Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Tang Clan Elder

However, when she was about to continue intercepting the hidden weapons, she realized that all of them had disappeared into thin air. They were still coming at her in an overwhelming quantity a moment ago, but now they were all gone.

She looked around, stunned. She found out that the men in black, who were shooting hidden weapons, were now frozen in mid-action. The next moment, one by one, they fell onto the ground, and even their breaths could no longer be felt.

All of them had Flying Willow Blades that were pierced in between their eyebrows. The blades of which being the ones which they threw out.

Gu Jingman took a deep breath and stared at Mo Wen in disbelief. How was it possible? How did he do it in the blink of an eye?

Tang Guang looked shocked, too. His hand, which was resting against the table, was slightly shaking.

That Zhou Chongling, who hadn't spoken a word, stood up instantly, too. He wore a grave expression.

They had gone the extra mile in preparation of facing Mo Wen, but they didn't expect that they would have still underestimated him. He killed more than twenty people in an instant. Furthermore, those people were killed by their own hidden weapons. What kind of cultivation was this?

"You guys really don't know what's good for yourselves. Since you are looking for death, I will send you on your ways."

Mo Wen, who had reached the door, suddenly turned around. Since he had already killed someone, he didn't mind killing a few more. Since the feud had been established, naturally, he would settle it following the enemy's way.


Tang Gang growled. He wouldn't let Mo Wen hurt his master. He pounced on Mo Wen. He had the cultivation of the intermediate stage Soothing Pulse realm and was considered as an ace in the Tang Clan. His status in the Tang Clan was quite high too, so he usually served alongside the eldest young master.

Mo Wen neither spared Tang Gang a glance, nor paused from walking. In the split second that the two of them crossed paths, Mo Wen extended his palm and hit Tang Gang's fist.

The next moment, Tang Gang was sent flying backwards. His face was as pale as joss paper, then quickly, it turned red, like a cooked shrimp. His whole body, including the top of his head, was steaming nonstop, as though he had just been scooped out of a steamer.

The peculiar thing was that Tang Gang's body didn't fall. Instead, he paused in mid-air for a moment. It seemed like he was surrounded by a shapeless force field. After pausing slightly, his body oddly flew towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen didn't even look at Tang Gang, as his lips curled. Mo Wen's left palm extended casually, hitting Tang Gang's chest.

Tang Gang instantaneously flew out, then hit, and rolled down, the wall. His whole body was stiff, and couldn't move an inch. His face strangely turned blue. Ice flakes were falling off of his head and clothes, and a chill seeped out from him.

Just now, Tang Gang was like a well-steamed bun, but in a blink of an eye, he had turned into a popsicle stick. It was Tang Guang's first encounter with such a peculiar incident. His eyes widened. He had no clue as to exactly which martial art Mo Wen practiced. How could he give out both torridity and iciness, two streams of extremely different Inner Qi, at the same time?!

Tang Gang fell on the ground, dead. His death was extremely peculiar. The room seemed to be swept through by a gust of cold wind, leaving everyone feeling slightly creeped out.

Gu Jingman was pinned to the ground, staring at Mo Wen in disbelief. Shock and excitement filled her eyes, and her body was shaking slightly uncontrollably. What did she just see? Nine Yang Divine Technique! The legendary Nine Yang Divine Technique.

She couldn't believe her eyes. The Nine Yang Divine Technique, which had been been lost for centuries, appeared again. Furthermore, it was shown by a youth, whom she had thought was ordinary.

"You will not get in trouble, if you did not ask for it. Young Master Tang, today, I can't let you walk out of here alive."

Mo Wen's lips curled to form a cruel smile. Since he had already killed someone, it was logical to clean up the remaining ones as well.

"Who exactly are you?"

Tang Guang subconsciously took a step back. His back was drenched in sweat already. Even though both Zhou Chongling and him were ancient martial art practitioners, they merely had the cultivation of the Soothing Pulse realm. When faced with such a horrifying youth, they had no confidence at all. He couldn't wrap his head around this fact, either, wondering, when did Gu Clan Fort suddenly have such a top master?

"Ask the King of Hell, when you arrive in hell."

As Mo Wen shook his arm, a shapeless force field expanded, and impacted Tang Guang in an odd way. Tang Guang noticed that his body started moving uncontrollably towards Mo Wen, as though a gigantic invisible hand was pulling him.

His expression changed. He tried his best to mobilize his Inner Qi in order to fight against the shapeless pulling force, but the force field was incredibly strange.

A strong, inflexible force, and a yielding force, each took turns to pull on him, canceling off the force which he was exerting himself. No matter how he tried, his body was uncontrollably being drawn towards Mo Wen.

"Clan uncle, please save me!" Tang Guang was scared out of his wits. Out of fear, he unconsciously started to shout.

"Humph, imbecile. Luckily, I came today, otherwise, our plan would have been ruined by you."

As soon as Tang Guang finished talking, a voice rang out from the dark. The next moment, an old man appeared from a corner of the room. He was in his fifties, looking energetic. His gaze was piercing, like that of an eagle.

He extended his palm, and a blustery wind raged in the room. A gust of materialized Inner Qi soared, crashing on Mo Wen's force field. The air rippled, and the next moment, the strange force field dissipated.

Tang Guang let out a sigh of relief. He then frantically took tens of steps back, eyeing Mo Wen cautiously. After the threat just now, his face was white as a sheet.

"Tang Mao!"

Gu Jingman's eyes narrowed, her expression suddenly showing signs of nervousness. She sounded scared, as she warned him, saying, "Mo Wen, he is the elder of the Tang Clan, an expert of the Sea of Qi realm."

Tang Mao could be considered as one of the higher ups of the Tang Clan Fort. His position was much higher than Tang Guang, who was of the younger generation, and so too, was his ability that much more impressive.

For today's business, even Tang Mao was sent out. The Tang Clan had really gone the extra mile to make sure she had absolutely no chance of escape.

For them, those of the Sea of Qi realm were the senior experts. In the world of ancient martial arts, only those who had cultivated the Sea of Qi could be considered masters. Otherwise, they would just be juniors.

The transition between the Soothing Pulse realm and the Sea of Qi realm was a watershed moment. Only by passing it, could one be considered as a properly initiated senior expert. Under normal conditions, a hundred Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioners were no match for a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioner. The large gap in abilities was evident from this.

Tang Mao's appearance made Gu Jingman anxious again.

"Kid, for one so young to have such incredible ability is no easy feat. I have not heard of such a person in the Gu Clan Fort. Who are you exactly? You should probably reveal who you are now."

Tang Mao squinted at Mo Wen. Although Mo Wen's ability was not weak, he wasn't concerned about it. He was but a youngster, so what could he pull off? What he was concerned about, was the identity of this person's caretaker. To be able to cultivate such an extraordinary youth, maybe he had some hidden background.

"Whether my abilities are great or not, you will know once you try them out. Bring it on, and let's stop the idle chit-chat."

Mo Wen smirked. Sea of Qi realm? It was a bit tricky, but this old geezer thought too highly of himself. His air of a senior expert was laughable.