Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Goddess Cult

Mo Wen glanced at the living room thoughtfully, then he climbed onto the fifth floor and went in through the windows. Once he stepped onto the floor, a female voice was heard, coming from the next room.

Lin Qing!

Delight flashed through Mo Wen's eyes.It was indeed Lin Qing's voice, but it was in the next room. How coincidental!

"Zhou Chonglong, let me go. You are committing a crime. If you touch me, I will make sure you are put in jail."

The room next door was furnished in a western, luxurious style. In it, there was a woman with a seductive hourglass figure, who was dressed in a white nightgown, and lying on a big king-size bed. Her hands were tied to her back, and she had been left on the bed.

"Don't be naive."

A distance from the bed, there was a young man in a black suit sitting on the glass side table. He looked relatively serious and decent, but his expression was very frivolous. In his hand was a glass of red wine, his eyes were ogling at Lin Qing's body obsessively.

"I told you before that you will be my woman. You can't run away from me. Now, you better listen to me obediently and wait for me to love you."

Zhou Chonglong's lips curled frivolously, as he stood up slowly and removed his jacket.

"What are you going to do? You better not behave unruly" Lin Qing looked at Zhou Chonglong in terror and tried to squirm her body with all her might towards the corner.

"What else can I do?I thought of having you later tonight, but my heart is tickled so much that I can't wait any longer. An impressive heir of the Goddess Cult, who is the most desirable woman in the whole of martial arts circle."

Zhou Chonglong's lips curled upwards, and they gradually turned into a wide grin, as he seemingly thought of something, then laughed wantonly.

"What did you say?" Lin Qing's body froze, as she gazed at Zhou Chonglong in disbelief.

"Don't think I don't know.You are the Goddess Cult's one hundred and thirty-ninth generation heir, who kept your virginity for more than thirty years, so your Goddess technique is reckoned to be at a very high level."

Zhou Chonglong gave a lascivious laugh, and was beaming with smugness openly.Who ever knew that he could have a heir of the Goddess Cult in his hands!

The woman of the Goddess Cult was the dream thing of the people in the martial arts circle. Regardless of anyone, they had developed a strong desire for the women of the Goddess Cult.

As a woman of the Goddess Cult was able to let anyone increase their Cultivation by ten years in a single night, they even had the possibility of breaking through the barrier in the high realm. A normal person was able to become an expert instantly, not to mention those who were practising ancient martial arts.

Talking about the Goddess Cult, it had a long history in the martial arts circle, and tracing back its history, it had even existed before the Ming Cult. In terms of reputation, it was also greater than the Ming Cult.

However, the Goddess Cult didn't maintain the thousand years of prosperity and glory like the Ming Cult. Instead, it tread on a road of tribulations and hardships, and had faced many situations of discontinuity in its heritage.

Goddess Cult was so famous, not because of how strong it was, but because the women in Goddess Cult had practiced the Goddess Technique, which is also called the Wedding Gown Technique.

Just like the name implied, the Wedding Gown Technique involved making a wedding gown for someone else. Once the woman, who practiced the Goddess Technique, had a copulation with a man, all of her Cultivation would be transferred to the man, whereas the woman lost all of her Cultivation overnight, so their hard work of several decades would go down the drain.

The one who had created Goddess Technique naturally didn't have the original intention of making the wedding gown for someone else, but rather to set themselves as a sample, customizing this set of unique martial arts method for themselves.

According to the legend, a martial arts clan was exterminated many years ago, with only one little girl survivor in that catastrophe. That little girl was unable to practice martial arts, since her youth, for some unknown reasons.

In order to be able to obtain revenge for her family, she used her superb intelligence to create a set of unique techniques, the Goddess Technique, based on her own physique. Goddess Technique was very special, as the women who practiced this technique would be the same as normal people, who had no martial arts, and who appeared feeble and weak in the beginning, and hence, who were absolutely unlike anyone in the martial arts circle.

The practitioner of the Goddess Technique, in such a condition, was in their frailest period, like a gentle flower which couldn't withstand any wind or rain. However, when the Goddess Technique had broken through to the sixth level, there would be a drastic twist, in which they would become a superb expert overnight, one that was equivalent to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

In the history of this woman who had created the Goddess Technique, she had successfully broken through the sixth level of the Goddess Technique, and was a magnificent incomparable expert of that time. Not only did she obtain her revenge successfully, she also set up the Goddess Cult, and became the pioneer founder of the Cult.

However, with the lapse of time, someone discovered a great flaw of the Goddess Technique, which was that, those who practised Goddess Technique had to maintain their chastity. Once they lost their virginity, they would lose all their Cultivation, and everything would be transferred to the man.

There had been a case in which a man copulated with a woman who had broken through the sixth level of the Goddess Technique, then suddenly, within a night, he had exceeded at least ten years of his Cultivation to become one of the experts. After this case, almost all the people in the martial arts circle focused on the Goddess Cult. Some, who were full of evil thoughts, no longer wanted to practice properly, and instead, they would think of ways to get a woman from the Goddess Cult.

Due to this flaw in the Goddess Technique, the people in the martial arts circle went on a wild goose chase, which had caused the Goddess Cult to be at risk of extermination many times. Since then, Goddess Cult had disappeared from the public's eyes, and had gone into the deep mountains and forests, away from the world.

The sudden rise and fall of a strong cult sect might be due to its low profile and its capability of hiding. For the past thousand years, many of the strong influences in the martial arts circles had disappeared in the long chain of history, but the heritage of the Goddess cult had always been preserved.

Although there was a flaw in the Goddess Technique, it was still a set of unprecedented unique techniques. Once the sixth level of the Goddess Technique had been broken, one could become a superb expert, whereas many practitioners in the martial arts circle might never get to Embryonic Breathing realm in their entire life.

In the Goddess Cult, then, there were only two kinds of people: one kind was those weak and feeble women, who had not broken through the sixth level, and the other kind was those experts, who were in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Unfortunately, only those women with special physiques were able to practice the Goddess Technique, but due to the unique personal reason of the founder of the Cult, the normal women were unable to practise the Goddess Technique. If it was unable to find an heir, who was able to practice the Goddess Technique, the Goddess Cult would face the awkward situation of having insufficient new blood.

The main reason for the Goddess Cult to be constantly bullied, and only able to exist in their hiding place, was that they only had the unique technique, but couldn't find any heir to pass it on to. Otherwise, with several experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm, nobody in the martial arts circle would dare provoke the Goddess Cult.

Till now, it had already been four to five hundred years that the Goddess Cult did not have an heir in the martial arts circle. As a result, the Goddess Cult gradually only had their existence in the legend.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qing, who was a successful business woman, turned out to be a heir of the Goddess Cult.

"How do you know that?"

At this moment, Lin Qing's face appeared calm, and a radiance flickered in her eyes, as she looked at Zhou Chonglong coldly.