Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Little Brother, You Have a Royal Sister Complex [1]

Gu Xicheng was stunned for a moment, then he laughed, "Little friend Mo has really thought it through. Seems like I was the one who was too anxious."

How could he not know that the walls had ears? With the Gu Clan Fort's current situation, if they knew that Gu Xicheng not only recovered his cultivation, but was stronger than before, it most likely would cause a commotion.

If this spread to the ears of the Zhou and Tang clan, there would probably be other unforeseen changes. Only a hidden power could be called a trump card.

"Since it's like that, I will leave first. I will visit Elder Gu again tonight."

Mo Wen bid farewell by cupping one hand in the other before his chest, then turned to exit through the door decisively. Gu Xicheng looked at Mo Wen's silhouette. His eyes showed that he was deep in thought. For a guest to show up with a coincidental piece of good news, was this the Gu Clan Fort's good fortune? The heavens had not given up on them after all.

Outside the pavilion, Gu Jingman was leaning against a stone pillar, with her arms crossed. Her eyes were downcast, and her expression was sad.

"What's the matter? You're frightened? Better pack your things and get ready to run." Mo Wen crossed his arms, as he playfully laughed.

"Do I look like someone who would run in a time of crisis? The word frightened is not in my dictionary." Gu Jingman gave Mo Wen a look, and with a soft humph said, "Anyways, no matter what grandfather says, I am not leaving. The Gu Clan Fort is my home. It does not matter whether it's now or in the future, it will always be so."

"Do you not feel that you are acting like a capricious, unruly missy?" Mo Wen laughed. The Gu Clan Fort was going to fall. Her staying would be nothing but suicide.

"Capricious and unruly? What do you know?" Gu Jingman gave Mo Wen a stare saying, "You better get out of my sight. Just looking at you makes me angry. Later, I'll send someone to send you back to Charm City."

"To bring me here and send me off as you please. How can things be so simple?" Mo Wen wore a look that said it was easier to raise the devil than to lay him.

"Then, what do you plan to do? Surely you don't plan to stay back and die?" Gu Jingman took a step forward and patted Mo Wen on the shoulder. "I do hope that you would stay back and accompany me to die. At least we have a scapegoat, and when we are on Death's Road, at least I have company."

"Please don't. I'm still a virgin. I don't want to die so soon." Mo Wen said seriously, as he shook his head.

"Then, why are you sitting around for? Get out of my sight!" Gu Jingman humped coldly. As she said this, she took out her phone and informed her people to make arrangements for a return flight.

"I haven't received my reward yet, and you want to get rid of me. Where in the world would you get such a thing?" Mo Wen leaned against a wall. He looked rascally, as though he would not leave without his reward.

"Aiyo, you haven't even done anything, and you want to claim benefits?" Gu Jingman laughed with some mirth.

"I won't leave, if you don't give..." Mo Wen shook his head.

"If you leave, then go ahead and die!" Gu Jingman glared at him.

"If I die, it will be your fault. You invite people over, but don't payout the reward. So untrustworthy. Even if I become a ghost, I won't let you go," Mo Wen said calmly.

"Don't argue with me. Quickly tell me what you want, then scram." Gu Jingman had no energy to blindly deal with Mo Wen. She wasn't in the mood. Anyhow, Mo Wen could not stay. Her grandfather's words gave her an uneasy feeling. The situation wasn't as optimistic as she had thought.

"Leave the matter of the reward for later. Let's settle the matter of Lin Qing first. Have your people found her whereabouts yet?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. It was afternoon. It had been four to five hours since Lin Qing was kidnapped. In the hands of the young master from the Zhou clan, he was afraid nothing good could happen to her. If they were late in rescuing her, Lin Qing might have already been taken advantage of by that Zhou Chongxuan. Chastity should be a very important thing to a woman, especially since Lin Qing was still unmarried.

"What time is it already, and you are still thinking about the beauty. Little brother, I was blind. You are not ordinarily suave, you even dare go after the great beauty of the business world of Charm City." Gu Jingman gave Mo Wen a look. Her lips curled up almost unnoticeably. What was the relationship between this little brother and Lin Qing? He was so concerned about her...

Having frequently been around Charm City, Gu Jingman naturally knew about Lin Qing. That strong business woman had rapidly rose up in Charm City in recent years. Although her business wasn't that large, she had built it up from scratch. Adding to that, she was a mesmerizing beauty, so she was well known in Charm City.

"Do you, or do you not, have intel? Time waits for no man." Mo Wen had no energy to small talk with Gu Jingman. Let her imagine what she wants. He had saved Gu Jingman, and now he was helping the Gu Clan Fort. He realized that, recently, he had become Mr Nice Guy. And, all his issues seemed to be clumped together, till he could not deal with them separately.

"Look at you, getting all anxious. Come with me, I have already made arrangements." Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, leading the way as she walked outside.

The helicopter on the lawn slowly ascended and headed into the mountains. In a few moments, it disappeared into the mist.

On the helicopter, Gu Jingman took out a map and laid it out in front of Mo Wen, saying, "The Zhou Clan's Manor house should be around here. It's around a hundred miles away from the Gu Clan Fort. We shouldn't take long to arrive by helicopter."

Gu Jingman held a pencil and circled the location of the Zhou Clan's Manor house.

"According to my spy's report, Zhou Chongxuan is in a car heading back to the Zhou Clan's Manor house. His current position should be here"

Gu Jingman circled the map again, "In thirteen minutes, we can intercept his car here. As far as I know, Lin Qing is in the car."

She explained the plan carefully in detail to Mo Wen. Luckily, Zhou Chongxuan did not return to the Zhou Clan's Manor house by helicopter, choosing to return by car instead. Otherwise, they would have already arrived at the Zhou Clan's Manor house by now.

Once Lin Qing entered the Zhou Clan's Manor house, rescuing her would most likely be much more difficult.

"Not bad, hopefully we can find her." Mo Wen nodded with satisfaction. Gu Jingman really did keep this incident on her mind, having arranged everything before they left.

"My little brother's love interest, how could I not have it on my mind?" Gu Jingman laughed charmingly, obscenely saying, "But, that Lin Qing is already in her thirties, so could it be that you like this type of women? Royal sisters, they really are lethal to sentimental boys like you."


Mo Wen's lips twitched, as he turned his head to face away. He had no energy to deal with Gu Jingman.

"Oh, someone is shy. Don't be shy, I can understand, you just have a strong Oedipus complex. Many people are like that, not just you."

Seeing Mo Wen face away, as though he was avoiding the subject, Gu Jingman was even more pleased. Her voice was oozing charm. She even threw a few charming, feminine winks at Mo Wen from time to time.

Along a winding mountain road, three cars forming a convoy raced up the narrow mountain road. The drivers were clearly familiar with the mountain roads. Not only were they driving fast, their cornering and turning was also smooth and on point.

"That's Zhou Chongxuan's motorcade. With his status, he will most likely have a few ancient martial art practitioners protecting him. The cars in the front and the rear are for all his bodyguards." The helicopter hovered between the tall mountains, slowly chasing up to the cars racing up the mountain roads. Gu Jingman stuck out her head and looked down at the motorcade two hundred meters below them. She raised her eyebrows, as she said this.

[1]: Royal sister complex refers to a fixation, or strong attraction, to older, elegant, royalty-like women.