Imperial God Emperor Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327 - Sudden Change 

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had always been a legendary figure within the Vast Thousand Domains. 

Even after Ye Qingyu rose to fame and power, many people of the older generation had not forgotten the glorious age that spanned for thousand years when the Quasi-emperor had ruled over the Vast Thousand Domains. This world would not forget the achievements of such a legendary figure this quickly. 

The golden age of great prosperity led to the average cultivation along the martial way to soar rapidly. 

Countless martial experts fought amongst themselves to be the best, and Quasi-emperor level experts were no longer the most powerful experts who could rule over the land single-handedly. But [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] influence extended far and wide. Since he had managed to become a Quasi-emperor at an age when spiritual qi was so scarce, many people wondered how much more powerful he could be now that the golden age of prosperity had arrived. 

However, no one had seen Li Xiaofei since the battle at Capital Sky Peak and it was as though he had completely vanished from the face of the world. No one knew what the truth was, and there were even rumors circulating that Li Xiaofei was already dead. 

All this time, it was only Ye Qingyu and a selected handful of people who knew of Li Xiaofei's whereabouts. 

Thus, the Vast Thousand Domains were shocked when news spread that the governor of the Fire Province in the Dark Realm, who was known as the most mysterious supreme commander of the Immortal Empire and the right had man of the Immortal God Emperor, was none other than the missing Li Xiaofei. 

The shockwaves from the Vast Thousand Domains also spread to the Dark Realm. 

However, before they could process the news, they were even more astonished that Li Xiaofei was finally about to try to progress to the Martial Emperor realm after years of accumulation. Moreover, he seemed confident in achieving the feat. They were even more surprised when they heard that Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu had personally gone over to protect him. 

When the news was made public, it shook the entire world. 

Currently, there were already three Martial Emperors within the Immortal Empire—Ye Qingyu, Song Xiaojun, and Shui Xiu—and they represented a breathtaking strength. The public didn't really know how powerful their secret trump cards and underlying strength were, but if Li Xiaofei managed to become a Martial Emperor, that would mean that the Immortal Empire's strength would soar significantly. After all, Li Xiaofei's historical achievements were more outstanding than Song Xiaojun's and Shui Xiu's. Once this person became a Martial Emperor, he would definitely be more powerful than an average Martial Emperor. 

"Li Xiaofei has chosen to go through the heavenly tribulation at the Guardan Royal City. I heard that Great Emperor Ye Qingyu had personally selected the place." 

"Great Emperor Ye Qingyu must truly hold Li Xiaofei in high regard." 

"Now that the Great Emperor has personally gone over to guard him, no one will be able to stop Li Xiaofei from ascending to the Martial Emperor realm. This will lead the Immortal Empire's power to skyrocket, and a new unprecedented era of a divine martial empire is about to begin." 

"I don't think their enemies will sit idly by and allow the Immortal Empire to continue its rapid rise. Now that the Immortal Empire is on its way to becoming invincible throughout the world, I guess those forces that have been hiding in the dark will be hopping mad and will definitely act soon." 

All sorts of rumors were circulating around the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm. 

There seemed to be an invisible force that facilitated the circulation of these rumors, and the news that Li Xiaofei was about to attempt to ascend to the Martial Emperor realm became a hot topic throughout the entire world, especially rumors of Li Xiaofei becoming invincible after ascending to Martial Emperor. These rumors spread like wildfire, and as these rumors continued to spread, more details were revealed, such as the layout of the Guardan Royal City, and the exact time that Li Xiaofei was planning to make his attempt, and so on. These details started to spread throughout both worlds. 

In July of the 100th year of the Immortal Empire, at the Guardan Royal City in the Dark Realm— 

The personal guards of Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu were mobilized and they took control of the defensive and attacking formations laid out across the entire Royal City. The Royal City became like a bronze fortress and the security was extremely tight. They started to enforce martial law over the city and did not allow anyone to walk along the streets during the day or at night. 

On the seventh of July, at the Platform of Green Clouds— 

Li Xiaofei, who was clad in navy robes, appeared at the Square of Green Clouds along with his successor, Li Shengyan. 

There were very few people in the Square of Green Clouds that day, and most of those present were highly-skilled experts from the military who were in charge of guarding the square. They weren't here to watch the process of Li Xiaofei becoming Emperor. This was a very important matter and even Ye Qingyu, who was here to supervise the proceedings, did not dare to treat this matter lightly. No outsiders were invited to witness this ceremony. 

Only the higher-ups of the empire and several high-ranking noblemen were present to witness Li Xiaofei's attempt at becoming a Martial Emperor. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to any martial artists because it was possible that they might even gain enlightenment through witnessing this process and achieve breakthroughs in their martial way. 

Ye Qingyu had personally selected this venue, which had once been an arena for the noblemen of the Royal City to battle to their deaths, to be the place for Li Xiaofei to stage his attempt at becoming Emperor. 

Li Xiaofei stepped up to the Platform of Green Clouds as everyone looked on. 

He was dressed in navy robes and his black hair fell like a waterfall over his back. His figure was tall and slender like an ethereal Immortal, and an elusive and abundant aura swirled around him. Wisps of Emperor qi mist could already be seen swirling around him, and everyone at the Square of Green Clouds was extremely excited when they noticed that. This was a sign that the hard work that Li Xiaofei had put in over all these years had paid off and he was just a whisker away from becoming a Martial Emperor. There was a very high chance that he would succeed today. 

