Inescapable Consequence Thunder Strike Chapter 1

1 Day 0 Diary
Dear Diary:

Today is my fifteenth birthday! Hurray!

I have a boring life, and someone prefer to called that rational normal life. My life also got up and down just like others. By growing up in the countryside of Shadow City, my life is kind of dead ended. The city people usually called me as farm girl. Although, my parents are not in any farming business. However, people just call me like that. Probably, the city people are usually bias by judging how a person look like. For sure I am not as pretty as those city girls. I don't wear makeup on my face, and I don't have any fashionable clothing in my closet. But since I was little, I have a dream. My dream is to become famous. Unfortunately, I am not good at singing and dancing. But I believe one day I will become a famous celebrity within this city Metropolitan.

Today, the weather is not good since the earlier morning. Dark cloud has gathered up in the sky. It seems there will be a thunderstorm upcoming up. Normally during the school break, the summer in the countryside is sunny, hot and dry.

I feel a little bit sour because today's weather is not in my favorite. My birthday is just like that? So, normal? Nothing special happen? What will the city people do in their birthday? I heard the city people will have birthday parties with their friends. For myself, each year is the same. I just stay home and wait for my parents to come back from their work.

Please, don't get me wrong. My parents are good and decent people. Although, their jobs occupied almost 90% of their time. But they really take a good care of me. Sometimes, I am pondering about what are they doing at work? It is because they spend a lot of time inside their offices. I only know both of my parents are working for the University of Metropolitan. However, I am not allowing to visit them due to their current research project. I don't really understand but my parents told me their research is very important to the country.

No matter what, today is my birthday. I want to go outside in this afternoon. I think I will go to Town of Kensington and have some window shopping at the mall.

Best Wishes,

Aoi Hamasaki.
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