Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Can I Eat Your Tofu?

Mo Wen stuck both of his hands in his pocket. He appeared calm and at ease as he walked over to the stunning Lamborghini convertible sports car.

Gu Jingman leisurely leaned against the back of the seat, wearing a pair of black sunglasses. She had a thin, long cigar in her hand, and the smoke was spiraling upwards. Her slender fingers had rose-imprinted nail polish on them, and a cool, unruly look was plastered on her mouth. Her frivolous appearance was full of the style of the nouveau riche.

"Get in," Gu Jingman stroked her sharp chin and said to Mo Wen.

"What is it? I'm a busy man."

Mo Wen's mouth curled upwards. He opened the door as he got into the passenger seat.

"Aiyo, I've come to send the money over. You're busy? If you are busy I'll just send it over some other day then."

With the flick of Gu Jingman's slender finger, the cigar drew an arc in the air and accurately landed in the dustbin.

She tilted her head and looked at Mo Wen teasingly. With a blow, a stream of smoke covered Mo Wen's face.

"It's not good for women to smoke," Mo Wen said as he raised his brows. He only smiled in response to Gu Jingman's provocation.

"You men can smoke but we women can't. What logic is that?"

Gu Jingman shot a glance at Mo Wen, uncaringly. Although she was a woman, she had never felt inferior to a man.

Mo Wen was lazy to reason things out with Gu Jingman, so he gave her a side-glance and stretched out his hand in front of her.

"What are you doing?" Gu Jingman asked.

"Hand over the money. What are you dawdling around for?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes at Gu Jingman.

Gu Jingman let out a light sigh.

"I'm not handing it over."

"What did you say? Why do you not live honestly?"

Mo Wen was at a loss for words. He thought Gu Jingman had put in a lot of effort into sending the money over.

"Brother, why would I not keep my word? But you have to help me with a favor first before I hand the money over."

Gu Jingman's eyes squinted as she laughed, and the sound was beyond charming.

Mo Wen's lips curled up into the smile, as he had predicted such a scene beforehand.

"Indeed, one does not visit a temple without a cause. I say, sister, they are separate issues altogether. Give me the money first. Then we will talk about the other things."

"Do such clear boundaries have to be drawn between the two of us?"

Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen from the side of her eyes charmingly, the charm so great that it could move a person.

"I like to deal with things openly. It is not impossible for me to do you a favor. However, just like old times, we have to first agree on the terms," Mo Wen said while smiling. He did not care about Gu Jingman cozying up to him.

"Hmph, you don't even have a bit of humor. I'm very worried about whether a blockhead like you could find a girlfriend."

Gu Jingman shot an offended look at Mo Wen and retrieved a gold card from her bag before throwing it at Mo Wen.

"There is a hundred million stored inside. The pin is six sixes. You can transfer it to your own account."

In the face of the miserable Mo Wen, Gu Jingman herself had no other choice but to give up.

"You are, indeed, trustworthy."

Mo Wen smiled and stuffed the gold card into his pocket.

Gu Jingman's expression became serious suddenly.

"Brother, I really have something I need your help with today."

Her pupils were fixed onto Mo Wen's eyes as she asked, "Are you helping me?"

"What benefits are there for me?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"The terms are up to you," Gu Jingman said.


Mo Wen looked Gu Jingman up and down as he said this. His lips curled upwards.

"Of course, you can't coerce me."

Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. What did that gaze mean? Did he want to eat her?

"Hehe, you're thinking too much sister. I'm just thinking about the things you have that are worth getting me excited."

Mo Wen's lips twitched involuntarily as he laughed.

"Just say it. With what terms would you be willing to help me?"

Gu Jingman let out a light sigh. At this point, she really had the urge to spray salt soda water at Mo Wen's face.

"You didn't even tell me what you would like me to help with. Do you think I will jump into it so easily?" Mo Wen smiled and said.

If a strong-willed woman like Gu Jingman approached him for a favor, it meant that it was no small task. He would not do things that were too risky.

"You're really that unwilling to be taken advantage of?" Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. "Is it not okay to be taken advantage of by me as well?"

"Can I eat your tofu? I don't like being taken advantage of."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said this while still looking decent.

"You little, impudent rascal. My eyes must have been blinded before. Previously, I thought you were a kind and upright youth. People really cannot be judged by their appearances."

It was so pathetic that Gu Jingman had actually thought that Mo Wen was kind and upright. It was as if she had been a fool the whole time, while also being led on. It was fortunate that Mo Wen had no clue about this.

"Mo Wen, I'm prepared to ask you for a helping hand for the Gu Clan Fort," Gu Jingman said seriously.

She did not want to beat around the bush with Mo Wen anymore, as it did not seem likely for her to take advantage of Mo Wen.

"Is there any danger? You seem to have gotten injured."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. He knew of the things happening in the Gu Clan Fort. Moreover, he had long noticed that Gu Jingman had gotten injured. Although it was not very serious, it was evident that something had happened before.

"You have a good eye."

Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen, a little shocked. She had hidden the fact that she was injured rather well, and they weren't even serious injuries. Generally speaking, outsiders would not be able to tell. There was really more to Mo Wen than she thought. His judgement was above average.

Gu Jingman inhaled deeply and said slowly, "Yesterday, after going back, I told the seniors in the household about the Tang Clan betrayal"

As it turns out, when Gu Jingman had returned to the Gu Clan Fort that day, she immediately went to look for the Clan leader and relayed the incident that had happened at Baoli Building, as well as the collaboration between the Tang Clan and Zhou Clan, their ambitions, and motives.

Afterwards, it was just as how Gu Jingman had thought. The Clan leader had become furious and prepared to exert their dominance first. That very night, the Gu Clan Fort used the deciding of the wedding date of Tang Guang and Gu Jingman as a reason to invite the Clan leader of the Tang Clan and several other pivotal people for a discussion at the Gu Clan Fort.

However, they set up traps in the Gu Clan Fort, awaiting the Tang Clan to fall into them. It was planned to completely knock down the higher ups of the Tang Clan in one move.

Who knew that the Tang Clan had long had the premonition and arranged for some highly-skilled people to be situated outside the Gu Clan Fort as reinforcement? They also contacted people of the Zhou Clan to hide outside the Gu Clan Fort to prevent any mishaps.

Naturally, the mishap happened that night. However, the Gu Clan Fort did not manage to take advantage. In the face of the experts of the Tang Clan and Zhou Clan who had come prepared, the two sides had essentially fought till both sides sustained injuries. Neither managed to take advantage of the other.

In the huge battle last night, in the face of being surrounded by the Clan leaders of the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan, the Clan leader of the Gu Clan Fort had sustained serious injuries. He had not managed to recover within a short time. Meanwhile, although the Clan leaders of the Tang Clan and Zhou Clan had also sustained injuries, they were not as serious as that of the Clan leader of the Gu Clan Fort.

It could be said that the Clan leader of the Gu Clan did not have the ability to battle within a short time. He was the only ancient martial art practitioner in the Gu Clan Fort with the Qi Nucleation realm. Without him, it was akin to losing the pillar of the Clan.

If the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan came to attack the Gu Clan Fort once again, the Gu Clan would not have the ability to defend themselves anymore.

"Sister, you mean you think that I can go against the Old Master with the Qi Nucleation realm? And, at that, two of them?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. The Qi Nucleation realm was not the Sea of Qi realm. An ancient martial arts practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm was equivalent to 180 ancient martial arts practitioners with the Sea of Qi realm. The difference between levels was not small.