Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Whats with Acting as a Noble Senior

"Wildly arrogant lad!"

Tang Mao's eyes grew cold. He had never seen a youth that did not want to show his face even when the opportunity was given to him. He mulled over the possibility of catching him first before thinking of the next step. He was sure that he would leak something under stricter forced questioning.

He took a step out and an unseen force was sent out from him, his body being the central point. In a moment, it had completely enveloped Mo Wen.

Mo Wen could only feel his body sinking slightly and the air coagulating a little. The surroundings seemed as though there was a large invisible hand compressing it.

The pressures of the Sea of Qi Realm and the Soothing Pulse Realm were entirely different. Perhaps the pressure of the Soothing Pulse realm was only affecting the other psychologically. Meanwhile, the pressure of the Sea of Qi Realm was easily tangible. It was not a move that could simply be deflected using psychology.

An ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi Realm who could release Inner Qi could "catch" a person physically and hover him in midair just by the releasing of Inner Qi alone.

When faced headfirst with the imposing pressure of the Sea of Qi Realm, Mo Wen could not just continue ignoring it.

However, just the pressure from the Sea of Qi Realm was not enough to trouble him. His body simply swayed, and, with an odd frequency of sways, his entire being had seemingly morphed into a slippery loach. That pressure had enveloped Mo Wen but was unable to exert its force on him.


Tang Mao was stunned and he looked at Mo Wen in shock. His own pressure had had no effect on a junior. This was the first time he had witnessed such a shocking situation.

He had long identified that Mo Wen was not an ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi Realm. At most, he had achieved the peak of the Soothing Pulse Realm. Normally, only a Sea of Qi Realm ancient martial art practitioner could disregard the pressure of an ancient martial art practitioner from the same realm. How did he do it as an ancient martial art practitioner with the Soothing Pulse Realm?

Although he was internally surprised and bewildered, he knew that this youth was out of the ordinary. If not, he could not have forced Tang Guang and such people into having no other possible attacks ,solely relying on his cultivation of the Soothing Pulse Realm.

"Firm Golden Fist!"

Tang Mao shot a glare. If he could not use his pressure against a meagre junior, he had no choice but to attack personally.

With a palm attack, the sound of the wind came up from all around. The surrounding air had all gathered towards Tang Mao's palm and formed an invisible air mass.

The Firm Golden Fist remained as the simplest technique in the ancient martial arts scene. It was handed down far and wide, and it had originated from a Shaolin temple. From ancient times, there was the saying that many of the martial arts had been learnt from Shaolin, which also meant that the Shaolin martial arts had been passed down far and wide.

In the face of such a strong attack, Mo Wen did not hide or evade. Instead, he had taken a step out and took the initiative to face the attack head on.

With a dull "ping" sound, the force dissipated in between the two people. It made a clean sweep and both Gu Jingman and Tang Guang were blown ten over meters backwards.

However, only Mo Wen's shoulders swayed. Meanwhile, Tang Mao had retreated three to four steps.

"You're also only of the Sea of Qi Realm. What's there to be proud of?"

Mo Wen turned his arm and flew up. A loud crack of the skeleton sounded. He really did not train his Overlord Fist and Dragon Tiger Fist for nothing. Solely based on body condition, he surpassed Tang Mao. As for Inner Qi, training the Nine Yin Scriptures and Nine Yang Scriptures at the same time allowed him to be not far off from Tang Mao even though he was not an ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi Realm.

If it had been last time, he could have defeated an ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi Realm with just a finger. Now, although he had to redo everything, Tang Mao still did not pose a threat to him.

"How can it be?"

Tang Mao looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. He had actually lost to an ancient martial art practitioner with the Soothing Pulse Realm when going forcefully against him. Nobody would have believed it if the news got out.

Mo Wen lifted his eyebrow and used his Inch Travel Steps. In an instant, he had appeared right before Tang Mao. He gave chase and pursued with the attack. With a flick of his arm, a roaring scream rang out and that unusual sound instantly diverted Tang Mao's attention a little.

When he had come around from being stunned, a huge fist had already appeared in front of Mo Wen's face. The mighty aura had made his body pause for a moment.

At this point, he had no time to care too much and there was no time to evade it any longer. Without a second word, he unleashed his most powerful martial arts move, the Tang Ming Fist.

When the two fists met, a scary force swept across once again. Within it was mixed two different mighty Inner Qis, one hot and one cold.


In the rushed time, Tang Mao could not defend against the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist. When it made contact, his body flew up like a kite whose string had snapped, before hitting the wall hard. It even created a huge hole in the wall.


Tang Mao shouted loudly and gave Tang Guang a look. He knew that he had lost today. In the next moment, he did a forward roll before getting up from the ground. With the use of Qinggong, he travelled towards the door in an instant.

"Can you get away?"

Mo Wen's lips curled up into a cold smile. He took a step under his feet and his body swayed slightly. He had actually moved about three meters and he appeared behind Tang Mao in the blink of an eye.

Before he could react, a fair finger extended out and caught on to Tang Mao's neck before lifting him up.

"What's with acting like a noble senior."

A cracking sound rang out and Mo Wen used the strength in all five of his fingers as he squeezed and broke Tang Mao's neck. Although the Inner Qi in Tang Mao's body was amazing, it was still insufficient to defend against his pair of long palms.

At the very moment that Tang Mao started to run, Tang Guang and Zhou Chongling realized that something was wrong. They no longer dared to stop by the room, and in that moment, they were prepared to run while there was still ensuing chaos.

When they had just run only two steps, their bodies were suddenly frozen on the spot and their expressions were quickly colored with fear.

Within the blink of an eye, the senior of the Tang Clan that they had relied on was dead. With their skills, they would not be able to run even if they wanted to.

The frightening speed of Mo Wen's had shaken them so badly their legs were trembling and a cold sweat was forming. Even the great Tang Mao had not been able to escape from the room, so what made them think that they could?

"Why aren't you running anymore?"

Mo Wen's mouth lifted into a smile. He was still chatting casually and his expression remained calm - it was as if he had killed so many people that the act no longer affected him at all.

"Let us off, please. I can agree to any condition of yours."

Tang Guang tried his best to calm himself down as he took deep breaths and asked while looking at Mo Wen.

"Don't listen to them. They are evil and cunning. They are not good people."

Gu Jingman's small face tensed as she said a line of opposition. Now that she knew that the Tang Clan and Zhou Clan were both plotting to acquire the Gu Clan Fort, she did not want to let Tang Guang and Zhou Chongling off.

"Sister, you make it sound as though you're a good person."

Mo Wen looked at Gu Jingman as if he was smiling but yet not, "Today, you attracted trouble for me. Could it be on purpose?"

There was a little awkwardness in Gu Jingman's expression as she argued, "Who would do it on purpose? I did not even know that they were plotting against me. Although I'm not a good person, I'm also not as bad as them."

She was really wrongfully accused. Implicating Mo Wen with today's incident was not her intention. Moreover, how would she have known that Mo Wen was this powerful.

"Hey Brother, I believe that we do not have any large enmities. If you let us off, I assure you that both the Tang Clan Fort and the Zhou Clan will not become your enemies. After today, we will be on even ground. After all, it's better to have one more friend than one more enemy. What do you say?"

Tang Guang scanned around with his eyes. After noticing that Mo Wen and Gu Jingman were seemingly not together, a flicker of hope had flashed through his heart. He immediately tried to think of a plan.

"You make a good deal. The Tang Clan Fort won't find trouble with me? Your head has already been killed, and by me. Just a word from you and your clan won't find any trouble with me?"

Mo Wen laughed coldly. Tang Guang really saw him as a three-year-old child.