Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 112

Chapter 112: I Am Very Protective of My Own People

Although now he had the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm, it was still barely enough to defeat the experts in the Qi Nucleation realm.Although he was able to defeat the elder with the Sea of Qi realm from Tang Clan, when he was in Soothing Pulse realm, it was a totally different concept to fight the Qi Nucleation realm with the Sea of Qi realm.

As a warrior, who had been in the Embryonic Breathing realm before, Mo Wen naturally knew the difference between them.When the Cultivation reached the Sea of Qi realm, any little difference in progress would make a huge difference, one that was equivalent to one level difference in realm.

Those five freaks in the Freak dormitory were so awesome, any one of them was a young outstanding talent, who could be categorized as the finest genius, but most of them were only in the Sea of Qi realm. It was difficult to break through from the Sea of Qi realm to the Qi Nucleation realm. It could be easily understood, as even a huge ancient martial arts clan, like Gu Clan Fort, only had one ancient martial art practitioner with Qi Nucleation realm.

"Our brother is brilliant and mighty, elegant and romantic, and handsome and extraordinary, so how can he not be compared to those two old men?It should be the two old fellows, who pale in comparison to my brother."

Gu Jingman squinted her eyes with a face of flattery.

"Stop your bootlicking. It is better for sister to ask someone else to handle the two warriors of Qi Nucleation realm." Mo Wen rolled his eyes, as he could barely handle one, not to speak of two. That was just asking for trouble.He had better things to do than to sacrifice his life for Gu Clan Fort.Gu Jingman was not his wife, so was there a need to fight so hard?

"Hey, you.Can't you wait till others finish their speech?"

Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen, secretly criticising, "To handle two warriors with Qi Nucleation, you wish!I'm afraid they would have destroyed you with just one hand.You always set such a high standard, but don't have the ability to reach it, and so opinionated."

She never thought of asking Mo Wen to handle the two warriors with Qi Nucleation realm from Tang Clan and Zhou Clan.She would have delusional disorder, if she were to do such an unrealistic thing.

She acknowledged that Mo Wen did have great abilities, and that even the normal ancient martial arts practitioners in Sea of Qi realm were not his opponents. However, it would be exaggerated to compare him to an ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm.

"What do you want?"Mo Wen raised his brows, simply not bothered by Gu Jingman's look that seemed condescending.

"After the two clans had fallen out last night, Tang Clan and Zhou Clan had jointly thrown down the gauntlet at Gu Clan Fort" Gu Jingman pursed her lips and said seriously.

Actually, after the matter last night, Gu Clan Fort had received the gauntlet thrown down jointly by Tang Clan and Zhou Clan, in order to challenge Gu Clan Fort tomorrow afternoon at the peak of the Guanyun Summit on Yuntai Mountain. At the appointed time, Gu Clan Fort and two Clans, which were Zhou and Tang Clans, would each send ten representatives to have only one match to decide the winner.

If Gu Clan Fort were to lose, they would have to surrender the Ming Cult treasure map and withdraw from the ancient martial arts world in Yuntai Mountain. If Zhou and Tang Clans were to lose, they wouldn't interfere with Gu Clan Fort's matter any further, and would withdraw from the ancient martial arts world in Yuntai Mountain.

"The Clan leaders of both Zhou and Tang Clans promised that they will not be participating in the fight tomorrow," Gu Jingman said, while inhaling deeply and glancing at Mo Wen.

"Gu Clan Fort has agreed, so you would like me to join you in the challenge?"

"That's right.I hope you can fight for Gu Clan Fort," Gu Jingman bit her lips and said.

If she had not been out of options, she wouldn't have pleaded with Mo Wen.The challenge the next day was tremendously important to Gu Clan Fort. If they lost, not only would they lose the Ming Cult treasure map, they would also have to face the withdrawal from the ancient martial arts world in Yuntai Mountain, which had been developed for a few hundred years. Gu Clan Fort had rooted on Yuntai Mountain for more than a hundred years, in order to have the present achievement, so it couldn't afford another blow.

There were many ancient martial arts practitioners influences around Yuntai Mountain, however, the major players were only Gu Clan Fort, Tang Clan Fort and Zhou Clan. Zhou Clan was constantly in conflict with Gu Clan Fort, and had been fighting for many years, while Tang Clan had always been taking a diplomatic position, without helping either party.

