Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Qi Sensation

The gorgeous and luxurious sports car stopped at the door of the Golden Age Hotel. Mo Wen got out of the Maserati and lazily stretched himself.

Gu Jingman sat in the car and asked, "Brother, how long will you be staying in the City of Devils?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said, "I'll be leaving right away. Give me the money as soon as possible." He knew that there would soon be turmoil in the ancient martial arts scene of the City of Devils. The Gu Clan Fort would be in the center of it, so if he could leave earlier, then naturally he would want to. He did not want to be silly and get caught in all the drama just because of Gu Jingman.

"I just don't want to give you the money," Gu Jingman let out a light humph and stepped on the accelerator. The car remained and let out a gorgeous revving sound, before driving into the distance within an instance.

"Ohwhat kind of attitude is that? Not caring about credibility anymore?" Mo Wen thought as he stretched and stared at the gorgeous sports car heading off. His expression was pained.

After returning to the hotel and taking an afternoon nap, Mo Wen was just about to get up and have some food when there was a knocking at the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Shen Jing standing outside looking graceful and jovial.

"You didn't go and meet those so-called industry masters today? Why did you come over to my place?" Mo Wen asked a little baffled. In these past few days, Shen Jing and some other representatives from Hua Xia University had all been kept very busy as they attended all kinds of associate meetings.

"So-called industry masters?" Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, "Don't look down on them. I despise the high and mighty attitude you have. Have you heard of the saying "young and frivolous"? That's referring to you."

Interacting with those renowned masters in the medicine field was something not everyone had the chance to do. However, Mo Wen did not care for it. Interacting with these higher ups wasn't only about forming connections, but also gaining knowledge on the wealth of experience in medical issues they had.

Shen Jing had previously asked Mo Wen a couple of times if he wanted to attend a meeting with her, but he just did not want to go, which angered her to no end. Mo Wen thought that Shen Jing was looking for him once again to bring him to some sort of scholars meeting and immediately said, "I'm very busy today,"in an attempt to stop whatever she was about to say.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and said, "I'm thinking of treating you to a meal; something nice. Are you busy?"

Mo Wen maintained a serious demeanor and said, "Actually I do have time for a meal."

Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen, "Then hurry and pack up, do you really want to keep me waiting at the door?" With regards to this laid-back student, she had long gotten used to his ways.

Mo Wen thought to himself, "What's there to pack when they were just going out" but said to Shen Jing, "No need to pack up, we can leave anytime."

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen's forever unchanging outfit: oversized T-shirt, baggy Bermuda shorts, and huge slippers.

The edge of her lips twitched as she said helplessly, "Could it be that you don't even wash your clothes?"

An odd thought suddenly arose in Shen Jing's head. Could it be that Mo Wen had not washed his clothes or bathed in the past few days?

Shen Jing shook her head and sighed, "We'll head to the shopping mall later and help you buy a few sets of clothes," how could this student be so weird?

Unlike Gu Jingman, Shen Jing was fairly well-off. Her life was exquisite and she had high expectations for the quality of life. She cared a lot about the little details in life, so she did not really like Mo Wen's lifestyle of "casual and sloppy".

As for Gu Jingman, she was the type of woman who was unconventional and did not care about the small things. Hence, with regards to Mo Wen's dressing, she did not have much objection.

Shen Jing brought Mo Wen to the restaurant in the hotel to eat, before they went to the shopping mall to buy some clothes in the afternoon.

They only returned to the hotel in the evening. Indeed, clothes make the man. The Mo Wen dressed in formal wear appeared tall and handsome; his appearance was altered. The clothes made Mo Wen project a reliable aura, yet did not discount his coolness. Even the female promoter swooned as she looked at Mo Wen.

Shen Jing was very satisfied. With the tall, rich, and handsome aura Mo Wen was currently exuding, he would not have to worry about finding a girlfriend in the future.

That night, Shen Jing made plans with Lin Qing to attend an incense ritual in a temple in the suburbs. It was said that the Nanjia Temple had an incense ritual every year and it was held at eight at night. At that time, there would be many pilgrims who would burn incense and pray to the gods.

Some of the more pious worshippers would head to Nanjia Temple a few days prior to read religious scriptures. These worshippers were vegetarian and devout Buddhists.

Shen Jing and Lin Qing had made plans to participate in the Nanjia Temple's incense ritual, but with the mindset of tourists just joining in the crowd.

Initially, they had wanted to invite Mo Wen to go along. However, Mo Wen would not have any interest in such things and would reject them.

Hence, Shen Jing directly ditched Mo Wen in the hotel and went off by herself with Lin Qing.

That night, Mo Wen trained in the room by himself. He felt the Qi sensation in his core become stronger and stronger. The passages in which his vital energy circulated were incomparably clear and formed a systemic circulation. Finally, the merging of rivers into oceans had gradually gathered in his core.

Mo Wen knew that the Qi sensation was the key in forming the Sea of Qi. The stronger the Qi sensation, the easier it would be to get to the Sea of Qi. Those with mediocre natural talents could not grasp this Qi sensation, so they would not be able to form the Sea of Qi during their lives.

Meanwhile, some people with overwhelming talent would have a feel for the Qi sensation right from the beginning. However, they would need to spend a long period of time to understand and harness this Qi sensation.

Under normal circumstances, after understanding the workings of the Qi sensation, it would require about 10 years before the formation of the Sea of Qi. Those with exceptional talent could reduce that time period by five years. The ultimate talents could do it within two to three years.

Those who could form the Sea of Qi in a year were the ultimate talent of talents. There weren't more than a few of them in the world.

In his previous lifetime, Mo Wen had only needed nine months to form the Sea of Qi. At the age of 16, he had a breakthrough into the Sea of Qi realm, and had become a monk with the Qi Nucleation realm. When he turned 20, he had been promoted once again to an ancient martial arts practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm. In martial arts scene of that time, he was one of the most exceptional world-class practitioners.

Thus, he managed to earn the title of "One-in-a-Hundred Years Talent of the Mo Clan." Not only were his medical skills astounding, but his martial art skills were also amazing.

Presently, he had to do it all over again. Mo Wen's feel for the Qi sensation was already exceptional from a young age. The profound understanding he felt was like an 80 year-old suddenly returning to the body of a 12 or 13 year-old. His views of life were more pessimistic and he had a different epiphany and perspective.

Back in those years, if he had followed the Qi sensation and just gone with the flow to form the Sea of Qi, he would have been able to form the Sea of Qi directly now. He would have been able to rely upon his own thinking and understanding to redefine the form of the Sea of Qi.

It would be like living once again. He could avoid all inauspicious events and accidents, as well as reduce the roundabout roads he had to take to reach to the final destination.

Mo Wen shut his eyes tightly and sat cross-legged on the bed. He regulated the three inner Qis in his body and attempted to form the Sea of Qi.

That's right, he had three Inner Qis. Other than the Nine Yang Classics and Nine Yin Classics, there was also the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon.

The attributes of these three Inner Qis were all different. However, they mutually promoted and restrained one another as they existed in mutualism.

Just based on the tolerant attribute of the Qi of Sun and Moon, it could mix the Qis of the Nine Yin and Nine Yang together very well. With that, he managed to train up on the two completely different skills.

However, this was a trial. To Mo Wen, the fact remained that it was also a trial with a huge risk. Although the Ming Clan's 34th generation Leader had also trained up on the Nine Yang Scripture and Nine Yin Scripture at the same time, he had not trained the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon.

Training up on the three skills simultaneously, especially with such top-notch godly skills was unheard of. Mo Wen himself did not even know how it would turn out.