Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Trouble at the Door

"Do you come to these kinds of places regularly?"

Mo Wen furrowed his brows and looked at Gu Jingman, the unhappiness in his eyes was clear.

"Why? You're butting into my business now. Don't act like an adult. I have walked on more bridges than you have roads."

Looking at Mo Wen's tightly furrowed face, and his decent appearance, Gu Jingman burst into laughter.

"A guy should be unconventional and unrestrained, and not sweat the small things. A white lotus can only bloom in the muddy silt."

Gu Jingman was indifferent, as she gazed at those crowds that had gone insane. There was no feeling in her eyes, as she said, "Some people are servants with aspirations, some people are masters with aspirations. One, who can grasp the essence of aspirations, will then have control over them."

"Brother, don't be sanctimonious and cast the blame on me. Do you dare say that, when you look at those gorgeously dressed women, you have no feelings whatsoever? When you look at that scene exploding with bloodthirst, does your blood not rush, and the inner wild desires from your heart become stronger?"

Gu Jingman smiled bewitchingly. She extended a long and fair index finger to tap Mo Wen's heart, "Don't act decent, only when you've experienced it can you then train up a strong heart, and only then do you have the right to claim that you are able to exercise self-control. Otherwise, they are all simply pleasant sounding words, and you're just regarding yourself as being infallible."

Mo Wen looked at the dissolute and wild scene, laughing in a non-committal manner. There was logic in Gu Jingman's words. If it were a normal youth of 18 years old, could his heart really be as tranquil as water?

Perhaps, if it had been Mo Wen in the past, he would have been lost in such a world, and it would be difficult to detach himself from it. He could not really understand why Gu Jingman would bring him to such a place.

Gu Jingman's status was obviously not lowly. Along the way, she had attendants following along, and brought the two of them to a large luxurious private room.

The private room was located on the higher level, and in direct sight, the bloody Black Fist combat in the iron cage could be seen. It also overlooked the crazy crowds down below.

Gu Jingman lazily sat down on the sofa and clapped her hands. In a while, there were ten girls dressed scantily, who entered the private room. They all had rather attractive appearances. Some were charming, some were enchanting, some were pure, some were quiet

There were women with all kinds of qualities, and it would dazzle one's eyes. There were too many things for the eyes to take in, and an ambiguous aura of spring had spread throughout the room.

"Brother, are there any you like? Today, it's up to you, however you want to toy with them."

The tips of Gu Jingman's lips curled up, and she looked at Mo Wen teasingly. She wanted to know if this stupid-looking and silly brother would really be so silly, as to not succumb to them. When they had first met yesterday, she did not see any excitement or surprise from Mo Wen's eyes. Thus, an odd sense of indignance had appeared within Gu Jingman's heart.

"I'm still a virgin."

Mo Wen looked at the beauties with decency, before turning his head to tell Gu Jingman.

The mouth of red wine that Gu Jingman had just drunk was spat out. The weird reply from Mo Wen had astonished her to no end.

"Another batch."

Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen strangely. He was already 18, and he did not look unattractive, yet he was still a virgin?

In no time, another batch of girls had walked in. Similarly, they were dressed scantily and their appearances were outstanding. There were women of all kinds of qualities. However, the difference between this and the previous batch, was that the faces of these girls were more unnatural and less pure.

"They are all virgins. Brother, you don't have to worry that you're on the losing end."

Gu Jingman's curled up into a smile.

Mo Wen decently looked at those girls. After a while, he turned back to say, "None of them are as pretty as Sister."

The hand that Gu Jingman had used to hold the goblet swayed and her elegant pose stilled for a moment, before she raised her brows, "You're using me as a distraction. You've really got guts to even dare flirt with me."

"I'm just stating the truth," Mo Wen winked as he said.

"Your small mouth is actually rather sweet. However, your standards are too high, I really can't find any for you. You can just remain as you are."

Gu Jingman's lips curled up into a smile. She did not expect that Mo Wen would have such an interesting side to him. He could actually flirt and get into a girl's good graces. This was a slight mismatch with his wood-like image.

"I can grab a bunch easily off the streets, so I'll just find one for myself. I won't trouble Sister with such things."

Mo Wen smiled.

Gu Jingman's slightly relaxed smile froze immediately on her face, and she stared at Mo Wen for a long time, "Good lad, do you believe that Sister can find a few tall and sturdy girls to drag you into the room?"

This Mo Wen had dared to ridicule her. He really had too much guts. Could it be that everything had gone his way, such that he no longer had any regards for the dignity of his sister?

"I have no interest in these kinds of places. It's better if we leave."

Mo Wen smiled, simply not caring about Gu Jingman's threat.

"Since Brother doesn't like it, let's leave then."

Gu Jingman looked Mo Wen up and down. When she realized that Mo Wen's eyes were still sober and calm, she was a little stunned, as her lips curled up into a smile. Taking the lead slightly, she got up and prepared to leave.

"Ms. Gu, why are you in such a hurry to leave, when you've just arrived?"

When she had just exited the door, she met someone coming from the opposite side. That person was in a full black western suit. His expression was cold and his eyes were in long slits. He looked mildly gloomy and made one feel uncomfortable.

"What has that got to do with you?"

Gu Jingman lifted her eyebrows a little, and it was evident that her relationship with this guy was not very amiable.

"I'm just asking. How can I not welcome Ms. Gu, who has visited?"

That guy smiled darkly.

"Make way, don't block my path," Gu Jingman gestured with her eyebrows.

"Ms. Gu, I'm afraid you can't leave anymore."

The male youth hugged his arms and looked at Gu Jingman.

"Zhou Chongli, what do you mean?"

Gu Jingman narrowed her eyes slightly, and looked at the youth coldly.

"I don't have any other meanings. I just want to invite Ms. Gu on a walk with me."

Zhou Chongli smiled coldly. With a wave of his hand, a group of hefty men, dressed in black shirts, immediately came over and surrounded Gu Jingman and Mo Wen, trapping them.

"You have guts. Do you really think you can catch me, all by yourself?"

Gu Jingman's aura was as cold as ice, and her gaze was fierce, as she looked at Zhou Chongli directly.

"I naturally do know of Ms. Gu's prowess. Of course, it won't be enough with me alone. However, what if I add this owner of the Baoli Building?"

Zhou Chongli laughed darkly, "Ms. Gu, you should think again, and don't do anything extreme. By then, it won't be good for any of us."

"Tang Guang?" Gu Jingman's expression changed slightly, "Since when did the two of you combine forces?"

"That shouldn't be something that Ms. Gu concerns herself over. I'm inviting Ms. Gu to come with me, so don't keep your fianc waiting for too long."

Zhou CHongli laughed darkly and tilted his body, while making a gentlemanly gesture to usher her forward. Behind him, the two rows of hefty guys stood upright, with their hands by the sides. By forming a human wall, they had formed a path for her.

Being able to have such high-ranking people in the underground fighting club area was only achievable by the owner of the Baoli Building.