In the recent years, Zhou Clan developed rapidly with a few very outstanding and talented people, which made it gradual have the power that was surpassing Gu Clan Fort. In order to rival Zhou Clan, Gu Clan Fort negotiated with Tang Clan to make an alliance through marriage, in order to contend against the gradually growing power of Zhou Clan.

However, as a result, not only did Tang Clan not stand on the side of Gu Clan Fort, it also collaborated with Zhou Clan to plot against Gu Clan Fort secretly. Among the three clans, Zhou clan was the strongest, Gu clan was the runner up, and Tang class was the third.

Last night, in order to break the deadlock, Gu Clan Fort went for broke, and set up the traps to take Tang Clan down first. After getting rid of this threat, it would be easier to deal with Zhou Clan. Although the plan was good, the result was not as good as expected.With the threats from the two Clans, Gu Clan Fort was instantly caught in a dilemma.

The main reason for asking Mo Wen's help, was that Gu Jingman knew that Mo Wen had the ability to attack and kill those with Sea of Qi realm, and hence, would definitely be a great help to Gu Clan Fort.Presently, Gu Clan Fort had only a total of eight ancient martial arts practitioners in Sea of Qi realm, and there were very few who could attack and kill those ancient martial arts practitioners in the early stage of Sea of Qi realm.

"Brother, can't you help your sister once? Moreover, it is not dangerous.You can rest assured that the two old fellows from Zhou and Tang Clans will not be participating. Even if you lost, there will not be any danger," Gu Jingman said sweetly, while casting sheep's eyes at Mo Wen.

Gu Clan Fort still had the Old master, who was in Qi Nucleation realm, and though he was seriously injured, he continued to have remnant power. If worse came to worst, the Zhou and Tang Clans wouldn't be getting any advantage.Therefore, even if Gu Clan Fort were to lose, at the most, they would have to withdraw from Yuntai Mountain. If Zhou and Tang Clans were to eradicate Gu Clan Fort, they would have to bear the consequence of running the risk of higher stakes.

"They said they are not participating, and you truly believe them?

Mo Wen stared at Gu Jingman.He had seen too many battles in the Jianghu to know that the so-called promises and the so-called rules were just empty words. The only rule in the martial arts circle was the fist. If your fist was strong enough, a rule could be a rule, but a rule can also not be a rule.

"The two old fellows were injured.If they were to participate, it would add to their injuries."

Gu Jingman laughed coldly.Although the injuries of the old fellows from Tang and Zhou Clans were not as serious as the injury of the Old master from Gu Clan Fort, there shouldn't be much difference.

When an ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm was injured, it was not easy to recover.The higher the Cultivation of the ancient martial arts practitioner, the more difficult it was for them to be injured. But, if they were injured, it would be very difficult to recover.

Some injuries could even be permanent, and they never recover from them. Some even had the high possibility of being unable to improve in their Cultivation, due to the injury. For those who were seriously injured, it was also possible to regress in their Cultivation.

The possibility of the Clan leaders of the Zhou and Tang Clans to participate with their injured bodies was low.The two old fellows believed that, even if they were not participating, the other experts within their two clans were sufficient to defeat Gu Clan Fort. After all, there was no reason for defeat, since the experts of two clans were contending against one clan, which was what had led to this challenge.

"What benefits can you give me?" Mo Wen asked realistically.

"After this, regardless of the results, Gu Clan Fort will give you whatever it has, so you can state anything you want."

Gu Jingman snorted lightly. Benefits again! Couldn't he do it, just to protect his beautiful sister, and blow his top for the sake of her beauty for once?!

"Though I am quite reluctant, since you are my sister, how could I let anyone bully you? I am a person who is very protective of my own people." Mo Wen sighed and nodded helplessly.

"You agreed?"

A streak of delight flashed in Gu Jingman's eyes, and she wished she could embrace Mo Wen and give him a kiss, even though Mo Wen's speech was so mean, that someone as pretentious as her would like to splash his face with salt soda water.

"Yes, but before that, you need to help me do something." Mo Wen curled his lips, as he finally revealed his main purpose of being here...