Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The Younger Brothers Wife

The helicopter circled the mountainous area and gradually descended. The deafening sound of the propeller engine resounded in the mountains continuously.

The three cars that were speeding on the mountain roads had noticed that something unusual was going on in the air. One by one, they stepped on the emergency brake and stopped their cars on the mountain road.

Over ten people who looked like security personnel dressed in black western suits came down from the saloon cars that stopped, one behind the other. They had surrounded and protected the saloon car that was in the middle.

The extra-long saloon car in the middle only had one person that got out. Looking at the gradually descending helicopter, the person's face was cold as he said, "Shoot that helicopter down."

A middle-aged person got out after the young man and looked at the helicopter suspiciously.

"Young Master, those are not the usual civilian helicopters. Clearly it has undergone special modifications so that normal pistols would not be of any threat to it," he said.

"Who is that? He must be tired of living to even block our Zhou Clan's convoy."

The expression of the young man at the front had become very dark. The opposing side was clearly headed for them at a fast speed. It did not seem like they had friendly intentions.

Several of the bodyguards started to fire their machine guns at the huge helicopter. However, it had only generated some sparks and had no effect on the helicopter whatsoever.

The helicopter descended 65 meters and the door of the engine room opened suddenly. An enchanting figure jumped down from above, wearing a black leather top, denim jeans, and red stilettos. She was spirited and valiant, cool and capable. Her lips curled upwards as she looked at the group of people jammed up on the mountain roads teasingly.

The youth at the head of the convoy had recognized the person jamming up the mountain road in an instant and his face became slightly awry.

"Gu Jingman, what is the meaning of this?"

"What is the meaning of this? Hand over the person."

Gu Jingman laughed coldly and looked at Zhou Chongxuan. This boy was shameless. He often kidnapped pretty girls and locked them up for his own sexual indulgence. Today, he had kidnapped Lin Qing and aggravated Mo Wen. One would think that this boy was about to run out of luck.

She knew that although Mo Wen appeared calm on the surface, his methods were very murderous and cruel. That day, when he had killed off dozens of people from the two Clans of the Zhou and Tang in the Baoli Building, his eyelids had not even twitched a bit.

By this time, the Zhou and Tang Clan should have discovered the corpse of Tang Guang. Zhou Chongxuan often fooled around outside and rarely returned to the Zhou Clan Manor. Now that he was rushing home, it was likely for the funerals of Zhou Chongling and Zhou Chongli.

"Who are you? Why do I not understand what you mean?" Zhou Chongxuan asked in a deep voice.

His eyes were shifty as he looked at Gu Jingman, and his gaze travelled to the helicopter from time to time, as if he wanted to find out how many people from the Gu Clan Fort had come. By the looks of Gu Jingman, she had clearly come prepared.

"Don't act confused. This morning, you kidnapped Lin Qing, the tulip of Charm City, and you think I don't know."

Gu Jingman laughed coldly and said, "If you have any common sense, then quickly hand the girl over. If not, I'm afraid it will be very difficult for you to return to the Zhou Clan Manor today. The Zhou Clan Manor should be holding the funerals today, right? Perhaps other than the two brothers, Zhou Chongling and Zhou Chongli, you will be included as well."

"Gu Jingman, don't be too wanton. Don't forget that the Zhou and Tang Clans have an agreement with your Gu Clan Fort. Before tomorrow's scheduled battle, the two Clans should not disturb each other. Do you really want to break the agreement?"

Zhou Chongxuan's gaze was dark as he looked at Gu Jingman. His hand discreetly stretched into his embrace and he took out a phone, as if he was prepared to call some number.

"Not adhering to the rules? You have kidnapped Lin Qing, and yet you dare say that I am not adhering to the rules. I forgot to tell you that Lin Qing is my little brother's wife. So, she is also a part of the Gu Clan Fort. Who do you think is not adhering to the rules now?"