"Activate the formations!" 

An authoritative voice rang out across the Square of Green Clouds. 

Then, the rays of light from the light shield formation surged as the Platform of Green Clouds slowly rose into the sky. Li Xiaofei sat cross-legged on the platform, looking like a god ascending to the heavens. 

The entire Guardan Royal City at the Square of Green Clouds was immediately put on high alert. 

A spiritual qi gathering formation that had been laid out by Ye Qingyu was also activated at the same time. The invisible power of laws circulated around with the Guardan Royal City at its center, and the spiritual qi from the universe for several hundred thousand kilometers around started to surge toward the Square of Green Clouds. This formation would ensure an endless supply of spiritual qi for Li Xiaofei as he embarked on his attempt to become a Martial Emperor. 


Li Xiaofei suddenly gave off an intensely powerful aura that swirled around him like a halo. 

Even without a breeze, his hair danced around and his robes slowly started to flutter as well. 

A misty qi shrouded his entire body. 

His attempt at becoming Emperor had begun. 

The chubby Li Shengyan was extremely nervous as he watched the proceedings from the Square of Green Clouds, which quickened his breathing. He had absolute confidence in his ancestor's abilities, but this was such a crucial moment for Li Xiaofei that he couldn't help worrying. Although his ancestor was merely a whisker away from becoming a Martial Emperor, everyone knew how hard it was to bridge the gap between the Quasi-emperor and the Martial Emperor realms. And if he failed this time, it would be hard for him to stage a second attempt ever again. 

There were countless legends of peerless prodigies and invincible titans who were just a whisker away from ascending to the summit of their martial way and who already possessed wisps of Emperor qi, but these people had inexplicably failed at the very last moment. There were so many examples of these peerless experts whose efforts had come to naught at the final stage. 

This was a mysterious and strange characteristic of the Martial Emperor realm. 

It is truly hard to explain things like good luck and opportunities. 

Time and tide wait for no man, so even if someone managed to gain an advantage, he might not necessarily be able to succeed. 

This was why Li Shengyan was so worried. 

Someone gently smacked his shoulder and said, "Don't worry so much. Senior Xiaofei has a well-grounded foundation and has already comprehended the mysteries of the Martial Emperor realm. His road to becoming Emperor will be smooth and I'm sure he won't meet with any obstructions." Li Shengyan turned to see Ye Qingyu beside him. He had not even noticed him appear at the Square of Green Clouds. 

All the noblemen and highly-ranked officials, both old and new, were already kneeling on the ground. 

Ye Qingyu waved his hand and said, "Please rise." 

Li Shengyan suddenly felt a lot more reassured when he saw that Ye Qingyu was present. This young man, who he had once thought of as his comrade on the martial way, was now the legendary ruler of the entire world and seemed to always be able to pull off the impossible. Li Shengyan's worries vanished when he saw that Ye Qingyu would be around to supervise the proceedings. 

"Many thanks," Li Shengyan said gratefully. 

Ye Qingyu smiled and said, "I think of you as a brother, so there's no need to stand on ceremony." 

Time ticked by. Eight hours flew by in the blink of an eye. 

It was already past noon. 

Up in the heavens, the Platform of Green Clouds was already surrounded by lightning, thunder, and clouds of tribulation. Ear-splitting booms from the power of Dao laws rumbled across the sky and all sorts of mysterious creatures appeared as though they were a manifestation of Dao laws to charge at Li Xiaofei. This was a sign that the heavenly tribulation of the Great Dao had begun, and it looked like all sorts of creatures had surrounded and were attacking Li Xiaofei. 

Evidently, Li Xiaofei had already entered a crucial stage in his attempt to become Emperor. 

The high-ranking officials and experts below the Platform of Green Clouds watched this scene with their eyes wide open in wonder. They were all experts on the martial way and they all had a chance to ascend to the Martial Emperor realm one day, so they wouldn't let this rare opportunity to witness a highly skilled expert ascending to the Martial Emperor realm slip by. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Li Shengyan became extremely nervous and his heart was in his throat the entire time. 

Ye Qingyu looked calm and composed as he watched the proceedings unfold with his hands behind his back. 

One day flew by in the blink of an eye. 

The next day at dusk, the setting sun dyed the sky as red as blood. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bolts of golden lightning and tribulation clouds constantly charged down from the Nine Heavens, and the terrifying power of Dao laws exploded as though heaven and earth were howling angrily. Golden thunder and lightning splashed across the sky, and it seemed as though the entire Platform of Green Clouds was about to be refined. 

The final and most crucial moment had finally arrived. 

An abundant Emperor qi aura gradually grew clearer on the Platform of Green Clouds and spread across the surroundings. [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] figure could vaguely be seen through the lightning that swirled all around him as he slowly rose to his feet looking like a divine god. 


Li Shengyan finally let out a sigh of relief. 

Many people looked thrilled as they watched this scene from the Square of Green Clouds. 

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh of relief as well. 

However, a ray of flowing light suddenly shot out from the crowd gathered at the Square of Green Clouds. It contained a frightening and destructive force as it hurtled toward the Platform of Green Clouds. This flowing light was so powerful and it shot out so suddenly that even Ye Qingyu was caught off guard. 


The destructive power smashed against the Platform of Green Clouds. 

Heaven and earth trembled. 

"Oh no..." Li Shengyan felt his hair stand on end when he saw this and he was extremely worried for his uncle.