I Become A Admin Of A System Chapter 3

3 Bloodline
it's been one month since I came in to this world. I found out the I am the first prince of the White Kingdom. My mother is very beautiful she is also the empress. I don't get to see my father that much though.

'system open my status'

[Yes master]

[Name: Yong Ye

Age: 11 months old

Lever: Max










Bloodline:Royal bloodline(100%)

Special Skill:Admin System]

'My bloodline is royalties now system what is this bloodline?'

[The Royal Bloodline is only given to people who are born in the royal family. The bloodline increase your power and health and more, but you need wait until you get older]

"Ye'er mommy came to see you" called my mother

'My mother may beautiful but she loved me way to much well I get why she loved me so much it become in the royal family there aren't many baby boy born'

"Mommy came to see you are you happy Ye'er?" asked my mother

I still can't talk so I nodded my head

"Yay do you want see you father?"

I don't really like my father because he made my mother cry one day. I was so angry at him that day.

"Mmmm what is wrong Ye'er are you sad?"

I nodded my head

"Don't cry baby mommy is here your father probably won't be here again" my mother sob a little

'Don't cry mother I will be here for you' I think as I touch my mother eyes

"I am ok Ye'er" my mom smile

I loved my mother smile it looks like the sun.

"Lady Su the king is calling for you" say one of the maid

"Tell him I will call in a little bit" she said and put me back on my bed

'No don't mother" As I think and sob a little

"Awww Ye'er I will be back ok and be a good boy" as she kiss my face

'Ok' as I wave bye

As I see my mother walk out and I begin feeling sleepy.
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