Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Remnants of the Ming Clan

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Jingman with a little hostility. She had been utterly shameless in styling herself as the older sister and now, he had to grit his teeth and acknowledge her as an elder?

A look of shock flashed in the senior's eyes. He stood up on the cattail footstool and was rather polite as he asked, "Oh, are you the young friend Mo Wen who saved Xiaoman?" Evidently, Gu Jingman had brought up Mo Wen before in front of this senior.

"You're too polite, elder," Mo Wen saluted with his fists.

The senior politely saluted back with his fists. With a casual gesture, a chair from the far distance flew into the air and landed beside Mo Wen as he said, "I'm Old Gu Xicheng. Young friend Mo Wen, quickly have a seat."

Mo Wen made himself at home and boldly sat himself down.

Gu Xicheng glared at Gu Jingman and said, "Xiaoman'er, why did you bring our young friend Mo Wen to our home? You know the current situation in Gu Clan Fort is not well, so don't make trouble."

Although his tone was a little strict, there was no hint of blame in his gaze.

"Grandfather, Mo Wen has agreed to represent our Gu Clan Fort in the battle tomorrow. You know of his ability, he would be of a huge help for sure," said Gu Jingman. In front of Gu Xicheng, she was as honest as a well-behaved girl.

Gu Xicheng muttered to himself for a bit and looked at Mo Wen, a bright look flashing through his eyes, "I am hereby thankful that young friend Mo Wen is willing to help our Gu Clan Fort. However, I have another favor to ask and I hope young friend Mo Wen will agree to."

"I'm not sure what request Old Man Gu has?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. The people of the Gu Clan Fort did not hold back with him.

Gu Xicheng said in a low voice, "In tomorrow's battle, I hope that young friend Mo will not participate. Instead, I wish that you take Xiaoman'er away and leave this place of trouble."

Upon hearing that, Gu Jingman immediately became anxious. What did grandfather mean by that? "Grandfather", she began to protest.

Gu Xicheng shook his head and stopped Gu Jingman from speaking, "Xiaoman'er, it's not only you. I will also make arrangements for all the others in the Clan."

"The Zhou Clan and Tang Clan are collaborating to go against the Gu Clan Fort. this is not something the Gu Clan Fort can hold up against. With my understanding of these two clans, they will not let the people of Gu Clan Fort off easily. The whole idea of this scheduled battle seems fishy. I have to have arrangements for a worst-case scenario," said Gu Xicheng defeatedly.

"Grandfather, there isn't anything that amazing about the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan. Do we, the Gu Clan Fort, really have to be so afraid of them? Moreover, the two old men of the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan have sustained serious injuries. Without the two ancient martial art practitioners with their Qi Nucleation realm, the other people are no match against our Gu Clan Fort," Gu Jingman said with her fist clenched tightly. It was clear that grandfather had the intention of giving up on the Gu Clan Fort and he had made the decision to sacrifice the battle in order to safeguard the interest of his people.

Gu Xicheng shut his eyes slightly and it seemed as though there was no room for discussion, "I have already made my decision on this matter, you don't have to say anymore. Just leave now."

"I will not leave," Gu Jingman bit her lip and fiercely swung her sleeve as she left. It was impossible for her to leave and give up on the Gu Clan Fort.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and followed behind Gu Jingman, also prepared to exit through the door.

Gu Xicheng looked at the back view of Gu Jingman and sighed softly, "Young friend Mo Wen, please wait a moment."

"Do you have anything else Old Man Gu?" Mo Wen paused and asked as he turned around. He naturally wouldn't comment on issues of the Gu Clan Fort as an outsider.

Gu Xicheng mumbled to himself a bit and said, "Young friend Mo Wen, you were able to defeat an ancient martial arts practitioner with the Sea of Qi realm with just with your Embryonic Breathing realm at such a young age. It is really an astounding talent. Who is your master and which sect and school are you from?"

He hoped that Mo Wen had a huge backing, because only then could he truly help the Gu Clan Fort. If not, Mo Wen alone was utterly inadequate, and it was better to let him leave in order to protect himself instead.

