Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Needle Techniques of Devouring Spirit

"My young friend, Mo Wen, you may not know that Gu Clan had a history of four to five hundred years.Our ancestor was one of the Ming Cult's thirty-six ministers then, so when Ming Cult was divided, our ancestor had preserved many historic relics from Ming Cult, one of them being the treasure map."

Gu Xicheng said this while smiling. Gu Clan Fort had collected many antiques of Ming Cult, but most of them were useless. Now that they had laid their cards on the table, he didn't need to hide or conceal anything.

"Ming Cult's remnant influence!"

Mo Wen stood up from his seat instantly with eyes full of surprise as he looked at Gu Xicheng. He actually met one of Ming Cult's remnant branches, and so soon!

"My young friend, Mo Wen, why are you so surprised?"

Gu Xicheng glanced at Mo Wen, puzzled. Then he suddenly stood up in surprise.Could he have some relationship with Gu Clan Fort, or some relationship with Ming Cult...

"Old Man Gu guessed correctly.I indeed had some relationship with Gu Clan Fort." Mo Wen smiled with a flicker of radiance in his eyes, but didn't explain further.

"Oh? I am very curious, would my young friend, Mo Wen explain a bit?" Gu Xicheng glanced at Mo Wen in doubt, as he needed to pay more attention, since it involved Gu Clan Fort.

"Old Man Gu is seriously injured, but I can treat it a little."

Mo Wen didn't comment but changed the subject.


A radiance flickered in Gu Xicheng's eyes. As his emotions fluctuated, the breath became unstable and a thick force came rushing upon him, causing the surrounding air to be a little denser.

He knew his own injury well, with a Cultivation of his realm, it was fine without injury, but once injured, it would harm his Vital Qi and would be difficult to recover.With his self-treatment through meditation, it might not recover, even after many years.

Due to his serious injury, Gu Clan Fort had to be apprehensive of Zhou Clan and Tang Clan. It also caused Gu Clan Fort to worry about its bleak future.

If he was not injured, naturally there would be many solutions and so he wouldn't have to resort to the choice of making a sacrifice in order to safeguard it.

"I have some achievement in the medical expertise, so I can treat Old Man Gu a little. However, Old Man Gu's condition was so serious that it has harmed the internal organs and the Vital Qi is badly damaged.Moreover, there are two overbearing Inner Qi in your body that are affecting it, so if you want to recover within a short time, with my mediocre medical expertise, it would be impossible."

Mo Wen smiled as he explained. Although his medical expertise was excellent, it was impossible to make a seriously injured person to become perfectly fine instantly.For an ancient martial arts practitioner, internal injury was the most difficult to treat, and it took the longest time to recover.

He was known as a Miracle Physician, but he was not a deity.

"How much of a percent of my injury can my young friend, Mo Wen, treat?"

Gu Xicheng naturally knew that it would be impossible for his condition to recover within a short period of time, or else he wouldn't be at his wits end. However, if it could be suppressed for a bit to enable him to exhibit about sixty to seventy percent of his original strength, that would be a pleasant surprise.

Presently, it was hard enough to exhibit two percent of his original strength, not to speak of sixty to seventy percent of his strength. The two old fellows were definitely malicious enough to nearly destroy his fundamentals.

"With Gu Clan Fort's present situation, it was pointless for Old Man Gu to recover a certain percentage of your strength," Mo Wen smiled and said. Although Gu Xicheng had the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm, sixty to seventy percent of the strength was not formidable enough. On top of that, Zhou and Tang Clans also had two persons in Qi Nucleation realm, so if Gu Xicheng were to fight with the two clan leaders, he wouldn't be in a favorable position.

"Of course I know. However, the more percentage of strength that I can recover, the higher the possibility of preserving the existence of Gu Clan Fort," Gu Xicheng sighed lightly and said.

At this moment, there wasn't any other options. Furthermore, he still had something left unsaid. His eldest brother had come back to seek revenge, so he definitely would have broken through the Qi Nucleation realm, or else he wouldn't be back.

Not speaking about the two old fellows of Zhou and Tang Clans, who were injured, just Gu Xifu, who was in Qi Nucleation realm alone, would be reckoned as enough to give him a bad time.

"I have a method that can allow Old Man Gu to recover to the power of your heyday, even able to raise it by thirty percent and have the Cultivation that was equivalent to the ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm."

Mo Wen curled his lips to a smile.The method was good but the price to pay was also relatively high.

"What method?"

Gu Xicheng was surprised with a flash of delight in his eyes.There was actually such thing in this world that he had never heard of.Although the words were spoken by Mo Wen, who was only a youngster, he didn't have much doubt, as he felt that Mo Wen was extraordinary and he didn't have to deceive him.

"That method will enable Old Man Gu's injury to recover in a short time, the Cultivation will also improve tremendously, but the side effects will be relatively great," Mo Wen said.

"What kind of side effects? I am actually not worried about it."

The pupils of Gu Xicheng's eyes constricted as he naturally knew that it wouldn't be easy to have such miraculous effects.Putting aside the side effects, with the present situation, to be able to get through the current crisis was already a questionIf Gu Clan Fort could be preserved, he was willing to die for it, not to mention the side effects.

"I can perform a set of acupuncture techniques to stimulate the potentials of the body. It can suppress the body's injuries in a short period of time. In addition, it allows you to have an outburst of potentials, which will increase the Cultivation by a level. However, the repercussion is that you will not be able to use the martial arts for a year and will be the same as a normal person."

This set of acupuncture techniques was Mo Wen's famous techniques in the other world The Technique of Devouring spirit eroding body, which was a well-known demonic technique among the heterodox. Once such a demonic technique was performed, the Cultivation would multiply by ten times, but the consequence was to die from the Devil devouring the heart.

Mo Wen had the serendipity of gaining the Method of Devouring Spirit and Heart, but he didn't practice such malevolent demonic techniques. Instead, he used this Method of Devouring Spirit and Heart to research and develop a set of acupuncture techniques. The effects were similar to the Method of Devouring Spirit and Heart, which could spur the potentials and multiply the Cultivation.

Although the effects of the Needle techniques of Devouring spirit and Method of Devouring Spirit and Heart were vastly different, at the most, it was able to increase the Cultivation by about a fold, but the person wouldn't die from the Devil devouring the heart.After convalescing for half a year to a year, they could recover from it.

"There are such miraculous acupuncture techniques in this world!"A glint of marvel flashed in Gu Xicheng's eyes and he stood up instantly, "My young friend, Mo Wen, what are you waiting for? Please perform it on me, Gu Clan Fort would be very grateful."

Being able to increase the Cultivation by a fold, with his Cultivation of being at the acme of the beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm, he would be able to be an ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm instantly. At that time, even having one fighting against two, the two old fellows of the Zhou and Tang Clans would not be his match.

After the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm, every increase in level would cause a tremendous increase in the Cultivation, even more so in the Qi Nucleation realm.Under a normal circumstance, two ancient martial arts practitioners of the beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm were not a match to one ancient martial arts practitioner of the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm.

Gu Xicheng was in the Qi Nucleation realm when he was fifty years old, now that he was eighty-eight years old, he was still lingering around the beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm and was unable to break through to the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm. Hence, the difference in between was considered drastic.

"Old Man Gu, the effect of Needle Techniques of Devouring spirit will only last for two days.It is not in a rush now, but this matter shouldn't be known to a third person."

Mo Wen shook his head, rubbed his chin, and pointed to the door.