I Received A Sex System From The Goddess Of Lust And Beauty Chapter 23

Chapter 23: 2nd Place

"3... 2... 1...Match Start!"

As soon as Kyle heard the announcer's words, he dashed towards Olivia and slashed his sword, whilst Olivia did the same. The martial sword and ice sword clashed against each other.


They both retracted their swords immediately and prepared for another blow. Olivia then thrust her sword at Kyle's chest. Kyle parried her sword thrust and jump backward to stabilize his balance.

He then made his fighting stance as he squinted his eyes to look for Olivia's weakness. Unfortunately, he couldn't see anything, or rather Olivia had no flaws.

He could see that Olivia had much more battle experience than him so he sweated whilst thinking about how to damage her. He knew that he has no match for Olivia because she's an Lv. 4 Apprentice. Schemes and strategies are all nothing but a fart in front of absolute power.

Olivia attacked not giving Kyle to think any further and slashed her sword towards his torso.

Kyle tried to parry her sword, unfortunately, Olivia's slash is much faster and it grazed his hands.

He grunted when he felt her ice sword wound his hand. The two fought exchanging blows one after another.

Olivia naturally had the upper in their exchange of blows whilst, Kyle was overexerting himself to just keep up with her.

Kyle jumped forward as he thrust his sword as a last resort to damage Olivia even for a little. Unfortunately, she had fast reflexes as she twisted her body sideways and placed the tip of her sword at Kyle's throat.

"Huff... huff... I admit defeat." Kyle said with a wry smile.

Their fight only lasted for 15 seconds and if Olivia didn't hold back, she could end the match much shorter. The difference between Quasi-Lv. 4 and a true one is truly miles apart. No matter how much Kyle attacked her she can easily dodge it.

"Well fought." Olivia nodded and retracted her sword as it became ice particles disintegrating.

Kyle and Olivia then extended their hands and did a handshake.

The announcer then rushed to the stage and went between the duo and announced the winner.

"As you can see it, Miss Olivia won the match and became the champion of the competition. And Kyle became the 2nd place so let's give them a round of applause!"






The audiences stood as they shouted Olivia and Kyle's name. Their shouts reverberating until outside of the school.

"It's now time for the awarding ceremony, Headmistress Nayuna, Lady Uriel, and Dr. Hannah please proceed to the stage to start the ceremony!" The girl said. She also called Mr. Steppingstone to receive his awards.


The end of the ceremony ended quickly as Headmistress Nayuna, Lady Uriel, and Dr. Hannah gave the participants their corresponding rewards.

Olivia received a gold medal, 2000 exp. Crystal and 2000 coin Crystals. Whilst Kyle received a silver medal, 1000 exp. Crystal and 1000 coin Crystal. As for Mr. Steppingstone, he only received a 500 exp. Crystal and 500 coin Crystal.

Mr. Steppingstone laughed happily when he received his award as he jumps up and down. Thankfully, no one paid attention to his childish antics like he's just a pebble on the side road, sooner or later he'll immediately get forgotten by the masses even if he's the 3rd place.

The people's attention was on the beauties, Nayuna, Uriel, Hannah, and Olivia. Even Kyle was a bit ignored. Thankfully, there's Rose, Amelia, Alice, Anna, and Eva cheering for him.

He smiled and waved his hands towards the ladies as he prepared to leave the stage because the awarding ceremony is already over.

But before he could leave Nayuna immediately called out to him and said, "Kyle, come to the Headmistress' office at 5:00 pm."

Kyle jerked in surprise when someone called him, and when he saw that it's the Headmistress he became confused. And wheb he heard her words his confusion intensified, but he still nodded and replied at her. "Yes, Headmistress."

He didn't question why because he's afraid that the Headmistress would get angry at him for questioning her.

After the awarding ceremony was completely over Nayuna, Uriel, Hannah, and Olivia left the stage. The audiences also left and greeted their children and friends that joined the competition.

"Kyle, I can't believe that you actually reached the 2nd place." Anna shouted and jumped towards him as she gave him a tight hug.

Alice also followed suit whilst the remaining trio just giggled and congratulated Kyle.

"Big brother you're amazing!" Eva exclaimed as her eyes twinkled just like the stars in the sky as she looked at Kyle full of admiration.

"Haha, it's because a beautiful girl and ladies are cheering for me." Kyle said with a happy laugh.

"Let's go to our school's cafeteria it's my treat." Kyle added as he looked at the time. Then the ladies nodded at his proposal.





"We have no problem with that."

He then told the ladies that after eating at the cafeteria he'll come home later than them, "After that, you guys go home first because the Headmistress said that I should look for her when it's already 5:00 pm."

"Huh, why?" Alice and Anna questioned at the same time.

"I don't know." Kyle replied with a shrug.

"No, we'll wait for you." This time, Rose chimed in.

"No need, maybe it'll take longer so you guys should go home first." He said as he shook his head.

The ladies then started to say that they'd wait for him, but Kyle still shook his head in objection. It took for a few minutes before he could persuade the ladies. Even though Amelia, Anna, Alice, Rose, and Eva wanted to wait for him, they could only reluctantly nod their heads in a defeated manner when Kyle out reasoned them.

Later that, they went to the cafeteria to eat.


"Huh? Guys...?" Mr. Steppingstone, no, Mr. Pebble broke out off his childish antics when he noticed that he's only the person left in the area.

"This..." He laughed sheepishly, it seems people just ignored him like a pebble on the side road.

If Yu IlHan saw him right now, he'd probably die out of laughter.