Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 807

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Zhang Anmin slit open the patient's abdomen and quietly gave his place up to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran took over. He used an endotherm knife to perform simple bleeding control while stripping the organ.

Choledochoduodenostomy of the common bile duct was a process in the midst of taking out the gallstones and opening up the passage in the organ. Due to the large amount of gallstones in the patient's bile duct, the patient must undergo cholelithotomy using a choledochoscope. Most importantly, the fluid in the bile duct needed to flow out smoothly, and that was known as smooth drainage.

Although this step seemed simple and was not usually hard to perform, the prognosis was often a mess.

The most commonly seen and troublesome occurrence was postoperative reflux that caused cholangitis. It always caused the patient suffering. Some of the patients' cholangitis cannot be controlled, and even had chances of cancerization.

Moreover, it would be troublesome. With the reduction of peristalsis, sedimentation, malfunction of the liver function, and so on were all problematic issues that may occur.

For attending physicians or assistant lecturers like Zhang Anmin, choledochoduodenostomy might be easy to perform, but it was practically metaphysics for them to increase the prognosis and control the complications. Usually, a large amount of surgical experience was needed to slowly get an idea on performing the surgery.

Ling Ran did not need that.

He followed the standard surgical method and performed it step by step. Every step was done in an extraordinarily relaxed manner.

Zhang Anmin soon understood the contents of the surgery and set aside his anxiety and diffidence when he drew the line. Then, he started to cooperate and learn with earnest.

Compared to the usual, where he was the assistant and just learned the surgery through Ling Ran, Zhang Anmin was the one who performed the incision. Although he had considered Ling Ran's demands and habits, at the end of the day, Zhang Anmin still decided the location for the incision, the size of the incision, and other factors based on his knowledge.

At this moment, Ling Ran performed the surgery in the surgical field Zhang Anmin opened for him. All his maneuvers can be seen by Zhang Anmin.

This gave Zhang Anmin a completely different feeling.

Compared to Ling Ran's maneuvers in laparotomy, the surgical field Zhang Anmin currently saw fit more into his own expectations. He was also more familiar with the anatomy in this surgical field.

Zhang Anmin gradually became at ease after seeing Ling Ran's operation. He also assisted him step by step according to Ling Ran's order in the operation.

Blood vessels, bile ducts, and the intestine were like a normal passageway, and they were organized, accumulated, and sutured by Ling Ran

"Completed." Ling Ran performed the surgery without any obstacles. Throughout the process, he did not introduce or explain anything to Zhang Anmin.

Zhang Anmin also did not have the desire to talk. He could not stop his mind from thinking about Ling Ran's operation, and he acted just like a soccer fan who had watched a good match.

"Remember to close the abdomen up." Ling Ran did not care what his junior doctors thought about him. Since it was way too hard to control other peoples' minds, Ling Ran was not interested at all in understanding in trying to control them. If it were necessary, he was more than willing to open the brain of the junior doctors to help them to solve their problems directly. Of course, that was if they even had any problems in their brains.


Ling Ran stepped open the door of the operating theater, looked back at Zhang Anmin, and stared at the ceiling. The system did not show any notification, which meant that there were no new missions to be completed.

Ling Ran shook his head. It seemed that he could only squeeze out two Intermediate Treasure Chests from Zhang Anmin on this day.

"Ah..." A young nurse carrying a huge stack of consumables lowered her head and walked quickly, which was why she did not see Ling Ran. She only thought about avoiding him when she almost knocked into him, but it was already too late.

Ling Ran immediately laid a palm on her head before he turned around and avoided her in a familiar motion.

For Ling Ran, regardless of whether he was in school or any other place, he always encountered such matters, so it was not something new and hard for him to avoid someone bumping into him.

"Do-Doctor Ling" The young nurse looked bashful, and tears could be seen in her eyes.

Ling Ran smiled warmly, nodded, and he said, "Hello."

Then, Ling Ran just walked forward.

The young nurse stared at Ling Ran's back with a dumb look on her face. She could not help but take out her phone with the intention of showing off, but she held back. She just secretly took a photo and hugged her phone, no longer wanting to say anything.

Ling Ran walked through the corridor and went directly to the Operating Area to change. Then, he headed to his office.

Today's surgeries were all minor surgeries, and they were all quite successful. With Ling Ran's understanding, these were surgeries where he did not need to visit the patients' family. It was too monotonous for Ling Ran to attend a meeting to only tell the family members that the surgery was successful, and it was still monotonous even if he added the word "very".

"Doctor Ling."

When Ling Ran sat in his office, someone came in and greeted him.

This was not something strange too. The pharmaceutical sales representatives always found opportunities to come in.

"Huh? Department Director Hong?" Ling Ran was surprised to see Department Director Hong from the Respiratory Medicine Department.

Department Director Hong smiled and showed the yellow teeth all smokers were proud of having before he said, "Doctor Ling, I'll introduce someone to you."

As he spoke, he pulled out the man who was dressed in a suit and stood tall.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?" Department Director Hong showed an attitude that made it clear he was very familiar with the person.

The man in the suit smiled and nodded at Ling Ran. He said, "I'm the chairman of Hui Hong Company, Chou Hong, spelled H-O-N-G. Speaking of which, I'm schoolmates with you, Doctor Ling."

Ling Ran looked at him and asked doubtfully, "Lower Groove Elementary School or Yun Hua University?"

Chou Hong was stunned a little before he smiled. "They do always say that you're rather unique. Of course I was talking about Yun Hua University. I'm an alumni of the third batch, and I was a major in architecture at Yun Hua University. Then, I set up my company after I graduated. We specialize in professional home demolition to professional estate development."

Ling Ran nodded. "I was just thinking that it's quite rare for people at your age to be able to study up to tertiary education."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Chou Hong laughed and said, "I'm quite surprised that I could graduate from the university as well."

"What business do you have with me?" Ling Ran did not continue with the conversation.

"Actually" Chou Hong remained silent for a few seconds before he said, "My son Chou Hui will be graduating from university soon. He had his internship in Yun Hua Hospital. Now, it's time for his housemanship, and he wishes to work under you for it. I might be his father, but I know nothing about medicine. Even so, I hope to achieve my son's wish"

Ling Ran looked at Chou Hong, then at Department Director Hong.

"He wants to put a houseman under you. He graduated from Yun Hua University and is your junior," Department Director Hong interpreted. Then, he could no longer hold back his urges, took out a cigarette, and smoked under a sign that read "No Smoking".

Ling Ran looked at Chou Hong, and Chou Hong immediately showed a smile while he said, "My son's results are not too bad, and he wants to become a doctor. When he heard that your skills are at the top of the field, he begged me to try and ask you to take him in. I have no choice as well, so I came to beg you personally."

"Can he work overtime?" Ling Ran asked.

"Yes." Chou Hong kept nodding. He knew that Ling Ran was already considering it.

"Even overtime until ten o'clock at night?"

"Of course. There's no problem with it. Don't they say that working for twelve hours a day and six days a week will eventually repay you with good results? My son is hardworking. After all, all the hard work is to accumulate experience for himself, right?"

Ling Ran nodded and asked, "Can he come and work earlier?"

"Yes. Now he wakes up at around six in the morning." Chou Hong smiled proudly.

Ling Ran stared at him. "Housemen do not need to come too early, but it's still within reason that they reach the hospital at around four in the morning."

Chairman Chou Hong, who used to work in the field of demolition, owed the farmers their salaries, and set up a real estate development company, frowned and looked at Old Hong before he looked at Ling Ran, and he said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling, I'm not sure whether you realize that the labor laws in our country still has strict regulations"