Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 937

Chapter 937: One V Duel Between Hei And Lin Yuan

Know what kind of temper and character Hei is.

At the beginning, whether in Mopan Town or in the controlled three-level abyss dimensional crack, Hei was very indifferent to his achievements.

I have never hyped up or let myself publish highly praiseworthy reports.

This shows that the darkness has not changed all the time, and it still keeps its original footsteps and quality.

As a black exclusive reporter, from the black indifferent and enthusiasm, Ningning can still see the brilliant light spot when he became the black exclusive star network reporter.

And this bright spot of light is still brightening as the teenager grows up.

Tian Ningning frowned slightly when she saw the sympathy in the eyes of the middle-aged woman with short hair.

"This kind of thing happened, if Hei knows about it, he will take the initiative to contact me."

"Sister Wang, I'll go to the editor-in-chief first."

After speaking, Tian Ningning walked towards the editor's office.

When he arrived at the editor-in-chief's office, Tian Ningning found that the editor-in-chief Kong Qi was standing at the door of the office.

When the editor-in-chief Kong Qi saw Tian Ningning, he immediately spoke.

"Tian Ningning, I'm waiting for you, can you contact the black now?"

Tian Ningning shook his head and said.

"Editor-in-chief, I can't reach the black right now."

"But next I plan to find a relationship and ask why so many young people with top-notch strength and established forces are targeting black people."

Starnet's editor-in-chief Kong Qi suddenly sank when he heard Tian Ningning's words, and said.

"You, as the exclusive reporter for the black, are your negligence if you can't even contact the black at this time."

"So many young generations of old and top powers collectively put pressure on the black network on Star. It is no longer a trivial thing that can be ignored."

"You should immediately draft a report that will calm the matter and send it to for temporary PR processing."

"Then I will conduct an interview with Hei on this matter when we can contact Hei."

"In the interview, let the black talk about what is going on."

Kong Qi, the editor-in-chief of Starnet, couldn't help thinking in his heart.

The young Lin Yuan who defeated Meng Xu in the All-Star Game just showed his hand, I'm afraid it's not just a strong strength.

There must be a relationship with the sky behind.

What happened today can be big or small, and when it gets smaller, it is the daily debate on the strength of two geniuses on the Star Network.

But when this matter gets bigger, it means that the young generations of the old power and the top power are uniting for the Lin Yuan platform.

Since the public platform was chosen, if there is no final conclusion on this matter, how can the young generations of the top and established forces be willing to give up?

And just now, the editor-in-chief Kong Qi of Star Network discovered that many younger generations of emerging forces have also started to join the campaign against the blacks on a large scale.

It seemed that each of these children from the forces wanted to come up and say something to Lin Yuan in a way of combating the black.

This situation has even faintly evolved into a trend.

I really don't know what kind of festival is going on between Lin Yuan and Hei.

When Tian Ningning heard Kong Qi's words, he immediately asked back.

"At this time, issuing a statement that can stop this matter, seems to be able to calm down only if I publicly stated that I am not as good as Lin Yuan in a black identity."


When Kong Qi was about to speak, he heard Tian Ningning continue to refute.

"As the exclusive reporter of Hei Xingwang, I will never publish any report in Hei's identity and tone without Hei knowing it since I reached an agreement with Hei."

"What's more, this report will have a negative impact on the black."

"Editor-in-chief, there has never been a reason in this world that a cow does not drink water and press its head."

"And I don't think there is anything inferior to Lin Yuan in Black."

"Lin Yuan is powerful, isn't he good?"

"The black spine that stands tall under the cracks of the third-level abyss and the Mopan Town, how can it be suppressed by the words in my pen?"

"Hei and Long Tao, Shi Xu, Fang Duoduo, Zhao Xiaochun have all fought side by side, Long Tao was born in the valley of the top power Panlong."

"I want to ask Long Tao's exclusive reporter about the specifics of this matter, and see if I can get Long Tao's exclusive reporter to contact Long Tao himself."

Kong Qi was taken aback by Tian Ningning's outrageous words.

In Kong Qi's impression, Tian Ningning always speaks mildly.

Although he has his own stubborn persistence, he and his colleagues have never spoken loudly.

Now Tian Ningning's eyes were red, and the words were almost roaring.

This allowed Kong Qi to see Tian Ningning's inner determination and determination.

Kong Qi knew that Tian Ningning would never write this report that calmed the turmoil before contacting the black.

Fortunately, Tian Ningning also gave a solution.

I want to know the ins and outs of this storm by contacting Long Tao's exclusive reporter.

Kong Qi didn't force it anymore, just said something to Tian Ningning.

"My suggestion just now is also for the sake of blackness."

"The turmoil in this matter is getting more and more troublesome. After the turmoil reaches a certain level, even if there is an interview, it may not be perfectly resolved."

"So you have to be mentally prepared."

Kong Qi can achieve the position of editor-in-chief of Starnet, naturally, he has an ability that no one can match.

Kong Qi has always seen things far away.

If this matter can be resolved when it just happened, it would be just as common news of public opinion.

Some people even think that Hei admits that Lin Yuan is inferior, but they don't want more people to compare themselves with Lin Yuan.

But after the matter expanded to a certain extent, Hei then admitted that it was not as good as Lin Yuan.

It is tantamount to putting a weak label for black in everyone's hearts.

At that time, this matter will become a topic that will always be accompanied by black.

Whenever someone mentions black, they will think of it.

No matter what the black has done something worthy of pride or respect.

When they are mentioned, they will be labeled as "weak" and "not as good as Lin Yuan".

This is not what Kong Qi wants to see.

For young heroes like Hei, Kong Qi likes it from the heart.

Therefore, Kong Qi also intends to see if he can help Heihe Tian Ningning a little bit.

"If this fact cannot be resolved, I will report it to the StarNet Tower."

"See if the Star Network Tower can come forward to promote a 1V1 duel between Hei and Lin Yuan."

Tian Ningning's eyes lit up when he heard Kong Qi's words, UU reading www. said.

"Thank you editor in chief!"

When Kong Qi heard the words, Tian Ningning said with a glance.

"Don't be too optimistic about this matter. The Star Network Tower will not necessarily pass my proposal."

"Or even if the Star Network Tower passes my proposal, it may not be able to invite Hei or Lin Yuan himself."

"But if this duel can really be promoted, as long as Hei or Lin Yuan play beautifully in the duel and show their full strength."

"No matter which party loses, it will not be affected by much public opinion."

First more.

The remaining two are more likely to be a little late, and the button will be messed up during a business trip.

Crazy codewords.

(End of this chapter)