Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Stone Awl Explosion

Chapter 389 Stone Awl Explosion

The big yellow dog was overjoyed. Just as it wanted to continue to release its Stone Awl Penetration ability, Ou Yangming stopped it from doing so. Big Yellow looked at Ou Yangming while it blinked in confusion as though it was asking, Are you not able to endure it because it consumes too much power? Ou Yangming grinned. When he performed the Stone Awl Penetration ability earlier, a unique rune appeared in his sea of consciousness. He needed to carve it on the big yellow dogs new equipment.

Being supported by mental power as high as 99 points, Ou Yangming began to think at an unbelievable speed.

If it could be expressed by modern terminologies, it was the difference between 386 and dual-core processors.

Therefore, Ou Yangming could now attempt restricted spiritual areas that were previously incomplete or simply unreachable for him.

The second piece of equipment would also be a paw gauntlet, but it would be slightly different from the previous one. Instead of creating it through the natural smithing method, Ou Yangming would directly include the Stone Awl Penetration ability in it.

Moreover, he wanted to do it perfectly such that it would not be poorer than the first gauntlet.

The gauntlets size and its every detail were constructed in his mind.

Veined patterns were formed in his sea of consciousness, and the Stone Awl Penetrations rune was being fine-tuned carefully according to the gauntlets patterns.

Ou Yangming was finally satisfied with his choice after 10 minutes.

Afterward, he carved the rune on the paw gauntlet without any hesitation.

The young fellow was only being so decisive because he had something greater as his backing. Even if there was an issue throughout the process, he could easily use his Military Fire to make necessary adjustments, and it would not be too difficult to smith a new piece of equipment too.

Nonetheless, for other blacksmiths, it would be extremely rare to gather many people to smith a magic tool. If they wanted to tweak the tool Even the imperial family, who ruled the world, could only look on in despair. Ou Yangming certainly had an incomparable natural advantage in this aspect. As the Military Fire burned, the paw gauntlet successfully took its form. Ou Yangming took a few steps back and nodded. The big yellow dog immediately understood his signal, hence it moved its paw and caused about ten stone awls to emerge again. Nevertheless, Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog were both dissatisfied this time.

This was because they clearly felt that the stone awls were not as mighty as the ones produced by the previous gauntlet. Although ordinary people could not tell the difference being the ones who were directly involved in the equipment, they noticed even the smallest change.

Ou Yangming went forward to remove the gauntlet, and he fell silent again as he held the equipment, which was much larger than his arm.

The sensible Big Yellow kept quiet because he knew the more Ou Yangming perceived, the greater the equipment would be. In the end, it would be the one benefitting from it.

After a brief moment, Ou Yangming seemed to have found the problem. He released the Military Fire and made a minor adjustment in the equipment.

It was worth noting that he was fixing a magic tool. If Superior Blacksmiths like Wu Hongxi witnessed this, they would probably lament.

Ou Yangming was probably the only person who could play around with a magic tool like it was clay The young fellow finished modifying the equipment after some time. As compared to his thinking process, it did not take long for him to revamp the equipment.

Big Yellow went forward eagerly and put on the equipment, then it released its essential Qi!


An ear-splitting sound was heard, but no stone awls surfaced from the ground. Instead, the previous stone awls exploded, resulting in frightening and lethal shards that flew in all directions as if they were going to destroy everything Ou Yangmings face changed. He flashed and went behind the big yellow dog. Though he had other methods to deal with the situation, he was not going to waste the giant meat shield beside him.

"Pow, pow, pow"

Sounds that sounded like rain pattering on a banana leaf was heard on the big yellow dogs body. The downpour of shards, which could severely injure Supreme Great Ancestors, were ineffective against the big dog as though they were only tickling it.

Despite that, when Ou Yangming looked up and saw the wreck around them, he was shocked.

If the same scenario took place on the battlefield, living beings below the great ancestor level that were within 10 meters would probably die without their bodies intact.

The Ni familys three great ancestors were alerted, and they looked in the same direction at the same time. Outside the Ni residence, great ancestors nearby fixed their gaze in that direction too as they were confused.

