I'm A Duke Chapter 12

12 Battle Of The Naval Rosenberg
Captulo 11

The Atlantic Ocean, Time 16:46 pm
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4th September, year:1942

In the ocean, ten British ships with the UK flag raised crossed the strong waves with ferocity.

Inside the destroyer Lorel's control cabin

Several naval officers were looking at the thirteen-year-old, but looking seventeen-year-old with serious eyes.

"Prince Arthur, from scout reports, Sweden's naval troops shot down a German ship, but in return for this risky move they lost three of the four Swedish ships. Now a single Swedish battleship is holding against three German ships, the estimate is that in ten minutes it will sink." A middle-aged man in a white naval uniform with a few medals on his chest reported to Arthur who sat in his chair enjoying a cup of tea calmly.

"Captain Lorel, immediately move six of our ships and destroy the Enemy ships, remember captain under no circumstances hit the passenger ship, I do not want a member of the royal family of Sweden to die because of me." Arthur spoke by taking a sip of his tea while looking at the destroyer's captain with his serious eyes.

"As you wish, Prince." Captain Lorel saluted and spoke in a voice full of seriousness, he then immediately picked up the radio and gave instructions to the other British warships.

With Arthur's order, six fully armed frigates increased their speed and violently crossed the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, towards the battlefield, which would later be called Rosenberg.

Three minutes later, on the battlefield.

The three German ships did not stop bombarding the only Swedish ship that was already smoking all over the ship. But even so, the Swiss soldiers did not stop firing for a moment.

Gunfire from German ships killed Swedish soldiers with every passing second. Bodies were slowly piling up on deck, while more soldiers came out of the Swedish ship to fight the German soldiers, even if their lives were in danger.

Inside the command cabin of the Swedish warship.

"General! We don't have any more time, the Ship will sink in less than two minutes, so please go to the Princess's Ship to take refuge, we take care of everything here." A naval soldier in dark green clothes spoke urgently to the old man sitting on the chair with a calm face.

The old man wore a dark green navy suit, on his shoulders, five golden stars shone showing his glory to all the soldiers, on his neck a turtleneck with golden leaves showed his high rank in the Swissaaa army.

He was Henri Guisan, one of the most famous generals in the Swiss army against the Nazi army invasion in Switzerland in 1940.

He looked at the soldiers with his green eyes shining with wisdom and slowly spoke with his hoarse but powerful voice.

"Soldiers... I will not leave, the duty of a captain and sink with his ship. However, you are allowed to leave your posts and leave the ship at will. Gentlemen, it has been an honor to serve with you. I hope heaven is a refuge for us." General Henri spoke slowly to all the soldiers in the cabin with a big smile on his face.

"General, what you're saying. How can we abandon the general alone on this ship? You don't even know how to throw a cannon on how to kill these damn Nazi soldiers alone." A Swiss soldier spoke with a fearless smile on his face. The big smile on his face only showed his determination to die with those he admired most.

"Yes General, I can't leave the Lord alone, without me you'll be lost at sea like a bunch of fools. It will bring shame to our beautiful homeland." Another soldier spoke laughing loudly as he stood in his position, ready for his next orders.


"We are with you to the death, general!"

"General your orders!"

Seeing all the soldiers showing big smiles stamped on their faces, Henri just showed a gratifying look on his face but the gratifying smile disappeared and he roared out loud in anger. "YOU FOOLS, YOU HAVE WIVES AND CHILDREN WAITING FOR YOU TO RETURN SAFELY, SO STOP THIS USELESS ACT OF HEROISM AND GET OFF THIS SHIP IMMEDIATELY! AND AN ORDER FROM YOUR GENERAL!"

After General Henri's roar, a great shared silence appeared in the cabin and suddenly all the soldiers began to cry, but they did not move a step from their positions.

"General, our families are fine without us, I have a strong boy who will help at home." A soldier spoke to General Henri as he wiped tears from his cheeks.

"You bunch of fools..." seeing the resolution in the eyes of all the soldiers, General Henri just stood there in silence and leaned against the captain's chair showing a helpless look in his green eyes.


Suddenly an Explosion occurred on one of the German warships, this drew the attention of all the ships and they looked at the Horizon.

Slowly in the shadow of the sun, Six British frigates appeared in the sight of all ships, whether enemy or friend. The flag of the United Kingdom fluttered in the wind, bringing relief and joy to the Swiss soldiers, who immediately started firing more willingly at one of the German ships.

"FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! SHUT YOUR ASSES AND SHOOT THESE FUCKING GERMANS!" In the cockpit, a Captain of the United Kingdom spoke loudly on the radio to all the British frigates who immediately lined up their cannons and fired.



Each ship with 3 4.7 inches (120 mm) cannons and 8 13 mm machine guns are capable of easily destroying a small town, let alone its three military-class warships from the Nazi army.

As everyone expected, in less than two minutes of resistance, all three Nazi ships exploded like fireworks a cloud of black smoke rose into the sky and the wreck slowly sank into the depths of the sea.

Inside the cabin of the Swiss Warship, General Henri Guisan shows a relieved smile and slowly he speaks with a voice full of joy and relief. "Gentlemen, it seems that we are going to return alive to our beloved homeland."

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