Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Lin Qing Has Disappeared

"We better report this to the police," Shen Jing said trembling. The incident today was too bizarre. Sister Lin was fine just moments ago. In a blink of an eye, she had been kidnapped, and no one knew whether she was alive or dead.

She did not know what to do. If anything were to happen to her

Mo Wen shook his head. Based on what Shen Jing told him, the person who kidnapped Lin Qing shouldn't be an ordinary person, but an ancient martial art practitioner, and a capable one at that. His Qinggong was impressive.

Jumping off the 25th floor with a woman, a normal ancient martial art practitioner could not pull that off. One had to be at least a Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial art practitioner to be able to do so.

"Last night, when both of you were at Nanjia Temple for the incense ritual, did anything happen?"

Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing thoughtfully. Last night, after the two of them attended the incense ritual, the next day, this happened. Why would an ancient martial art practitioner be eyeing Lin Qing?

"Last night, when Sister Lin and I were attending the incense ritual, we met an old monk. The old monk told the two of us that we had an affinity with Buddha. He wanted us to stay in the temple for three days, before heading back down the mountain. He wanted us to recite prayers and receive Buddha's grace to ward off evil and misfortune, and bring good fortune instead. If we just left like that, we would be doomed."

Shen Jing pursed her lips as she recalled, saying, "Both Sister Lin and I thought that the old monk was weird, so we didn't believe what he said. After rejecting him, we left the temple. Then, we encountered a scoundrel. He....he wantedSister Lin and be his women" Shen Jing wore an embarrassed look, as she said, stuttering. "Sister Lin and I naturally took him to be crazy, but we didn't want to cause a scene, so we hastily drove away from Nanjia Temple."

"Oh right, when we left, the scoundrel said that we two....two. would sooner or later be his" Shen Jing bit her lip. Recalling the strange happenings this morning made her shudder.

"Affinity with Buddha? Would be doomed!" Mo Wen sneered. What did the old monk mean? Could it be that he knew that this would happen to the two of them?

"Miss Shen, there is no use reporting this incident to the police," Mo Wen shook his head and said. This incident was something the police couldn't handle, since it involved an ancient martial art practitioner. Unless they managed to get in touch with the Huatian Palace and let them take care of it. However, this sort of thing would be commonplace. Unless the case had great impact, the Huatian Palace would not bother, unless you could use special connections to get in touch with them.

For martial art practitioners to abuse martial arts was to violate a ban, but it was inevitable that those who were capable would not abide such laws. Although there was the threat of the Huatian Palace from above, they could not possibly oversee everything.

If the effect was not very large, they turned a blind eye to many things. Even if the Huatian Palace was handling this case, by the time their people arrived to look for clues and find the perpetrator, it would have been too late.

"Then, what should we do?" Shen Jing asked anxiously. She also knew that, for a crime scene with very little evidence left behind, the police would also have a hard time cracking the case, especially when the happenings were so strange.

"Miss Shen, if you believe me, don't let news of this incident spread. Leave it to me to handle." Mo Wen squinted as he said this. Needless to say, this incident was related to the people in the ancient martial arts world of The City of Devils. As for who, though, it was hard to be certain.

Lin Qing was Professor Pan's only daughter. Professor Pan had been his benefactor on more than one occasion, therefore, he couldn't stand by idly. Not to mention that Lin Qing was a good friend of Shen Jing.

"Really?" Shen Jing looked worriedly at Mo Wen. However, she heard the confidence in Mo Wen's tone and felt assured somewhat.

"Hmm, you can just pretend that none of this ever happened."

Mo Wen nodded his head. He remembered Gu Jingman. This woman was someone from the ancient martial arts world of The City of Devils with a certain amount of influence. Perhaps he could go through her to find Lin Qing's whereabouts. The police might have difficulties finding such information, but for someone in the ancient martial arts world, it shouldn't be hard.

Just as he was thinking of Gu Jingman, speaking of the devil, a ringtone suddenly went off.Mo Wen swiped a glance at his phone. Alas, it was indeed Gu Jingman's number.

"Little brother, have you gotten up yet?" Gu Jingman' charming voice came through. It was sweet, yet not sickeningly so, full of charm, yet not fawning. She was a woman who knew exactly how to use her charms.

"What's wrong?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"Can't I look for you, when nothing is up?" Over the phone, her voice was sweet, with a tint of anger. She sounded like she was acting coy for attention.

"I am very busy. I will hang up first," Mo Wen curled the corner of his lips and said flatly. He believed that it would be unlikely for Gu Jingman to look for him without an intention. Something like that happened yesterday, with Gu Clan Fort's current situation, so she wouldn't be that free to seek him out for entertainment.

He, too, was looking for Gu Jingman today, as without her help, he would probably not be able to settle Lin Qing's case. But, for every situation, there was one who initiated and one who followed. Those who seized the initiative, would acquire the maximum benefits.

He wouldn't want to be blackmailed by Gu Jingman, due to Lin Qing's case. With Gu Jingman's personality, he was certain that she would definitely do such a thing.

"Don't, you heartless thing. Can't I find you, even if nothing is up?" Gu Jingman immediately gave in. Today, she came over to find Mo Wen, not because she had nothing up, but because she had something important.

"What's up?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, while revealing a playful smile.

"Come down and talk. I'm waiting downstairs for you," Gu Jingman said.

After hanging up, Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing, and said, "Miss Shen, I'll be heading out for a bit. I'll take care of Sister Lin's incident while I am out."

"Mo Wen, are we really not reporting this to the police?" Shen Jing said distractedly. Once a woman encountered such an incident, aside from reporting it to the police, what could she do?

"There is no need. Trust me. Wait for news from me tonight. If there is no news, then you can report to the police." Mo Wen patted Shen Jing's shoulder and said in a soothing tone, "Miss Shen, don't worry. Later I will find Gu Jingman. She is a local, and her connections are vast. She can handle this incident more conveniently than the police."

These were naturally words of comfort. Gu Jingman could barely handle her own problems. When would she have the mood to concern herself with Lin Qing's incident? However, these words were effective. Thinking about Gu Jingman's status, as well as her influence in the City of Devils, Shen Jing felt much more relieved.

As he came down, he could see from afar a cool sports car parked right at the entrance. It was still as arrogant and as eye catching as before.

The person was the same, but the car had changed into a silvery white Lamborghini that looked bold and imposing. A crowd of onlookers had gathered, their eyes revealed their amazement. Gu Jingman's car was never cheaper than ten million.

This rich lady

Mo Wen shook his head. This sort of luxury car was a rare sight on a normal day, and yet, she could change cars every day.