Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 90

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"Doctor Hashimoto, if you want to see Ling Ran's surgery, you will have to wait for us to schedule the patient..." Huo Congjun's gaze was fixed on Doctor Zhou.

Doctor Zhou always came up with the darndest ideas. He had been attempting to read the minds of all the people in the area since the beginning. As soon as he felt Huo Congjun's scathing gaze, Doctor Zhou immediately stood up and said, "Can we watch a video instead?"

"Right, we have a video recording!"

Doctor Zhou's standing in Huo Congjun's heart quickly rose. This man was lazy, but his mind was quite the agile one.

Doctor Zhou smiled. "Operating Theatre 1 has recorded a few surgeries, the videos should still be there."

Previously, the recording of the surgery was mainly for Ling Ran's learning and also for Huo Congjun to perform spot checks.

Operating Theater 1 in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had very good facilities. Recording a video in the operating theater was relatively convenient, although the doctors themselves rarely recorded any surgeries. Ling Ran and other young doctors could be said to be the ones who used the video recording feature in the operating theater the most.

"So, let's watch the video first?" Huo Congjun used an interrogative tone, but the matter had already been decided.

Compared to having a surgery done on the spot, there were no risks involved in watching a video. Once Hashimoto Shiro watched it, he could still spread the news of Ling Ran's skills out to the general public.

"A video would be great."

Hashimoto Shiro nodded and agreed.

"Old Zhou, please go get it." Huo Congjun ordered before turning to Department Director Jin.

Department Director Jin immediately sent someone to set up the equipment to play the video.

After a while, the luxurious, 91-inch LCD screen belonging to the Hand Surgery Department started playing the scene from Operating Theater 1.

"Patient Mao Jiaying, 35 years old, single-finger laceration..." Lu Wenbin was called upon the stage to give some brief introductions. He was a resident doctor and Ling Ran's first assistant. He had to know, by heart, the medical records of all the patients, whereas the chief surgeon Ling Ran did not have to be distracted by so many side chores. He would only need to listen to Lu Wenbin's summary, such as allergies, physiological indicators and symptoms that would affect the surgery, and so on.

Once Lu Wenbin finished the basic introductions of the patient, Chief Physician Wang Haiyang said coldly,"This patient was the patient that all of you have just assessed."

Pan Hua read the medical case before he nodded and said, "The test that had been done was..."

"Wait, let me guess." Hashimoto Shiro extended his arm, gesturing Pan Hua to stop talking.

He was seen narrowing his eyes and stretching his neck before he slowly said, "This is the first patient right? It would meet the condition of a single-finger laceration. Judging from the injured part..."

"Your guess is right." Wang Haiyang interrupted him and asked, "Can we start?"

The resident doctor of the Hand Surgery Department immediately pressed the play button.

The recording began at the moment the incision was made. Two-thirds of the screen on the left presented a close-up view of the surgery. The other one-third showed the situation in the operating theater and also displayed the numbers on the monitoring instruments.

In absolute silence, Hashimoto Shiro carefully compared Ling Ran's hand movements to the situation within the surgical field.

After conducting STEF on the patient, Hashimoto was no longer looking out for problems in the operation. He was now eyeing Ling Ran as he operated on the patient.

It was hard to see what Ling Ran looked like beneath a mask and surgical magnifying glasses, but the straight nose, smooth skin, straight back, and perfect body left Hashimoto Shiro a little uncomfortable.

This celebrity-level man should have been constantly surrounded by girls during high school. Studying would have been impossible for him. If he was not surrounded by girls, he should have squandered away his youth in clubs.

Hashimoto Shiro's eyes wandered about before they settled on the scrub nurse.

The nurse was very young. She had big eyes, long eyelashes, and a small nose, making her extremely cute. She was kept busy during the surgery, and she was focused. Her bust also seemed to be huge.

The nature of surgeons cracking dirty jokes was activated in Hashimoto Shiro. He smiled and said in Japanese, "The nurses in China are all very beautiful. Is she the girlfriend of Doctor Ling? What is her name?"

Ling Ran hesitated for a moment before he looked at Lu Wenbin. He performed four to five operations a day, so how could he remember each and every nurse that he ever worked with? He would only be familiar with Wang Jia and some others.

Before Lu Wenbin could say anything, the plain and ugly resident doctor spoke up, unable to hold himself back.

"That is Su Mengxue. She is naturally not Doctor Ling's girlfriend."

His voice was not loud, but he went on most smoothly.

"Although Su Mengxue has only been in our hospital for barely a year, she is already a full-time nurse in the operating theater. She especially prefers rice noodles. She takes spicy food very well as well, but she's the type who wouldn't get fat, no matter how much she eats..."

"Not with Doctor Ling? What a pity, she's a very cute girl. Her favorite rice noodles has to be crossing-the-bridge noodles [1], right?" Hashimoto Shiro asked through his interpreter.

The plain and ugly resident doctor nodded.

Hashimoto Shiro heaved a long sigh and said, "Chinese hospitals have it good. Having beautiful young nurses will get the doctors' spirits up. When I was in the hospital, the nurses that I worked together with were all aunties...."

Hashimoto Shiro's words were never fully translated. Despite the interpreter's efforts, he found that Hashimoto Shiro had stopped talking at some point. Only the heavy breathing belonging to the Japanese could be heard.

Even the ugly resident doctor's expression had changed.

On the 91-inch LCD screen, Scrub Nurse Su Mengxue went closer to Ling Ran and said something inaudible as she put her face close to his chest.She now stood in front of Ling Ran's chest, forcefully wiping off his sweat, wiping and wiping, wiping and wiping, wiping and wiping...

At an angle where the Director of Surgery Department could not see, the young nurse Su Mengxue clearly showed expressions of enjoyment and happiness.

However, she had forgotten that the direction she turned towards was where the camera was.

"She said something just now right? What did she say?" The plain and ugly resident doctor knew that he was not allowed to speak, but he could not help himself but ask nervously.

"She wanted to wipe my sweat," Ling Ran explained with an indifferent expression.

"Wiping sweat... is it even possible to wipe sweat like this?" The plain and ugly resident doctor had been in the operating theater for several years. He asked with a quivering voice.

"Isn't it?" Ling Ran said.

Lu Wenbin, who was five feet nine in height, looked at his plain-looking and easily forgettable colleague. He gave him a sympathetic smile, making him naturally look as if he was looking down at him.

Hashimoto Shiro had been in the operating theater for more than a decade. His whole body was shaking, but no one could see it thanks to his considerable weight.

The interpreter tried his best to perk up his ears, and only then was he barely able to hear Hashimoto mumbling to himself, "It has appeared, the legendary operating theater really exists."

Translator's Note:

Crossing-the-bridge noodles: is a rice noodle soup from Yunnan province, China. It is one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine. The dish is served with a large bowl of boiling hot broth and the soup ingredients. These ingredients are separated. The soup ingredients are served on a cutting board or plate and include raw vegetables and lightly cooked meats. (Source: Wikipedia)