Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Believe It or Not

In the car, Gu Jingman was driving Mo Wen back to the hotel. After such an incident, he knew that Gu Jingman would be in the mood to bring him around to sightsee anymore.For her to send him back to the hotel and not run back straight to the Gu Clan Fort was commendable.

After leaving the Baoli Building, Gu Jingman remained silent on the car. Mo Wen did not know what she was thinking. The atmosphere was awkward.

Mo Wen watched as the grand buildings and crowds of people from all walks of life flew past outside the car window. His eyes were distant and cold. After killing so many people, he acted as though nothing had happened.

"Little brother, who are you really? Why did you lie to me, saying you were a student?" After a while, Gu Jingman suddenly opened her mouth and said. Her eyes were still on the road ahead, so she seemingly was just simply asking.

"I really am just a student." Mo Wen gave Gu Jingman a look. From a certain point of view, he was not hiding anything from her.

"Then"Gu Jingman opened her mouth to ask, but the words wouldn't come out.

She had a lot to ask, but she did not know where to start. She was afraid she would cross a line.

It was like when Mo Wen used the Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Maybe other people did not notice the clues on the surface, thinking that it was only an impressive display of a type of fire mantra. But how could she not know? She had once viewed a remnant copy of the Nine Yang Divine Technique, so she had some understanding of it.

But the Nine Yang Divine Technique had been lost for three hundred years. Since then, it had never been seen. So, how did Mo Wen learn the Nine Yang Divine Technique?

Speaking of which, the Gu Clan Fort had a deep connection with the Ming Cult that prospered four hundred years ago. It could be said that the Gu Clan Fort was one of the branching sects that broke off when the Ming Cult split. They laid low and hid their identity, slowly developing the Gu Clan Fort as a power in the martial arts world.

Back then, the Gu Clan ancestor was one of the thirty-six ministers of the Ming Cult. Luckily, he managed to survive the catastrophe that befell the Ming Cult.

When the Ming Cult was split and many died or ran away, the higher ups were nowhere to be seen. Their headquarters on Bright Peak was also destroyed in the catastrophe, and was now a pile of rubble.

Back in the day, the Gu clan ancestor was sharp-witted. He led a group of Ming Cult followers to hide in the underground caverns under the ruins for more than a month. This way, they managed to survive the catastrophe. After the chaos had subsided, they travelled far away and established the Gu Clan Fort.

As for matters of the Ming Cult, the Gu Clan Fort still maintained them, passing them down from generation to generation. The Gu clan ancestor wrote a code for the clan, making sure that the descendants of the Ming Cult remembered the teachings of the Ming Cult, and ensuring that this would serve as their guiding principles for their future actions and conduct.

As for how Gu Jingman came into contact with the remnant copy of the Nine Yang Divine Technique, it was due to that Gu clan ancestor that fought tooth and nail to preserve the relics of the Ming Cult. Although many things were destroyed and damaged beyond repair, they were still invaluable.

Among the relics were the remnant copies of the Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift. In reality, the two copies of these divine techniques that were placed in the Bright Peak treasure trove were but remnants. They could not be used to practice.

The Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift were divine techniques that could only be practiced by the Ming Cult cult leader. The original copies were always kept by the cult leader for generations. Only after a successor was chosen could they be passed down.

The Ming Cult's treasure map, which the Tang clan and the Zhou clan were painstakingly fighting over, was also one of the relics, but it was only one fourth of a map. With the incomplete map, it was impossible to locate and find the Ming Cult's treasure.

Even so, due to the map, the Gu Clan Fort had encountered a few crises in the past, where their clan could have been exterminated. They had gone through many struggles to keep the map in the possession of the clan.

And now, this treasure map crisis started again

"What do you want to ask?" Mo Wen asked, while smiling.

"Are you practicing the Nine Yang Divine Technique?" Gu Jingman took a deep breath and asked. She knew she had to probe some information from Mo Wen today.

The Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift appeared again. It had immeasurable impact on the Gu Clan Fort and the Ming Cult, which had been rend by disunity. She was well aware of the significance of someone who could practice the Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

"You know about the Nine Yang Divine Technique?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, while staring at Gu Jingman in surprise.

Logically speaking, the Ming Cult had been wiped out for over three to four hundred years. The people in the ancient martial arts circle who could remember the Ming Cult were most likely rare, let alone those who could remember the Ming Cult's magnum opuses, the Nine Yang Divine Technique and The Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Gu Jingman not only knew about it, but she could recognize it from its bits and pieces, and that was unusual.

It would only be logical for those who had never practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique, or had never came in touch with it, to not be able to recognize it from its appearance. What Gu Jingman practiced was definitely not the Nine Yang Divine Technique. Was it possible that she had come in touch with the scriptures of the Nine Yang Divine Technique before?

"Not only do I know of it, I have also seen the remnant copy of the Nine Yang Divine Technique. But, little brother, could you tell me where you got your Nine Yang Divine Technique?" Gu Jingman glanced at Mo Wen, saying this concernedly.

The last cult leader of the Ming Cult, Chang Qingfeng, disappeared during the catastrophe. Since then, no news of him had been heard. No one knew if he was dead or alive. The magnum opuses of the Ming Cult had been lost ever since.

After hundreds of years, the Nine Yang Divine Technique resurfaced. She couldn't imagine where he had come across the Nine Yang Divine Technique.

"I picked it up somewhere, and after cultivating around a bit, I got the hang of it." Mo Wen spoke while twitching his lips. Of course he wouldn't tell her about the historical abode of the Ming Cult, as he was not dumb. Today, Gu Jingman's recognizing the Nine Yang Divine Technique was a surprise for him.

Until he was strong enough, he would avoid using the Ming Cult's magnum opuses as much as possible. Mo Wen sighed and shook his head as he thought.

Even Gu Jingman could recognize it. Didn't it mean that those experienced ancient martial arts practitioners could tell from a glance? The practitioner himself was not guilty, but it would be a sin to keep the scripture to himself. He was well aware of this principle. He wouldn't want to be targeted, due to a scripture. But, he didn't know that there was a bigger story behind the reason why Gu Jingman knew about the Nine Yang Divine Technique.

"Picked it up?" Gu Jingman gave Mo Wen a side glance. Only an idiot would believe his words. But, since Mo Wen didn't want to tell her, she didn't probe further. After all, everyone had his own secrets.

"Little brother, don't tell the others about the Nine Yang Divine Technique. It's best if you tell no one about it." After hesitating for a moment, Gu Jingman spoke with a glimpse of seriousness in her eyes.

"Don't you know?" Mo Wen shrugged. Other than being careful of not letting others know, it would be unlikely that he would go around and tell others about it.

Gu Jingman was stunned for moment upon listening to him. Then she said, "Do you trust me?" This time, she didn't refer to herself as the Big Sister. Her tone was serious.

"What could I do if I don't trust you? Kill you?" Mo Wen spoke with a smile, while staring at Gu Jingman.

"So cold-hearted? Are you willing to kill me?" Gu Jingman scoffed softly, while rolling her eyes at Mo Wen.

"I can't bear the thought of doing so." Mo Wen shook his head. Just when Gu Jingman's lips were about to lift in excitement, he continued, "If I killed you, I would lose one hundred million. Let's talk about this later, at least after I get the money."

"You" Gu Jingman glared at Mo Wen, "Do you believe that"

After thinking for a very long while, Gu Jingman still couldn't think of any way to threaten Mo Wen, so she shut up, dejected.