Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Dont Mind, We Are Not Acquainted

"Moreover, I don't really care if you find trouble with me.You want to seek revenge, so I will take you on.Of course, the people of Tang Clan fort must be able to find me first."

Mo Wen lowered his eyes and said.Tang Clan fort needed to ascertain that he was the killer, if they were to take revenge on him.Then, they needed to ascertain his whereabouts before implementation.Currently, his cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds over a day, so he would be able to break through the Sea of Qi realm soon.By the time the people of Tang Clan fort found him, he would not be afraid of them.

"Then what do you want? Just state your conditions.Regardless of the conditions you list, I will agree to whatever I can fulfill."

Tang Guang's pupils constricted, as he knew that this youngster was not easy to fool.His life was still in his hands, so he would agree to whatever he said to save his own life.

"Brother, would you kill them for me, then I will surely reward you generously."

Gu Jingman sensed that Mo Wen had the attitude of possibly not killing Tang Guang and his company, and she instantly got a little anxious.Today, everything happened so suddenly, that she had been totally unprepared.However, after the things had happened, she knew she must seize this opportunity.

Now that she knew Tang Clan fort's vicious intention, Gu Clan fort would naturally never be able to have an alliance with Tang Clan in the future, and they had even became arch enemies. She must report this matter to the elders in the clan immediately, so as to be prepared for the sequence of events to come.

If Tang Guang and Zhou Chongling were released, Tang Clan and Zhou Clan would definitely know about the changes that had happened at once.Then, they would adjust their plan against Gu Clan fort, making it difficult for Gu Clan fort to seize any decisive opportunities.

Therefore, killing Tang Guang and Zhou Chongling now, to conceal this matter temporarily, would give Gu Clan fort the greatest advantage.

"Sister, will you also agree to whatever conditions that I state?" Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

"If I can fulfill them, I will surely agree."

Gu Jingman went blank for a moment after hearing his words. Then, her cheeks blushed a little, and she didn't dare look Mo Wen straight in his eyes, seemingly thinking of something. However, when she did glance into Mo Wen's clear eyes, she knew that she must have thought too much.

"Brother, don't you listen to her.Gu Clan fort can't even help themselves now. They were at the verge of ruin, so they basically can't materialize their promise.Moreover, Tang Clan's strength is above Gu Clan fort, so whatever you ask for, we will able to fulfill."

Tang Guang realized that Gu Jingman was so determined to kill him, and he began to be worried instantly.This malicious woman, if he could escape and survive, he would definitely make her life a living hell.

"I will consider it."

Mo Wen rubbed his chin and laughed with mischief.He found it quite interesting to tease this sister, who talked like an elder initially, and yet refused to be disadvantaged in any way.

Gu Jingman didn't want to let Tang Guang and his company off, just like he wouldn't want to do the silly thing of letting the tiger return to the mountains.Although Tang Guang was not a tiger, Tang Clan was definitely the tiger that he was apprehensive of.Allowing him to go now, it was equivalent to letting Tang clan get revenge on him later.

"Don't consider it any further. They thought of plotting against your sister. You bear to let them bully me, and not get revenge for me?"

Gu Jingman saw Mo Wen's hesitating look, and began to be anxious. She lowered her head and seemed to be at the verge of tears, then she pretended to be pitiful and seductive.

"Do you have money?" Mo Wen pondered before asking Gu Jingman.

"Money?" Gu Jingman went blank for a moment, then shortly twitched her lips, "Yes, I have as much as you want."

She had never thought that her brother was a moneygrubber.

"A hundred million dollars?"

Mo Wen probed.One hundred million dollars was not a small sum.He had his consideration, when he asked Gu Jingman for money.Gu Jingman was not lacking of money, but he was.He still didn't have some medicinal herbs required for Mo Qingge's concoction, which might need quite a lot of money to obtain.

However, someone like Gu Jingman should have one hundred million dollars.Since he had saved her life and helped Gu Clan fort, so one hundred million seemed quite reasonable.

"You are really a little moneygrubber.I agree to it."

Gu Jingman gnashed her teeth with hatred.Didn't he know that one hundred million dollars was a lot a lot of money?

"Alright, deal."

Mo Wen laughed, as the hundred million dollars came so easily.

"No, I will give five hundred million dollars.No, one billion dollars is also possible."

When he saw Mo Wen looking at him with murderous gleam, Tang Guang's face paled as white as sheet, then, he let out a scream instantaneously with a hidden glint of delight flashing in his eyes.

Mo Wen only wanted money, which was easy to satisfy.In order to save his own life, he didn't mind the small sum.Without a life, there wouldn't be a chance to spend the money, so he could even give the Baoli Building to Mo Wen, as he was unlike Gu Jingman, who was a well-known moneygrubber.

"Sorry, I like to do business with acquaintances only.We are not acquainted."

Mo Wen shook his head and sighed, as he looked at Tang Guang.He extended his hand to grab Tang Guang's neck instantly, and lifted him up, giving him no chance of resisting.

"No I have money"

He was yet to finish his sentence.After a cracking sound, it stopped abruptly.Tang Guang limped to the floor with his head slanted to one side, thoroughly dead.

Zhou Chongling and Zhou Chongli, who were crouching at the corner, paled like sheets after seeing that.The realisation that they would lose their lives today dawned upon them, and without further ado, they turned around and ran.

However, as they tried to run away from Mo Wen, a figure flashed to catch up with them. The next moment, two palms struck, and a cold and a warm force hit onto the back of the both persons.

Both bodies flew out directly: one body was covered with ice flakes, and the other was totally red, like a cooked prawn. Both were thoroughly dead, too.

"Brother, you are excellent." Gu Jingman grinned from ear to ear, as she was pleased that Mo Wen didn't agree to Tang Guang's conditions.The feeling of reluctance to part with the money now flitted off without a trace.

"A hundred million dollars, remember." Mo Wen raised his eyes and reminded.

"Hey, you are really a little moneygrubber.Can you not be so greedy for money?" Gu Jingman said in an educating tone, while shaking her head and sighing.

Mo Wen couldn't be bothered in responding, and went ahead to inspect the room.After ensuring that nothing was overlooked, he locked all the corpses in the room.

Tang Guang had built this room to be a secret chamber, in order to carry out some conspiracies normally. The sound-proofing was so effective, that the outside would could not hear anything, regardless of whatever happened inside.Furthermore, the layers of protective measures on the passages would have prevented any trespasses.

However, he never imagined that such a well-built secret chamber would eventually end up as his burial ground. After disposing all of the subordinates of Tang Guang, he sealed the passage completely.Now, nobody would be able to discover it within a short period of time.

Subsequent to that, Mo Wen and Gu Jingman left quietly.After many twists and turns, they reappeared at the Underground fighting club area.At this moment, the club area continued to be as crazy, with different kinds of profligacy, gore, wildness and salacity

"Don't come to this kind of place in the future." Mo Wen looked at the club area below, furrowed his brows and advised.Although he knew that Gu Jingman's style of handling things, and her status, were different, it was just uncomfortable to have a woman constantly frequent such place.

"I know." Gu Jingman rolled her eyes as he started to discipline her.However, she seldom come to such place, though she had some shares in this Underground fighting club area.