Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Who Would Want To Save Him

The Zhou clan's Manor house was large and had lots of property. The Zhou clan naturally had many members. Especially within this year, the Zhou clan had developed rapidly, beating the Gu Clan Fort and Tang clan in every aspect. It was precisely because of this, that when the Zhou clan and Tang clan collaborated, the Gu Clan Fort would be suppressed.

"Do you know where the Zhou clan's Manor house is?" Mo Wen looked at Gu Jingman and asked.

"Of course I know." Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. How could she not know where the Zhou Clan's Manor house was?

"That's good."

Mo Wen nodded slightly. With a slap of his palm, Zhou Chongxuan splurted blood out of his orifices and fell to the ground.

"You killed him." Gu Jingman narrowed her eyes. She thought Mo Wen wouldn't kill Zhou Chongxuan. Regardless, Zhou Chongxuan was still a direct descendant of the Zhou clan's Manor house.

"I've already killed Zhou Chongling and Zhou Chongli, so what difference would killing Zhou Chongxuan make?" Mo Wen chuckled. Zhou Chongxuan's death would be accountable by the Gu Clan Fort. However, the Gu Clan Fort and the Zhou Clan's Manor house had been sworn enemies for centuries, and their current situation was like fire and water. After such an accumulation of blood debts, killing Zhou Chongxuan wasn't much.

"Little brother, your bloodlust is too strong." Gu Jingman glared at Mo Wen. Killing without even batting an eye. She felt a bit terrified.

"He deserved to die," Mo Wen said plainly. Zhou Chongxuan had committed many evils, so his death was not regrettable. Of course, Mo Wen needed no excuse to kill Zhou Chongxuan. There were many entanglements, killings, and vengeances in the martial arts circles, so he was used to it.

"Lin Qing should have arrived in the Zhou Clan's Manor house by now. What should we do now?" Gu Jingman said, while frowning. If Lin Qing was still on the way, she could send people to intercept and rescue her. But, when she had entered the Zhou Clan's Manor house, it was no longer an easy task. The Zhou Clan's Manor house was well secured, and had many top masters. It was not a place where she could break into.

"What else can we do. I am going to the Zhou Clan's Manor house." Mo Wen curled his lips. Since Lin Qing was in the Zhou Clan's Manor house, naturally he would make a trip there.

"Are you out of your mind? The Zhou Clan's Manor house has many top masters. There are even old geezers in the Qi Nucleation realm. You are looking for death by going there!" Hearing his words, Gu Jingman's facial expression changed slightly. Mo Wen's thinking was too naive. Did he think that the Zhou Clan's Manor house was a place where he could visit freely? She took a deep breath before continuing, "Little brother, don't panic. We can plan this properly. Tomorrow, the Zhou Clan and the Gu Clan Fort are having a battle at the peak of Yuntai Mountain. During that time, I am sure all the top masters in the Zhou Clan's Manor House will attend the battle. The Manor house will be empty, and we can go then."

Even though rescuing Lin Qing at that time meant that Mo Wen couldn't represent Gu Clan Fort for the battle, Gu Jingman had thought this through. After all, why should she involve an outsider in the personal affairs of the Gu Clan Fort? Having Mo Wen around couldn't change anything, instead, it would be harming him.

"Wait till tomorrow?" Mo Wen smirked, "It will be too late."

It was merely the Zhou Clan's Manor house. There was nothing for him to be in a dilemma about. He was only there to rescue a person. He wasn't going to risk his life fighting the people in the Zhou Clan's Manor house.

"Why wouldn't you listen?" Gu Jingman panicked. Wasn't Mo Wen looking for death by going?

"Don't worry. I know my limits. You only have to bring me to somewhere near the Zhou Clan's Manor house. I can settle everything by myself from there." Mo Wen smiled, not giving a chance for Gu Jingman to say no. He dragged her into the helicopter and signaled the pilot to fly towards the Zhou Clan's Manor house.