Gu Jingman laughed sardonically and directly took matters into her own hands by deeming Lin Qing as Mo Wen's wife. She looked over at Mo Wen's little actions and her lips curled upwards mockingly while she said, "Don't put in too much effort. I forgot to tell you that the helicopter has a signal interceptor installed, so even if you call until your phone explodes, none of your signals will be sent out."

Gu Jingman smiled sardonically and took big, leisurely steps over.

"Zhou Chongxuan, if you are sensible then hand Lin Qing over. Today, I will let you off. If not, you and your brothers can reunite in hell."

If not for the fact that she was afraid that Zhou Chongxuan would take action suddenly and hurt Lin Qing in the heat of the moment, why would she talk so much nonsense with him? She could simply take action and rescue the girl before talking.

After realizing that the signals cannot be transmitted out, Zhou Chongxuan's face paled a little. He could not help the hopeless feeling that had welled up within him.

"It looks like your Gu Clan Fort is tired of living. The Zhou and Tang Clans have given you a chance, and yet you dare take advantage of it. You're not afraid of the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan taking action today and utterly destroying your Gu Clan Fort?"

"Giving our Gu Clan Fort a chance?"

Gu Jingman's lips curled upwards mockingly.

His words really made things sound even nicer than a song. Zhou Chongxuan was really too shameless.

As the two of them conversed, neither of them noticed the shadow being casted from between the mountain rocks. With such an odd angle of entry into the convoy of over ten people making up a surrounding circle, none of the bodyguards had actually noticed it.

The shadow flashed and disappeared in the middle of the elongated saloon car. Meanwhile, Zhou Chongxuan was only focused on his confrontation with Gu Jingman and did not notice anything else.

"Uncle Chen, the people of the Zhou Clan Manor have kidnapped our Gu Clan Fort's daughter-in-law. You have to make the decision."

Gu Jingman lifted her chin slightly and looked at Zhou Chongxuan coldly. Following what she said, a shadow suddenly descended as gently as a leaf would fallen behind her.

"Don't worry Miss. If Zhou Chongxuan does not hand over the person today, he can forget about leaving this place alive."

The person who came down from the helicopter was an old man in a Tang suit. His hair was white, but combed back so neatly that not a strand was out of place. He gently gestured towards him, and his gaze was as fierce as hawks and falcons as he looked at Zhou Chongxuan.

This was not some outsider. It was the housekeeper that had come out to welcome Gu Jingman previously. Although he was a housekeeper, he was already at the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. Even though he was a servant, his status in the Gu Clan Fort was not lowly. The descendants and later generation of the Gu Clan Fort all called him Uncle Chen.

"Chen Gangxun."

After Zhou Chongxuan saw the old man, his expression paled a little. The Zhou Clan Manor and the Gu Clan Fort had been enemies for generations. If the Gu Clan Fort had some highly-skilled masters, the people of the Zhou Clan Manor would know all of them. This Uncle Chen was one of the most highly-skilled masters of the Gu Clan Fort, and was rather renowned.

An ancient martial art practitioner with the Sea of Qi realm was enough to crush all of them. Although as the descendant of the Zhou Clan Manor, he had many ancient martial arts practitioners protecting him, the most powerful two were also only of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

A master with the Sea of Qi realm was a very important resource to the Zhou Clan Manor. So why would they be condescended into being assigned to protect him?

Although the Gu Clan Fort had only sent one person, it was already enough to instill fear in Zhou Chongxuan, even to the point of terror.

"Gu Jingman, don't be reckless."

Zhou Chongxuan inhaled deeply and suddenly pulled out a pistol and pointed it to the car, "That's right, Lin Qing is in the car. If you dare be reckless, I will pull the trigger and kill her."

"If you let me off, I can return Lin Qing to you. However, you have to give me that helicopter in exchange."

Zhou Chongxuan acted as if he had been suddenly aggravated. He looked at Gu Jingman with a sinister and fierce gaze, as he enunciated each and every word.