"No school or sect. I am just a person without roots," Mo Wen smiled as he was slightly mocking himself.

"Oh," Gu Xicheng nodded his head slightly and disappointment flashed through his eyes. He did not believe Mo Wen had no sect or school. He simply treated it as an unwillingness to reveal it. Since he was unwilling to reveal, it was natural that it would be impossible to get the master behind him to help his Gu Fort Clan as well.

"Young friend Mo Wen, the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan have wild ambitions. They had long set their eyes on the Gu Clan Fort so they wouldn't let the Gu Clan Fort off so easily. The scheduled battle tomorrow does not match with the personalities of the two old men, Zhou and Tang. It is filled with abnormalities and I'm old and useless at this old age, even though my eyes are not blind yet." Gu Xicheng gazed out at the sky outside the window and said in a seemingly lower voice, "My clan is unlucky to have a traitor in the Gu Clan Fort. If not, then how would the Gu Clan Fort fall to such a state?"

"Traitor?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. This was the first time he had heard of such a thing. Gu Jingman did not tell him that. Perhaps she did not even know about it.

"That's right. If I think back on it, it involves the enmities from tens of years ago" said Gu Xicheng.

It turned out that Gu Xicheng's generation had three brothers. Gu Xicheng was second in line. He had an older brother and a younger brother.

Back in those years, Gu Xicheng had the most talent out of the three brothers, and his martial arts achievements far surpassed his other two brothers. Hence, he received the most recognition from that generation's Gu Clan's Clan leader.

After the death of the old generation's Gu Clan's Clan leader, he had passed on the position of clan leader to Gu Xicheng. This had caused unhappiness in the eldest, Gu Xifu, and from then on, the brothers no longer got along well. The conflict within the clan got more and more intense, and in the end, it got to the point that they could no longer coexist with each other.

Since Gu Xicheng's skills were far better than Gu Xifu's, plus the fact that Gu Xicheng had also inherited the position of Clan leader, Gu Xifu was naturally no match for him. In the end, Gu Xifu detached himself from the Gu Clan Fort and started up an outside school by himself.

"I'm also guilty when I think about it. The fight between brothers caused such trouble at home," Gu Xicheng sighed gently. His expression was a little more desolate as he said, "I'm suspecting that Gu Xifu is back. Moreover, it seems he has collaborated with the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan to bring the enemy into our territory. If that is so, then he has sinister intentions."

"Perhaps Old Man Gu is worrying too much. These are just your suspicions," Mo Wen smiled and said.

Gu Xicheng did not seem to feel relieved at all by Mo Wen's words and said, "I'm also hoping that I'm thinking too much into it, at least I hope" Evidently, he had a strong suspicion that he was unable to brush off, but did not share it with Mo Wen.

"Young friend Mo Wen, the Gu Clan Fort is no longer calm. You have perhaps already heard a little about it from Xiaoman'er so I won't hide anything from you either. With regards to that treasure map of the Ming Clan, the Gu Clan Fort does indeed have it. However, we only have a quarter of it. If we had the complete treasure map, I'm afraid the Gu Clan Fort would have long already found it. We wouldn't be holed up in this little corner of the Yuntai Mountain," Gu Xicheng smiled a little like he was mocking himself.

The Ming Clan's treasure map had been in the hands of the Gu Clan Fort for hundreds of years already. If one could rely on the treasure map solely to find the treasure, they would not have to wait till this day.

However, even if he revealed the fact that the treasure map was incomplete, nobody would believe him. It was human nature that without witnessing something personally, one would not give up. Moreover, 400 years ago, the Ming Clan was the largest clan and sect and was pervasive all throughout the world. It was the golden age and even controlled the lifeline of the entire country. Who would not be tempted by the treasures of the Ming Clan?

"Do you know how the Gu Clan Fort managed to get their hands on that Ming Clan treasure map?" Mo Wen's heart was moved.

How did that Ming Clan treasure map land in the hands of the Gu Clan Fort?