I'm A Duke Chapter 6

6 Slaughter And Attempted Murder
Indian Ocean near Perth City Coast

Seeing the five wooden ships approaching His fleet, Arthur found this extremely stupid.

Arthur looked at the raised UK Flag for all to see, but it seems the pirates completely ignored the whole of the UK.

Even if they had a hundred wooden ships, the 31 steel warships could destroy everything in less than five minutes, let alone mere five pirate ships.

"Soldiers, report to Captain Rider and say he is allowed to sink enemy ships with full force." Arthur spoke coldly to the Soldiers who immediately rushed to the Captain's cabin.

A few minutes later, all Active Destroyer cannon model VII / VIII, Aimed at the five warships and fired without pity or Mercy.


When a Model VII / VIII Cannon fires at its 152.4mm Caliber, 8 projectiles per minute with explosive ammunition and with Exit Speed 770 m / s at 846 m / no and play.

When the Artillery Fired, Arthur was at his side and only felt a sharp Ringing in his ear, and then the giant Projectiles passing beside him with extreme speed, making Arthur's hair fly with the strong winds.

The explosive projectile with its 152.4 mm hit, the wooden ship and almost instantly exploded causing countless deaths and the fire began to spread across all wooden ships. Smoke began to rise into the sky creating a terrible scene of bodies with no body parts floating in the sea.

Blood began to spill across the sea attracting countless sharks, and they began to eat all who survived the Heavy artillery attack.

One and a half minutes later, all the ships were brutally destroyed and only wreckage left that sank silently into the sea.

The novice Destroyer soldiers were shocked with such brutality and soon after ran to the edge of the Ship and began to throw up everything they had eaten before.
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Only Captain Rider and the veteran soldiers are without expression seeing the scene in front of them.

Captain Rider looked at the boy on the deck smiling coldly as he looked at it with his own eyes.

He felt his heart turn cold with fear. An Eleven-year-old on the Deck stared out at the red sea with a look full of delight and happiness.

Captain Rider will never forget this scene, because this was the first Golden King Massacre ever recorded.

"Captain Rider, speed up I want to get to Perth early in the morning." Arthur's cold voice broke Captain Rider's thoughts.

"Yes, Your royal Highness." Captain Rider speaks saluting to Arthur.

"Well, watch out for German planes at night, prepare the anti-aircraft artillery." Arthur spoke to Rider as he stared with cold eyes at him.

"Yes, Your royal highness." Captain Ride speaks with an extremely serious face.

Arthur just nodded and walked slowly to his Cabin to rest.

Arriving at Arthur's Cabin, he saw Marilyn still sleeping like an angel who landed on Earth.

"Even with all this noise, she still hasn't woken up." Arthur thinks as he pokes Marilyn's soft cheeks.

After playing a little with Marilyn's sleeping face, Arthur sat in a chair by the window to see the vastness of the sea.

"World War II Started five months ago, the German Empire is already becoming very active." Arthur thought as he looked at the waves forming in the sea.

"I'll wait three years and make the biggest killer weapon of the Human Race." Arthur thought as he flashed an extremely cruel smile.

After thinking about his future plans, Arthur took off all his clothes and slept cuddled with Marilyn.

In the morning

Arthur was on the Deck holding a Coffee Cup while he felt the cool sea breeze on his face.

"Prince, the Perth city coast is in sight." One soldier reported to Arthur with Military Continence.

"Dismissing" Arthur nodded at the soldier, and then dismissed the soldier.

Half an hour later

Arthur ordered the 30 Warships to anchor 1km from the coast and followed only with Destroyer to anchor in the port of Perth.

Looking at the 10,000 soldiers waiting for him, Arthur only descended from the destroyer wearing imperial chest-clothed imperial garments.

Beside Arthur was Marilyn holding his arm nervously. Accompanying him behind was Raizer and Ana.

When Arthur hit the ground all 10,000 soldiers hit their weapons on the ground and shouted.


The 20,000 people from Perth who came to see the arrival of the British prince also began to shout excitedly as they raised their hands.

Arthur just flashed a beautiful smile at the Perthers and waved his hand once in a while.


[Note: Shooting Sound]

Suddenly Arthur feels his body shiver to the extreme and every cell in his body telling Divert otherwise he will die.

Trusting his instincts, he swings his body to the side but was still a little late and a bullet went through Arthur's arm creating a blood hole in his arm.


The 10,000 soldiers reacted quickly and surrounded Arthur and his companions protecting them in a circle.

Arthur feeling the sharp pain in his arm, he gritted his teeth in anger and covered the bullet hole with his hand.

The entire welcome reception turned into utter chaos. Arthur immediately returned to The Destroyer together with Marilyn and Ana crying in panic. Raizer only pulled a pistol and looked around with extreme vigilance.

Inside the Destroyer Arthur took a few stitches and put the wound down.

Arthur didn't care if his arm hurt, he went straight to the Destroyer's control room and spoke into the megaphone.

"Here the speaker is Arthur Michaelis Phantomhive Windsor, and as his prince I command the whole fleet to aim all guns at the city of Perth. If they do not find the whereabouts of the killer and master, in three days every fleet is authorized in Bombardment." all over the city of Perth for the crime of attempting the assassination of an imperial prince. " Arthur's cold voice was heard by almost everyone in town. This left the population totally in disarray for fear of death.

Inside the Command room all the officers looked at Arthur with shock.

"Of course I'm not going to bomb one of Australia's richest cities, I just want people to find the murderers for me, after all people always work better for fear of death." Seeing the shocked look of the officers, Arthur spoke with an indifferent look on his face.

The officers sighed with relief if Arthur ordered them to bomb the city the officers would have to do otherwise they would be considered Traitors under British Military law.

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