I Found A Planet Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Engine Sales Ban

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After that very night, Su Yun’s attitude towards him became a little indifferent. Placing their usual intimacies aside, she even requested him to take away some of his personal items.

“Isn’t it just an identity? Besides, she can’t say that this ID of mine is fake. It can be used to board trains, planes, and that means that it’s real… can’t she accept this by looking at it from a different angle?” Chen Jin thought. He wanted to do some thinking for Su Yun. But of all the messages he sent through WeChat, Su Yun only gave him abbreviated replies. If he so touched on the key topic, she would outright ignore him.

Chen Jin shook his head. Troublesome. Why must it be so troublesome? There were actually women he could not tackle with the person he was. Who would have believed in these words? His massive career, a whole planet in his hands and even an entire cosmos, only these could stay in his own hands? Could he bear no successor to inherit all these? Whose problem was it exactly?

After some thought, Chen Jin still thought that the problem lay on him.

“I’m still too hesitant and too concerned about the feelings of others. I must be domineering! A man should be domineering, especially in front of women. I should break her last line of defense when I should, or else I will be worse than a beast. If I keep on being so indecisive, I’m afraid that I might be single even after 30.”

Thinking about this, he sighed once again.

As a human, when you possessed a certain amount of resources and have been emboldened to a certain extent, under the condition that it doesn’t break the law, you should learn to let go of yourself instead of tying yourself up.A proper amount of emancipation would be good for your health. Besides, many women say words that were not true to their hearts. They might be saying no by their lips, but their body, on the other hand, was very honest. With a few sweet mouths and coaxing, in a few days, she would be good as new.


He received a message on his phone.

“Dear, are you free? I haven’t seen you for a long time, I really missed you (heartbroken).”

Underneath, there was a picture of that woman that seemed wan and sallow. Yuan Li! It was the Nth time that she came looking for him these few months. It was merely a few days after the Peeza Charity Night ended that Yuan Lin messaged him, asking him “How are you doing,””What are you busy with,””Are you okay,” and all sorts of questions. In less than a month, the questions that she was asking the most frequently was “Can we meet,” and “Are you free?”

But during that period of time, Chen Jin was not without company. He only replied a few sentences occasionally and found some excuses to say that he was not free. The two had not met for a few months… by nature, Chen Jin was not a playboy. He wanted to be serious in a relationship and was disinclined to hurt even more people.

Yuan Li, however, kept on bugging him, and therefore, the message today. After some thought, Chen Jin replied, “Yuan Li, just forget about me, I am not a good man, why are you refusing to let me go? There are actually a lot of good guys out there.”

“I can’t, I only have you in my heart, it has no space for the others.” Yuan Li replied immediately.

“Have you forgotten about what I told you previously? I’m a man who wants to grow a garden. I want myself to be surrounded by many, many women, could you bear with it?”

“I…I don’t know. But I’ve been doing research on wedding culture in some countries in the middle east and have read lots of books on traditional culture. I think that, though some things might be hard to accept, their existence is reasonable, and it would not necessarily end up as a tragedy either… so I think that it isn’t that I can’t accept it.” As a modern woman, Yuan Lin could not believe that she would say such a thing. But within these few months, she indeed did some research on middle east culture and read a lot of books on ancient marriage in the Z nation. Of course, what she looked at the most was place dramas of numerous women surrounding a man. “Schemes of a Beauty,””Legend of Zhen Huan,””Story of Yanxi Palace,” and many others.

She, who once would not even spare a glance at such “dross” entertainment, was now intoxicated by those dramas. Especially the “Story of Yanxi Palace.” She often imagined herself as the female main and other important characters, thinking about: how could she triumph if she were to be them? If she were in such dire straits, how would she turn the tides? What should she do to earn the emperor’s favor all for herself?

Many things went through her mind. She swiped through a whole bunch of drama reviews and had read countless strategies. She latched herself onto a deep hook, unable to extricate herself. In the end, under the poisoning of these dramas filmed by moderners… a dramatic twist had befallen her mind. Besides, after doing an abundant amount of research, she gradually built up her confidence. She was no longer like before, worried and afraid of how many women her true king had… who would she fear when she had palace strategies engraved in her entire brain? The contest would reveal who would be supreme and who would be fodder.


Upon reading this message, Chen Jin opened his eyes wide.

“Yuan Li, is your WeChat account hacked?”

“Nope, I said it.” Yuan Lin blushed.

“So… it has gotten through you?”

“Yes, as long as I can live with my love, I can bear to live a traditional life.”

Chen Jin felt that the old blood within his chest was about to stream out. He replied, “Alright, fine. I’m all free the next few days, in another two days… uhm, no, tomorrow. Tomorrow, go to the villa, I’ll call the guards to open the door for you, wait for me over there.”

“Okay!” Yuan Lin hopped up out of excitement, striking a fist to the skies.

Chen Jin wiped away the sweat on his forehead. All of a sudden, he was enlightened by the truth. Men should be domineering.

At Happiness Court, Chen Jin returned home in the evening.

His mother He Li was a little surprised. “Aren’t you living happily with your in-laws at the Sunshine district? What’s up with those bags?”

“I missed you mum, is that fine?”

“Sure, you have a nice conscience in you, little brat.” He Li smiled as she smacked his shoulders.

Going past the kitchen, Chen Jin shockingly discovered that his dad, Chen Gang, who previously would not lay even a finger on liquor, was actually drinking it one cup after another. Moreover, he was drinking white wine with high alcohol content. His father, who wasn’t that much of a drinker, had his face glowing red and his body wobbling after just a few cups.

“What happened to him? Mum, why didn’t you nag him and ask him to stop?” Chen Jin gave his mother a weird look.

He Li only sighed. “Let him be. He wasn’t feeling that good. Let him get drunk and have a good sleep. It might actually feel better for him.”

Chen Jin was shocked. Looking at his father who was going cup after cup, “What happened to him? What has he gone through?”

Chen Gang punched his fist on the table. The plates were clanking from the action. “Isn’t it just a civilian aircraft engine? If you westerners won’t sell it to us, fine! We Z’s will make them ourselves!”

He Li, on the other hand, explained the whole incident to Chen Jin at a volume that Chen Gang wouldn’t be able to hear. Shang Fei Corporation, which his father was working at, invented their first domestic large-scale passenger aircraft C-919. After five years of flight tests, they finally obtained the international Airworthiness Certificate. In this year originally, it would be put into mass production and enter the civil aviation market for service. At this juncture, to hinder the Z’s from developing their own large-scale aircraft, Safran company, which they relied on importing LeapX engines used in the C-919, abruptly tore their contract and announced a sales ban!

Once the engines were out of stock, the mass production of the C-919 would be broken immediately. Under such an impact, not to mention his dad Chen Gang, but the whole of Shang Fei Corporation was rendered in helplessness, humiliation and agitation.