Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Lin Qings Whereabouts

The dashing silver sport car moved as swiftly as the wind on the broad highway. Right now, Mo Wen and Gu Jingman had left the City of Devils, and were on their way to the Gu Clan Fort.

"Are you saying that Lin Qing had fallen into the hands of Zhou Chongxuan, the young master of the Zhou Clan?" Sitting in the passenger seat, Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, while staring at Gu Jingman quizzically.

"What do I get from lying to you? Don't you believe in my means? Not mentioning other places, but within the Su Province, no matter what happens, there is nothing that I, Gu Jingman, can't find out." Gu Jingman raised her pointed chin slightly, a glimpse of arrogance lighting up in her eyes.

Mo Wen naturally asked for Gu Jingman's help regarding Lin Qing's disappearance. Before that, Gu Jingman made a call. Only half an hour had passed, and they had had updates about Lin Qing.

According to Gu Jingman, Lin Qing had fallen into the hands of the Zhou Clan. It had to be the Zhou Clan, which was the enemy of the Gu Clan Fort.

"I am not kidding with you. The eldest young master, Zhou Chongxuan, wasn't at home last night. Instead, he showed up at the incense ritual at Nanjia Temple. This fella calls himself suave and untrammeled, but in reality, he is extremely horny. Before this, he had frequently committed acts, such as kidnapping ladies."Abhorrence flashed in Jingman's eyes. She obviously had no good feelings about Zhou Chongxuan.

"So where is Lin Qing now?" Mo Wen frowned.

"I guess she is already on the way to the Zhou clan." Gu Jingman's willow-like eyebrows were slightly pressing against each other. That Zhou Chongxuan was not a good man. He locked most of the ladies he kidnapped in a castle on Yuntai Mountain, keeping the ladies in a splendid abode. He lived like a emperor.

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen slowly shut his eyes. That Zhou clan, he supposed he had to pay a visit to it.

The car sped down the road. After a while, they drove into a luxurious manor in the suburbs. The manor occupied a lot of land, and had a garden, a swimming pool, a pavilion, and everything one would expect to find. There was even a helipad on the field in front of the main mansion.

The Gu Clan Fort was situated deep inside the Yuntai Mountain. Naturally, one wouldn't go there by car. They normally went in and out by helicopter, instead.

The Lamborghini halted after making a swift drift. A domestic airplane was parked on the helipad. But the airplane seemed to have been modified. The wild visual impact it gave off was like a metallic beast. Beside the airplane, were a few technicians, as well as the pilot, who were all making adjustments to it.

As soon as Gu Jingman got out of the car, there were people running towards her respectfully, and opening the cabin door for her.

"Little brother, it takes around two hours to get to Yuntai Mountain." On the airplane, Gu Jingman was telling Mo Wen.

After a while, the airplane began to ascend, its nose plunging up into the sky. Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. His body subconsciously tensed up. Flying in the air was such an uncontrollable experience, that it made him uncomfortable. Subconsciously, he was on alert.

With his current cultivation level, if any accident happened, like falling from the sky, he most likely would die. Even if he was not dead, he would be seriously injured.

If he was at the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would not have such thoughts. That was because the masters at the Embryonic Breathing realm could use their majestic Inner Qi to agitate the air, enabling them to glide in the air for a certain amount of time.

Legend has it, that those who reached the Golden Elixir realm could fly up from the ground, covering some distance in the air. Mo Wen had seen people that could do so. Against such a master, one couldn't run, even if they wanted to.

Not long after this, the airplane entered the tall mountains, traversing in between the misty peaks.The pilot was clearly experienced. The airplane smoothly cruised in the mountains.

After about two hours, the airplane arrived above a huge fort. The airplane circled the fort a few times, until the fort lighthouse showed a green light. Then, only the airplane descended slowly.

The fort clearly had defense systems. Any unidentified airplane entering the airspace without authorization would be attacked.

"This is the Gu Clan Fort. It has 170 years of history. How is it? Isn't it majestic?" Gu Jingman jumped off the airplane. She looked proudly at Mo Wen, asking.

The Gu Clan Fort had developed in the vicinity of the Yuntai Mountain for around two hundred years. Since the Qing Dynasty, they had established themselves here. After many years of operation, needless to say, they had a rich heritage here.

Being rich for three generations would make the clan famous. Clans like the Gu Clan Fort, which had more than two hundred years of history, were famous among the famous. Gu Jingman's natural air of extravagance was deeply tied with her family background.

"Young miss, you have returned. The elder was looking for you. He asked you to go see him."

As soon as they got off the airplane, a middle-aged man that looked like a butler came forward, bowing slightly.

"Grandfather wants to see me?"

A glint of confusion flashed past Gu Jingman's eyes. Yesterday, her grandfather had been seriously injured, so he should be in seclusion healing himself. Why would he come out of seclusion to find her?

"I'll head over right away." Gu Jingman nodded slightly, turning her head to Mo Wen saying, "Little brother, follow me to see my grandfather. He would be very happy knowing that you are here to help."

"Let's go." Mo Wen nodded his head slightly. Since he promised Gu Jingman, naturally he would follow her arrangements. If he could help, he would help. If he couldn't, would he run? He estimated that, of the Zhou and Tang clans, there was no one that would make him run.

Following behind Gu Jingman, they walked deep into the Gu Clan Fort. The Gu Clan Fort was surely imposing. Along the way, they saw butlers and servants everywhere, many of which had martial art foundations.

The two of them, one in front and one behind, entered a quaint pavilion. Gu Jingman knocked on the door twice, then proceeded to stand straight with her hands by her side.

"Is it Little Man'er? Come in."An old voice sounded from inside, and the doors opened by themselves.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. A nice suction technique. This Gu Clan Fort elder had some skill. He most likely wasn't your average beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. He was probably close to the intermediate stage Qi Nucleation realm.

The room they were in was empty, with hardly any furniture or decorations. At first glance, it gave off a very dull feeling.

However, the space was large. Several pillars with dragons carved in them stood erect. It seemed to be a large hall, and had an air of grandeur to it.

Inside, an old man was sitting cross-legged on a futon. His hair was white and his face was old, revealing his age. However, the old man sitting there gave off an invisible pressure, that made people unconsciously stern up.

"Grandfather, why aren't you healing yourself in seclusion? What do you need from me?" Gu Jingman ignored the authority given off by the old man. She affectionately approached the old man's side and sat down.

"Little Man'er, you brought a guest home. Won't you introduce him to your grandfather?" Looking at Mo Wen that followed behind Gu Jingman, the old man's eyes flashed a glint of surprise. Little Man'er rarely brought home guests, and this was a young, handsome youth.

"Him? He's the guy I told you about. The thick-skinned little brother, that acknowledges me as an older sister." Gu Jingman gave Mo Wen a side glance, grinning as she said.