Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 84

84 There Are Not Enough Brochures

The Yun Hua Emergency International Medical Forum was founded by Xie Yihe a few years ago. It was unexpectedly very well-received. After several years of development, it became a major forum from Changxi Medical Company.

This year, Changxi Medical Company made a sudden effort to spread news of the forum and invited almost all the top-class people from the field of Emergency Medicine in Changxi Province.

Of course, the efforts of Changxi Medical Company as well as the timing of the event were very important. This year, the forum coincided with the announcement of an Emergency Medical Center pilot project in the province, and each and every hospital wanted to be part of it.

Compared to departments such as the Emergency Department, Emergency Medical Center was a more specialized and larger emergency institution. Its capability should reach the standards of tertiary hospitals or above. The standards of their emergency treatment alone should at least be first class in the country, and they should be the leading unit in emergency treatment in the province.

To build an Emergency Medical Center such as this would require a lot of preparation and even more funding.

The hospitals and doctors that support Changxi Medical Company such as Yun Hua Hospital and Department Director Huo Congjun provided them with continuous support.

Therefore, Yun Hua Hospital had, as usual, taken a good position this year. The number of talks, time for his talks, and seating arrangements arranged for Huo Congjun were also the best. In addition to receiving small door gifts, enjoying the Wyndham Hotel and having three meals a day covered, the guests could listen to all the talks of each and every medical expert.

For Xie Yihe, entertaining the doctors, especially the members of the Provincial Society of Emergency Medicine, was the most important thing. Arrangement of good talks came second.

As far as work was concerned, the two complemented each other.

The members who were eligible to enter the Society of Emergency Medicine had to be old enough. By their age, ordinary forms of entertainment were not exciting anymore.Xie Yihe did not dare to have even more exciting forms of entertainment even if the other members dared to organize them. The medical company would not necessarily be willing to pay for it either.

In comparison, giving the members a little limelight by providing an opportunity for them to show their faces, and give a talk to a group of young doctors was a very economical solution. Moreover, it was also in line with the theme of the forum.

Therefore, young doctors whose eyes lit up when they heard about the academic forum were actually only like props provided to these medical veterans.

The medical representatives desperately tried to invite these medical veterans as well as the young doctors, but they only invited the young doctors to lure the medical veterans to their forum in the end. This was because these medical veterans would also look at the number of participants and the quality of the doctors who were coming to hear the talks before they decided whether they would join.

What would a forum be with less than a hundred participants? What would it amount to if there was no media participation, no foreigners in attendance, and no well-known doctors from other provinces?

In order to attract the participation of doctors, Changxi Medical Company had also invested a very large capital. Even through a contractual price, each room in Wyndham cost several hundred RMB. The hotel's buffet was also notoriously expensive. Xie Yihe even found a chef externally to carry out live cooking performances.

Nowadays, only serving delicious food was gradually not enough to attract people. It had to also be a rich, sensory experience.

The medical company also subsidized the fees of the foreign doctors coming to Yun Hua as much as possible. They even swallowed their pride to negotiate with other medical companies, asking them to persuade and group doctors to attend.

Everything was ready. Xie Yihe stood in a corner watching the reception table at the entrance, feeling calm and nervous at the same time.

She felt calm because she had done all the preparations she could have done, whereas the reason why she was nervous was because her success would hinge on the success of the forum.

Medical companies were not charities, it was not permissible to spend millions of dollars and have nothing in return.

In fact, the number of people coming today would determine how much Changxi Medical Company could spend.

Excluding the fixed conference expenses of the venue, personnel, and so on, the average cost per doctor that attended was less than a thousand RMB. If more than a thousand doctors came, it would cost an additional one million RMB.

Xie Yihe sent a WeChat message using her mobile phone to ask Huang Maoshi who was at the reception table, "How many people are there?"

"There are currently 160 people!" Huang Maoshi replied with an exclamation mark.

Xie Yihe did not feel shocked at all. She then sent a message asking, "How many doctors with positions above the associate director level?"

"Almost thirty people." Huang Maoshi's reply was not as enthusiastic this time.

Xie Yihe pursed her lips. Among the thirty people, maybe half of them were supporters of those who were going to give a speech on stage. This kind of ratio would only make the conference very embarrassing to look at. At that time, someone might even have to send in some people to wear white coats and fill the empty spaces.

Huang Maoshi sent another message. "It seems that eighty attending physicians came."

This was a little bit out of Xie Yihe's expectation. She nodded and remembered that Huang Maoshi could not see her expression. She then sent a message, "Well done. Observe more, smile more, and talk less."

