasn't able to get a number"

Since he expected all this, Zuo Cidian arranged the patients asking for additional slots according to the order whereby they came. He then took back the forms that those patients have filled in one by one. Whenever he encountered patients or patients' family members who were escorted by a medical staff member, Zuo Cidian had no choice but to flash his brightest smile.

Ling Ran did not need to care about all this.

He talked to the patients one by one. There was no need for him to call the patients in by himself, and he did not need to arrange the order of patients coming in to meet him either. Things were pretty convenient for him.

Ling Ran possessed Master Level Physical Examination, and his success rate when it came to diagnosing ordinary illnesses that required surgery was extremely high. Aside from this, most of the patients who took up the additional slots had already been diagnosed, and they were mainly suffering from ailments related to the liver, knee joints, Achilles tendon, and flexor tendon. Even though the scope covered by Ling Ran was slightly bigger than ordinary specialists, compared to senior surgeons and surgeons from Europe as well as the United States, Ling Ran was not capable of treating many ailments.

Ling Ran admitted patients whom he was capable of treating into the Emergency Center and recommended other doctors to the rest of the patients. As for patients who required conservative treatment, Ling Ran prescribed drugs for them. Soon, the morning was almost over.

Old Chen from Lower Groove only gave Ling Ran a call at twelve. He then brought his thirty-eight-year-old uncle upstairs.

"I'm so sorry. My uncle works in an internet company, and he's extremely busy. He can't even get a full day of medical leave, so he had no choice but to leave an hour before lunch break so that he can see you during his lunch break." Old Chen, who was a little over fifty years old, apologized profusely. He then dragged his uncle, who was young and a bit of a stiff person, over. "Even though he's young, his health is seriously horrible. He's not even forty years old yet but has suffered from cholecystitis for twelve or thirteen years."

"It's been twelve years. I got diagnosed during my second year working for this company." Young Chen sat opposite Ling Ran and talked about his condition, "A few days ago, the pain got too much to bear. So I sneaked out while working overtime last night and got a fluid transfusion. It's the only reason I don't have a fever today. I'm thinking of receiving cholecystectomy."

"Let me examine you." Ling Ran put on a pair of gloves.

"I can only take a two-day leave. I'll have two and a half days if you factor in the weekend. If two days are not enough, I'll have no choice but to continue to receive conservative treatment." Young Chen quickly conveyed his needs.

Zuo Cidian, who was sitting beside Ling Ran, could not help but say, "Even though cholecystectomy is a very common surgery, it's still surgery. How can you expect to get operated on and recover within the span of two days? Your job is going to kill you one day."

"I can't help it. We're racing against time to complete our project. If I were to take a break, the whole project team would have to stop and wait for me. I've done some research online, and there are comments that say that not only do Doctor Ling's patients have good prognoses, but the recovery time is also short. Is that true?"

"But two days is still too short." Ling Ran shook his head a little.

"How about two and a half days?" Young Chen tried to negotiate.

Ling Ran shook his head again. "Under normal circumstances, patients who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy can only get discharged after three days, and can only get back to work normally after seven days."

"I know, but I really can't take more than two days of leave. The project I'm involved in is linked to the bullet train, and if I were to take a break, it'll not only affect my team but other teams too. You know, there are even colleagues of mine who have been receiving conservative treatment for appendicitis for two or three years.

Old Chen who was sitting beside Young Chen said, "It's really impossible for this uncle of mine to take a break. I don't know anything about the project he's involved in, but it's an extremely important one. Ling Ran, please help to think of something.

Ling Ran could not help but glance at his Virtual Human. He could use it for another four hours and twenty-one minutes.

Truth be told, even though he possessed Specialist Level Cholecystectomy courtesy of his own practice, he was far less skillful in cholecystectomy compared to He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. However, if he were to make use of the Virtual Human, he could improve the patient's prognosis by leaps and bounds.

After all, operating on a patient after practicing on the Virtual Human was akin to taking an open-book test using a book that had all its main points highlighted. It was definitely far easier compared to taking a closed book test with no idea about what was going on.

"Get onto the examination bed. I'll take a look." Ling Ran stood up.