Whats Master Ou up to this time? The powerhouses thought.

As curious as they were, none of them dared to go to find out. Ou Yangmings status had indeed changed drastically. The big yellow dog turned to shake its head at Ou Yangming as if it was questioning, What exactly happened? Ou Yangming pondered and said, "I made a slight mistake when I carved the veined patterns. The Stone Awl Penetration ability is right, but instead of the ground, the ability is applied to the insides of the stone awls this time."

He was the only one who understood what exactly happened because he was the one who smithed the magic tool and imprinted the rune on it.

The big yellow dog tilted its head and wondered, then it swung its paw in another direction.

Over there, about ten stone awls rose to mid-air, then when the yellow dog waved its paw again, they glowed in yellow light and exploded right away. Consequently, there was another rain of shards. Fortunately, they were the only living beings around, or the damage would be too ghastly. Ou Yangmings face changed, and he crouched at once. Following that, he kicked the big yellow dog hard. "This fella carelessly used the ability when I wasnt even ready. What if I was injured?

The big yellow dog was dazed when it turned to look at the young fellow. It could not understand why he was tickling it.

Ou Yangming later patted its leg and noted, "Thats enough. You dont need to test it anymore; the results are great."

Big Yellow was stunned. It quickly shook its head to express that the skill was too weak and was substandard.

The Stone Awl Penetration skill was formidable, by which even the big yellow dog would be hurt one way or another unless it was made of steel. Despite that, while the explosion seemed threatening, the damage was scattered, hence it could not endanger the dog at all.

Ou Yangming glared at the dog and stressed, "The abilitys great if I say it is, so stop protesting!" Big Yellow lifted its head and showed the young fellow through its eyes that it was displeased and unhappy. Feeling helpless, Ou Yangming gave it his word. "Big Yellow, this skills power is still limited indeed because it hasnt been perfected, but I believe Ill find a way to improve it. Think about it-if it becomes powerful enough to threaten a spirit beast, wont it be better than the Stone Awl Penetration?"

The big yellow dog was struck dumb, and it began to imagine. The thought of the flying shards having the ability to hurt or kill a spirit beast caused it to become immersed in an illusion.

Ou Yangming shook his head and sighed. He had simply deceived the big yellow dog. If it was truly possible, he and the yellow dog would have become mighty enough to kill an ordinary spirit beast in an instant. Would they need to rely on such an inferior skill?

Needless to say, the skill was only inferior for the big yellow dog because it would surely be an appalling killing weapon on a battlefield. After all, a huge area would be wiped out if the skill was used.

Ou Yangming closed his eyes and memorized the modified rune.

In actuality, he had created many runes through accidents, and most of them were not quite useful. Having said that, an extremely small portion of them could help improve the other runes.

The rune that Ou Yangming stumbled uponthe one that changed the stone awlshad a considerable effect, but its power was inadequate. That said, the fact that it could be used for mass killing proved that it was valuable.

When the Military Fire flickered, he found out the runes name.

Stone Awl Explosion.

On a serious note, the name matched the skill very well.

Subsequently, Ou Yangming continued to smith the other pieces of equipment for the big yellow dog. The paw gauntlets for its forelegs were naturally attached with the Stone Awl Penetration skill and the Stone Awl Explosion skill respectively, whereas the gauntlets for its hindlegs carried a stone walls function each.

As for the steel armor for the dogs body, it was bound with the Indestructible Defense skill. In the end, when the big yellow dog was fully equipped, it underwent a makeover where it looked more ferocious and fearsome.

Ou Yangming was unusually content when he looked at the majestic big yellow dog.

The big yellow dog could contend with the Earthly Dragon Beasts without the pieces of equipment by relying on the three skills. If it was fully equipped and gained enhanced skills, it could definitely crush an Earthly Dragon Beast with ease.

Ou Yangming was moved, and he gestured to the big yellow dog. "Big Yellow, come, lets go show them what youre capable of. Hehe, I want them to know how powerful you are."

He felt like he had just acquired a beloved toy, thus he could not wait to show it off to the other people.