Seeing that Mo Wen had made up his mind, Gu Jingman could only sigh. This little brother, is it possible that he is a devoted lover? He can throw away his life for Lin Qing.

The helicopter rose and flew for about 15 minutes in the mountains, then finally stopped on a cliff.

"We are still 15 miles of mountain roads away from the Zhou Clan's Manor house," Gu Jingman hopped down from the cabin and said, while staring at the forest in the distance.

The Zhou Clan's Manor house was equipped with a remote defense system. If the helicopter was too close to the Zhou Clan's Manor house, they would be discovered. From the cliff, they could vaguely see a majestic manor house standing in the mountains.

"Why are you following me?" Mo Wen stared at Gu Jingman strangely, asking quizzically.

"Who else should I follow, if not you?" Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen oddly.

"Who asked you to follow me? I am going to rescue a person. What part can you play in it?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes, instructing, "You wait here." He wouldn't want to carry a burden around.


Gu Jingman glared at him. I help him out of the kindness of my heart,and follow him into danger. How dare he be reluctant about it!

Was it even possible that he could rescue Lin Qing by himself?

Although she knew that Mo Wen was prepared to sneak into the Zhou Clan's Manor house to rescue Lin Qing, the Zhou Clan's Manor house was full of masters. Without anyone to cover him, not being spotted would be a miracle.

She just had the idea of setting fire to the Zhou Clan's Manor house to distract the people inside. But, Mo Wen was actually calling her a busybody. Her good intentions were wasted on him.

"Don't worry. I'm just going in to rescue Lin Qing, not to cause a commotion." Mo Wen laughed, and with a serious face said, "I don't wish to need to rescue you, right after I rescue Lin Qing."

Gu Jingman pointed at Mo Wen. She was so furious, that her words failed her. There was actually such a person like this!

"Bye bye. You just wait for me here, I'll be back in a bit." Mo Wen waved to his back while walking towards the grand Zhou Clan's Manor house. He placed his hands at the back of his head with a casual and leisurely air.

"Ptui! Bastard, no return for a good deed." Gu Jingman, who usually kept up appearances. could not stand it anymore, and began to curse and shout. That Mo Wen really made her furious.

"Miss, that Mo Wen might have a point. If we followed him, we most likely would just be holding him back." Uncle Chen, who was always following behind Gu Jingman, smiled wryly, as he tried to console her.

"Uncle Chen, the little brat is too presumptuous. With just his level of skill, he goes around challenging people stronger than he is. Even you are not in his sight. Later, I will just let him run off and get into trouble. When he is captured by the Zhou clan, let us see who will rescue him." Gu Jingman snorted strongly, clutching her hands tightly.

Mo Wen didn't let her or Uncle Chen follow along. He said they would only be a burden. That was just presumptuous and unreasonable. Let him suffer, then see who he will come crying to.

Uncle Chen was a Sea of Qi realm master, who offered to help him, and he dared to reject him!

"Miss, please sit here. It is much cooler here." Uncle Chen found a shaded spot, and as he sat down on a rock, he said, "Since the brat can't tell what's good for him, we'll just sit down and wait for the results. If he gets into trouble, and gets caught by the Zhou clan, then we'll think of a way to rescue him. That way, wouldn't his image of you be much better?"

Chen Gangxun had a strange feeling. The youth Mo Wen was not as simple as he looked. His exchange just now gave even him a shock. If Mo Wen was truly as strong as he imagined, then maybe them tagging along would only be a burden.

"Who would want to save him?" Gu Jingman quietly humphed.

The Zhou Clan's Manor house had been established in the Yuntai Mountain area for close to a hundred years. At that time, it was still the age of the Republic. Such a long history helped establish a strong and powerful clan. From a historical heritage standpoint, the Zhou Clan's Manor house could not compared to the Gu Clan Fort. But, their overall power and influence could be said to be greater than the Gu Clan Fort.