Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Dark World

They had been in Charm City for three days, and the expert seminars essentially had nothing to do with Mo Wen. However, Shen Jing and Professor Pan were joining activities left and right. They initially wanted to drag Mo Wen along, but after seeing Mo Wen's reluctance, they gave up on him.

Within these three days, Mo Wen stayed in his room practising all day long. The long hours of practice aided in his purification, his cultivation speed greatly improved.

Especially since the Soothing Pulse realm was not an accumulation stage. He just had to open up the large and small vital energy circles as well at the Twelve Primary Meridians. Once you mastered the technique, it was easy to achieve a breakthrough.

Mo Wen had lived twice. His understanding of the body was far beyond a normal human's knowledge. With his previous experience, Mo Wen easily opened up the meridians all over his body; his cultivation level skyrocketed.

Once one reached the pinnacle of the Soothing Pulse Realm, it was but a step away from becoming a Sea of Qi Realm martial art practitioner. However, though it was just a step away, the difficulty was higher than everything that had come before it combined.

Many people could not surpass the bottleneck of the Sea of Qi Realm in a lifetime. Through effort and accumulation over time, achieving the pinnacle of the Soothing Pulse Realm through repeated cycles was not hard. But to break through to the Sea of Qi Realm was no easy feat. Those without innate talent were almost always stuck at this point for life.

It was such for the two retainers for the Su Clan. If they didn't have luck or opportunity, they could only be Soothing Pulse Realm ancient martial art practitioners for their whole life, never entering the Sea of Qi realm.

Crossing the Sea of Qi realm and the Soothing Pulse Realm was the watershed moment for an ancient martial art practitioner. Based on Mo Wen's understanding, only upon reaching the Sea of Qi realm could one be considered properly initiated. The realms before were just child's play.

To break through to the Sea of Qi Realm, one had to figure out how to form the Sea of Qi by themselves. This could not be taught by others, as everyone's bodies were different. The ways for each individual tto form the Sea of Qi were also different; subtle variances could result in huge differences. Only by fumbling around by oneself could the Sea of Qi be agglomerated.

However, for Mo Wen, breaking through to the Sea of Qi realm was not really difficult. Although his new body needed to be rediscovered, with his martial arts experience, it was not really too difficult.

As he woke from his practising state, his phone rang. Mo Wen fumbled for his phone and glanced at an unknown number.

His phone only had Shen Jing's number stored in it. Besides Shen Jing's, every other number would be displayed as unknown.

"Little brother, have you got out of bed yet?"

A delicate voice came in through the phone. The tone sounded lazy, as though the speaker had just crawled out of bed.

"What's the matter?" Mo Wen asked, confused.

"Come on out and I will take you out to play today."

It was Mo Wen's first time in Charm City. Gu Jingman had not forgotten about bringing Mo Wen around sightseeing.

"Are you free?"

Mo Wen asked. He was not keen on going out, but he did not want to refuse Gu Jingman's offer either.

"I'm downstairs at the Golden Age Hotel. Come down quickly."

After saying this, she hung up.

At the main entrance of the Golden Age Hotel, an eye-catching red Maserati was parked at the entrance, right in the middle of the pedestrian walkway. It was a show of utmost arrogance.

As people passed by the hotel, a few strange stares were occasionally drawn. Who would park their car right in the middle of the entrance? Wouldn't that be way too rude? Upon seeing the eye-catching luxury car, the first image that came to mind was that of an arrogant, affluent second generation.

What was even stranger was that the security guard did not bother about the car, pretending to ignore it instead.

Mo Wen went downstairs and immediaetely saw the car exaggeratedly parked in the middle of the road, as well as the person in the car.

Mo Wen could only shake his head helplessly towards such a bullish Gu Jingman. She truly had the air of a bandit head.

"Hop on."

Seeing Mo Wen walking over, Gu Jingman flipped her hair and opened the other car door for him.

"Where do you want to go? You can decide today."

Gu Jingman turned her head to ask.

"Anywhere." Mo Wen replied simply.

"Really? Then I'll decide."

Gu Jingman scanned Mo Wen from top to bottom, then grinned mischievously. She floored the gas pedal and the car shot forward like an arrow from a bow.

The Maserati's engine bellowed like an angry bull. A blood red streak could be seen travelling down the road, stirring up a sense of wildness like a rampaging bull.

Gu Jingman drove really fast, reaching 170 miles an hour in the busy city, flashing past like a red lightning bolt.

"Mo Wen, is this your first time in a sports car?"

In the roadster, Gu Jingman's long hair danced in the strong wind, giving off an free and easy air.

"Uh-huh." Mo Wen nodded.

"Not bad, you have some guts."

Gu Jingman turned her head and gave Mo Wen a surprised look. She noticed that no matter how fast she drove the car, Mo Wen's facial expression remained the same. His body was steady and he wasn't even a bit nervous.

She thought Mo Wen had never sat in a high speed sports car before and was unused to high speeds, but from the looks of it, she was mistaken.

After a quarter of an hour, the car slowed down and stopped in front of a thirty or forty-story high building.

Gu Jingman was obviously a regular here. She had just brought the car to a halt, when a security personnel came over attentively to greet her attentively and take the keys to park the car.

"Today, I will take you to see the world."

Gu Jingman stroked her hair and stepped forward with a exquisite pair of high heels.

The two of them entered an elevator in a special corridor. Once the door closed, the elevator descended with a jolt. However, it did not ascend, as Mo Wen had expected.


The building above had forty to fifty stories. Could it be that there was an underground world here?

The elevator door opened. Two tall, sexy attendants wearing cheongsams came forward immediately to show them the way. After a few corners, a five meter tall, luxurious door stood before them.

Four big, burly security guards dressed in black suits stood beside the door.

"Miss Gu."

Seeing Gu Jingman walking towards them, the four security guards immediately gave a bow in unison, then turned to open the door.

The door barely opened when a wave of loud sound swept out. There were frenzied roars, shouts and screams coming from inside

Suddenly they had stepped into a world of crazies, a wild atmosphere surrounding them.

Inside the large doors was a cinema. There were rows and rows of seats filled with people. In front, instead of a screen, there was an arena. The arena had a metal cage built around it.

Inside the cage, there were two shirtless people frantically brawling. The scene was bloody and the surrounding rails had spots of dried black-brownish blood coated on them. It was like a slaughterhouse.

The atmosphere in the venue made Mo Wen frown slightly. He swept across the surroundings. He only saw crazed people, heard crazed sounds and a few strange noises.

This scene was not rare. It could even be considered commonplace.