Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Sea of Qi Realm

The time ticked by little by little, from evening till midnight, then from midnight till dawn, as Mo Wen sat on the bed motionlessly. A tinge of strangeness pervaded the air in the whole room from the beginning.

At times, it was bone piercing cold, like one was on the iceberg, and at other times, it was burning hot, like one was in the smelting furnace. Still other times, it was a combination of cold and hot, like the night of Spring.

When he opened his eyes again, a golden flame with an enchanting red glow was dancing in one eye, while the other eye was icy cold, like a frozen diamond. When the two colors gradually faded and returned to normal, a gust of strong wind blew suddenly in the room, and raised from the floor to form a whirlwind.

Mo Wen extended both his hands, and the hurricane instantly separated into two, both of which were constantly spinning around Mo Wen's hand. A strange scene appeared, then, as the small objects in the room were suspended slowly, all at the same time, and floated in the air.

Seemingly, a strange invisible force field was formed, influencing the basic rules of Physics. This continued for about fifteen minutes, then the room gradually returned to tranquillity and calmness, like nothing had ever happened.

However, Mo Wen's vigor at this moment was completely different. He stood in the room, with only a pair of underpants and a bare upper body, but was giving off a sense of transcending the world. In a glimpse, he actually didn't give off any sense of indecency.

Mo Wen clenched his fist, feeling the profound meaning of the third level of the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. With a moment of feeling it deeply, he subconsciously verified it in the room. The ingenuity of Heaven and Earth Great Shift was indeed unimaginable.

After a night of experimenting, he had the serendipity of forming the Sea of Qi. He managed to break through to the Sea of Qi realm, perhaps due to luck, or perhaps it was the result of practicing three kinds of martial arts methods simultaneously.

According to Mo Wen's conjecture, he thought that it would take at least a month to form the Sea of Qi. However, he never expected the three kinds of martial arts methods to interact with one another, and build a connection during the practice, which accidentally allowed the three forces of Inner Qi to form the Sea of Qi.

Now that he had attained the Sea of Qi realm, his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. The rapid progress had caused a sudden increase in his strength, by more than ten times, so he was tremendously elated.

With the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm, he could now be considered as a real warrior, who could really use the methods of some warriors. He had been a warrior of Embryonic Breathing realm, who naturally had great abilities, but unfortunately, he couldn't release his Inner Qi, so his real strength was greatly limited.

The Sea of Qi in his body was flowing with the surging of inner Qi, like continuous rolling waves. The surge of the boiling blood rushed towards his heart, which gave him the impulse to roar towards the sky, so as to vent the emotions that were suppressed within his heart for a long time.

However, he endured the urge, as he was in the hotel now and not in a rural area.With his present power, the sound of the roar would be able to penetrate gold and break rocks. When a real bellow was released, the people who stayed around him would be left unconscious, due to the quake.

After breaking through to the Sea of Qi realm, Mo Wen was especially delighted, so he packed the room and was prepared to go out. As he stepped out of the room, he met Shen Jing, who was running towards him unsteadily, coming from out of the room opposite, with an aghast face.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows.What happened?

"Mo Wen Mo Wen call the police immediately.Sister Lin was kidnapped." Once Shen Jing saw Mo Wen, she ran towards him and nearly knocked into him.Her face paled and panted as she spoke.

"What happened?" Mo Wen raised his brows and looked at Shen Jing, puzzled.How would people be kidnapped from the hotel?What kind of criminals had such ability?

"Just now just now someone came through the window and took Sister Lin Sister Lin.. she" Shen Jing's voice trembled, while she was pointing to her room and spoke deliriously.

She only wore a thin nightgown, which exposed her fair and delicate arms and calves. Her clothes were quite untidy, and there were some bloody scratch marks on her left arm, so obviously she just had a conflict with someone.

According to Shen Jing's character, she would not normally run out of the room like that. The first thought that came to Mo Wen, was that something must have happened in Shen Jing's room.

He dashed into Shen Jing's room, only to find that the room was messy with the windows opened, but nobody else was there. He walked to the windows and looked down, and there was nobody there either, other than the howling sound of the wind.

They stayed on the twenty-fifth floor of the hotel. Looking down from the windows, the cars on the roads were only the size of a palm. Logically, it was basically impossible for anyone to kidnap someone through these windows.

Shen Jing was shocked to see Mo Wen rushing into her room, and just when she was about to stop him, it was already too late, so she could only grit her teeth and followed behind him.

"Mo Wen, call the police quickly." After Shen Jing discovered that there was no one in the room, she heaved a sigh of relief, then she glanced at Mo Wen and said with a trembling voice.

The thing that happened today was really strange...

"What exactly happened? Explain clearly." Mo Wen furrowed his brows. It was baffling how Lin Qing was being kidnapped by someone, and why had it happened in Shen Jing's room...

"Last night", Shen Jing bit her lips and recounted.

Initially, Shen Jing and Lin Qing attended the incense ritual at the Nanjia Temple last night. As it was far away from the city, the two of them came back very late. When they returned to the hotel, Lin Qing was reluctant to go home, so she simply stayed with Shen Jing for the night.

This morning, Shen Jing woke up to use the toilet. Just when she came out of the toilet, she discovered that there was a man in black, squatting at the windows with Lin Qing, who was sound asleep on the bed just now, on his shoulder.

The sudden, unforeseen circumstances shocked her so much, that she let out a scream. That man in black focused on her at once, then he leapt into the room to grab Shen Jing.

As the toilet was at a distance from the windows, but was only two meters from the main door, the first thing Shen Jing did was to open the main door and run out.Although the man in black was fast, he didn't manage to grab her.

As a result, that was how the scene later happened. Perhaps because Shen Jing ran out of the room, the man in black didn't chase after her.

"That person That person jumped from the window" Shen Jing's face paled, as she said in fear. As she rushed out of the door, she looked back and realised that the man in black was not chasing after her, but had jumped off the windows carrying Sister Lin with him instead.

At the height of twenty-five floors, anyone who jumped from it would be smashed into flesh paste.Shen Jing felt that her heart nearly jumped out of her chest.

"Jumped down" Mo Wen raised his brows and cast a look down from the windows.

Below the hotel main entrance was an empty ground, which basically had nothing. There were hotel staff going in and out of the hotel from time to time and everything seemed normal. Shen Jing moved to the windows, and looked down from the windows with trembling fear, but she didn't find the bloody mangled scene that she had imagined.

What happened!

She was totally shocked, then turned around alertly, and looked around the room vigilantly. Could it be her illusion just now, and the man in black didn't jump off the windows with Sister Lin, but was still hiding in the room?As she thought of this, Shen Jing's lips trembled uncontrollably, while her heart was filled with trepidation.

"Nobody is in the room." Mo Wen shook his head. If someone was in the room, he wouldn't have escaped his sensing.

Glancing at Shen Jing's pale face, Mo Wen let out a soft sigh.He took her hands in his palms and transferred a flow of warm Nine Yang Genuine Qi to her. Shen Jing felt the warmth coming from Mo Wen's hands. The warmth flowed into her and travelled through her whole body. This warm feeling made her feel an unknown relief, and her face also began to regain a tinge of blush.