Xie Yihe put away the mobile phone and let out a sigh. She thought to herself, 'It would be better when one is a lesser employee, neither having to take responsibility, nor think about the results; just be able to do things. Even losing a job would be nothing to be afraid of, it's no big deal to just find another job. When one is still young and the salary is low, any company would hire you simply when you send in your resume. Renting anywhere would be the same when one doesn't have a partner or a house.'

In the venue, there were a few camera flashes, Xie Yihe knew those were the doctors taking pictures.

Some doctors would take some pictures and send it to their circle of friends, some doctors would only send a few in a small group, and most of the doctors would just take pictures for safe-keeping purposes.

Hospital management was getting stricter these days, doctors attending academic conferences were also starting to get restricted.

Xie Yihe could not help but flash back to much more relaxing and lenient times.

A young girl in the company ran over, still panting and her chest still heaving. "Manager Xie... there aren't enough brochures."

Xie Yihe gave her an annoyed glance and said, "If there aren't enough brochures, go and get more from the warehouse. Ask the people in the hotel to help you. We didn't pay them so much for them to stand still and do nothing."

"About that... the brochures in the warehouse have all been given out."

"How did all of you manage to do that?! Three hundred brochures, all given out just when the doors are opened? That's crazy! Who's lacking that wad of paper to put under the table leg at home? Whose home is lacking of it? Please give me a call, and I will give that person a truckload of brochures."

Xie Yihe grumbled and complained for a few sentences, and said, "There are three hundred more books at the company. I will ask for them to be sent over. You can distribute them a little slower. On top of that, send someone to the venue and walk around it, maybe somebody left their brochures lying around. Collect them back and continue distributing them. We have to make do with whatever we have."

"Oh." The little girl responded weakly and quickly ran off.

Xie Yihe hurriedly contacted the company. After finishing two to three phone calls, another call came in while the phone was still warm.

"Young Xie, do you still have the brochures and posters, please leave a few of them for me."

Xie Yihe thought for a bit and smiled, "Miss Li, providing you with the brochure is a simple task, I will send it to you later. However, what are you planning to do with it?"

Miss Li was the associate director of the Emergency Department of the Second People's Hospital. She had earned her position as a result of her constantly working for it. At this time, she began to talk endlessly, "Isn't there a young doctor of Yun Hua Hospital on the poster? I took it home to let my daughter take a look at him. Little Ni is always chasing celebrities and isn't willing to find a partner. When I arranged her for a blind date, she would complain that the person was ugly, and then show me one celebrity after another. Then, I told her how unrealistic it is to compare real people with celebrities. Heh, who am I kidding, I really saw one today..."

Ling Ran's figure immediately surfaced in Xie Yihe's mind. "You are talking about Doctor Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department?"

"Yes, that's right. That's him. His surname is Ling, that's pretty rare. What does his family do?"

"His family runs a private clinic." Xie Yihe tried her best to recall. Fortunately, Ling Ran gave her a pretty deep impression and she still remembered some information.

Miss Li was more satisfied. She smiled and said, "If the family opens a private clinic, his family conditions should be alright. Does he have any brothers and sisters?"

"I am not quite sure about that."

"It doesn't matter whether he does or not, we don't plan on gaining anything from his family. The few suites that I bought earlier have all been rented out. The rent for each month should be enough for my daughter to spend. The house would also be reserved for them in the future. I just want my daughter to be satisfied, as long as he is a good man Although, only having an undergraduate degree is a bit low, but it would still be nice for him to further his postgraduate study, maybe he could stop working for a while and pursue postdoctoral studies. It's alright, even if he doesn't continue his studies... he has to have a good temperament. It doesn't matter if he doesn't know how to cook, young people these days don't know how to cook anyway. Also, those who are doctors have no concept of time..." Miss Li rambled on for nearly ten minutes before she finally hung up.

Xie Yihe sighed softly when her phone rang again. When she saw the words 'Miss Ba (Tumor Specialist - Province)' in the notifications, Xie Yihe did not dare to ignore it and quickly picked up the call.

"Young Xie, I heard that you are organizing a blind date this year?" On the phone, the kind voice of Miss Ba came through.

"Huh?" Xie Yihe was confused for a moment.

Miss Ba chuckled and said, "Your idea is pretty good. It's more interesting than whatever matchmaking service is out there. Young people working in the hospital are too busy. They have to make and reschedule appointment after appointment if they want to meet each other, and they wouldn't feel comfortable. It would be better to use a conference as an opportunity to meet each other..."

"Huh?" Xie Yihe was completely stunned.