Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Whoever Gets In the Way Shall Die

The Gu Clan Fort seemed to have been dragged into a treasure hunt whirlpool. The Tang clan and the Zhou clan both seemed interested in the treasure.

"Ptui! Tang Guang, who do you think you are? If it wasn't for the fact that your Tang clan had some influence, do you think I would actually get engaged with you? Stop dreaming. Marry me? You sure have a high opinion of yourself."

Gu Jingman sneered. Since today, everything was out in the open, she did not need to hide anything anymore.

"Gu Jingman, you sure have guts. You better believe I'll settle you tonight."

Tang Guang's long and narrow eyes had a glint of cold in them. She was now a prisoner, yet she still acted so brazenly. Did she still think that she was the Gu Clan Fort's missy? Once the Gu clan was destroyed, him marrying her would be showing her mercy.

"Tang Guang, you dare touch me? Don't you want the treasure map anymore?"

Gu Jingman gave tit for tat, while looking at Tang Guang. Her eyes were full of disdain.

"Are you willing to cooperate?" Tang Guang raised an eyebrow. A glint of joy could be seen in his eyes

"I have conditions. First, let my little brother go. Without a show of sincerity, do you think I will cooperate with you?"

Gu Jingman crossed her arms. She pointed her chin at Mo Wen, signaling them to let him go before they talked.

"Little brother?" Tang Guang scanned Mo Wen from top to bottom, as he chuckled coldly, "How have I never heard that you had a little brother? Could it be that you want him to run back and secretly inform the Gu Clan Fort? Stop your wishful thinking."

"He doesn't know where the Gu Clan Fort is. He is but a normal student, he can't do anything to affect you."

Gu Jingman humphed, "If you don't believe me, you can investigate it. What's the matter, the dignified eldest young master of the Tang Clan has no guts?"

"Don't play around with your silver tongue. It's useless to say anymore. Since he is of no consequence, then I have even more reason not to let him go. Wouldn't killing him be more convenient?"

Tang Guang looked darkly at Mo Wen. He laughed coldly and said, "Also, I don't like my fiance caring so much about another man."

"Kill him."

Tang Guang poured a cup of red wine and gently took a sip. He lowered his gaze. It was as though killing was as simple as any other daily chore.

Once Tang Qiang, who was waiting at the side, heard this, he immediately grinned, as he walked towards Mo Wen, saying, "Don't you dare."

Gu Jingman's facial expression changed. Within a step, she shielded Mo Wen. Her eyes cautiously glared at Tang Qiang.

"Miss Gu, apologies."

Tang Qiang laughed nonchalantly. Now the Tang clan completely controlled the situation. Killing one person did not require taking into account Gu Jingman's opinion.

He took a step forward, one hand reaching out to grab Mo Wen. A strong wind fluctuated, and a gush of wind stirred up in the room.

Tang Qiang's cultivation wasn't weak. He was at the beginning stages of the Soothing Pulse realm. Once he acted, he could use his Inner Qi to lock on to his target. If it was a normal person, they wouldn't be able to even budge anything.

"Are you looking to die?!"

Gu Jingman's complexion paled, as she kicked out at Tang Qiang's wrist. Her explosive force was astonishing, reaching a connect in a split second, though she reacted later.

Sadly, she had just acted, when Tang Gang, who was at the side, moved. His punch met Gu Jingman's foot. The powerful strikes clashed. Both were sent backwards two to three steps.

Tang Qiang's hand was therefore unhindered, as it reached out to grab Mo Wen. Gu Jingman immediately went pale. She never thought that bringing Mo Wen out to have fun would have brought him into harm's way. Her heart swelled with regret.


The next moment, a silhouette flew out, crashing heavily into a picture that was hanging on the wall. The impact of the crash shook the entire room. The one who flew out was not Mo Wen, but Tang Qiang, who had reached out to harm him.


Tang Qiang rolled onto the floor, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was white as a sheet, and he struggled to crawl up.

"Simply wanting to kill and harm people. Do you even have a shred of civility in you?"

Mo Wen smirked, with his hands behind his back. He playfully looked at Tang Guang and Zhou Chongling. The two of them had their mouths wide open, and were looking incredulously at Mo Wen.


Tang Guang pointed at Mo Wen. A cruel gaze flashed past his eyes, as he said, "Not bad. So, you were an expert. I was wondering why that whore Gu Jingman was trying to get you to leave. Probably once you leave this place, you'd immediately run to the Gu Clan Fort to report this."

"Gu Clan Fort?" Mo Wen laughed. He didn't even know where the Gu Clan Fort was, so how would he report?

"Who are you? How come I've never heard of someone like you in the Gu Clan Fort?" Tang Guang narrowed his eyes slightly as he demanded. Mo Wen was the unknown variable to today's plan, so it would be difficult, if he was not taken down.

Gu Jingman was currently stunned, staring incredulously at Mo Wen. The usually stupid looking, poor little brother of hers actually had this trick up his sleeve? What was going on!

"You don't have to ask who I am. I am going to leave now. Whoever gets in my way shall die."Mo Wen looked askance at Tang Guang, then waved at Gu Jingman to come over, as he walked towards the door, acting as though the rest weren't even there.

Before he knew heads or tails of what was going on, he determined that he did not want to be dragged into other people's feuds. He was not so free that he was bored. To start fights every day, here and there, would be a baffling thing to do.

Although he was acquainted with Gu Jingman, he would not go to the ends of the earth for her. Before, he did not know who these people were, or whether he could afford to make enemies of them, so he would not actively stir up trouble for himself now.

Of course, if Tang Guang failed to appreciate his kindness, and was hell bent on picking a fight with him to the death, he would not hold back.

Gu Jingman glanced left and right, then immediately tiptoed behind Mo Wen. She cautiously glanced at Tang Guang and the rest.

Tang Guang looked at Mo Wen and Gu Jingman. His expression was extremely ugly. His gaze was unpredictable.

After exchanging a look with Zhou Chongling, he suddenly slapped down hard on the table, and said, "You want to leave? Then I'll let you leave in a coffin."

Tang Guang slapped his hand on the handrail, his palm hitting a not so obvious button. Immediately, invisible electronic waves were sent out.

Instantly, the loud sound of footsteps could be heard coming from all around. The next moment, men dressed in black started to surround the room from all directions, one by one.

"Mo Wen, they are all from the Tang Clan Fort, and each has ancient martial arts cultivation."

Gu Jingman's eyes narrowed, and her expression tensed up. Although the people did not have high cultivation, and were only at the Regulated Breathing realm, to deal with so many ancient martial art practitioners was still beyond her ability.

Also, the people of the Tang Clan Fort were well-versed in the usage of hidden weapons. Hence, their attacks were sinister, and hard to defend against.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. His mouth curled into a cold smile. Since Tang Guang did not know how to appreciate his kindness, no one could blame him for not holding back.

"Kill the guy. Just leave the woman alive." Tang Guang stood up with his hands behind his back, coldly staring at Mo Wen as he said this.

His words had barely left his mouth, when the room lit up with flashes of dazzling lights. Invisible streaks of wind flew past, and only dark shadow streaks could be discerned by the naked eye.

"Careful, those are hidden weapons."

Gu Jingman's eyes narrowed. With a flick of her wrists, two exquisite pistols appeared again in her hands. The next moment, gunfire rang out, continuously. The sound of metal clashing in midair could be heard, along with the explosions of sparks.

Gu Jingman's marksmanship was perfect, to the point that it was astonishing. In the time it took to draw a breath, she had shot down numerous hidden weapons.