Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Crisis

She had never revealed her secret to anyone. Aside from her master, no one on this earth knew about it.

Her family members had tried to force her into marriage again and again. Even if she was threatened with death, she would not reveal the matter of her practicing the Goddess Technique. She couldn't figure out how Zhou Chonglong had managed to find out.

"Those who practice the Goddess Technique will give off a unique aura. That day at the cocktail party, it was then that I discovered your secret." Zhou Chonglong laughed with glee.

Meeting Lin Qing could be said to be the most miraculous discovery of his lifetime. A woman of the Goddess Cult in her thirties, who was still a virgin, would have most likely practiced the Goddess Technique to the fourth or fifth stage.

With such a high cultivation, once transferred to him through sexual intercourse, he might immediately become a Qi Nucleation realm master. Becoming a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner, at the age of thirty, meant the birth of a prodigy. He felt his heart beating uncontrollably with excitement in his chest.

"What technique did you practice?"

Lin Qing was shocked. Zhou Chonglong could actually use her aura to discover that she was practicing the Goddess Technique. Usually, this would be impossible.

According to her knowledge, methods to detect the Goddess Technique did indeed exist. For example, there were a few people who practiced special techniques, who could identify the unique aura of those practicing the Goddess Technique. There were also a few mystical items that could do so.

But the inheritors of the Goddess Technique rarely met with such events. Who would have thought that she would encounter one herself! If anyone could simply detect who was practicing the Goddess Technique, then the Goddess Cult would have long gone extinct, with no remnants to speak of up to this day.

"I have been practicing the rare Qi Detection Technique. I can detect the hidden aura of any ancient martial art practitioner. You would have never thought about it, am I right?" Zhou Chonglong approached the front of the bed. He looked at Lin Qing teasingly. His gaze moved up and down, as though he was inspecting a lamb about to be slaughtered.

"So it was the Qi Detection Technique!" Lin Qing laughed wryly. Those who practiced the Goddess Technique would naturally know about its Achilles heel. The Qi Detection Technique was one of them. For those who practiced the Qi Detection Technique, the women who practiced the Goddess Technique simply could not hide from them at all.

Back when the Goddess Cult retired from Jianghu and went into seclusion, many people spent great effort to locate those who practiced the Goddess Technique. Some even went as far as specially creating new techniques to detect the Goddess Technique.

The Qi Detection Technique was one of the most famous techniques, created for this specific purpose. It was created by a master of the martial art circles more than a thousand years ago. At first, it was only directed at the Goddess Cult, but this person was a prodigy.

After creating the Qi Detection Technique, he never stopped perfecting it. In the end, he created a technique that could detect the aura of the Inner Qi of any ancient martial art practitioner from any sect. For those who practiced the Goddess Technique, to encounter those who practiced the Qi Detection Technique, it was like meeting their nemesis.

"Babe, you'd better listen obediently. If you treat me well, I can take care of you with status and wealth. You could even be the Zhou Clan's Manor house's young madam. If you don't listen to me" Zhou Chonglong snorted coldy, "Then don't blame me for deflowering you."

"Zhou, do you think you can bully me? Have you forgotten that, if I reverse the Goddess Technique, I can break through to the six stage immediately? If you force me, I will bring you down with me." Lin Qing stared coldly at Zhou Chonglong. She seemed to have found her conviction to die. She did not bear her timid and weak look from before anymore.

The reversal of the Goddess Technique could indeed immediately break through to the six stage and turn her into a Embryonic Breathing realm master. However, the practitioner of the Goddess Technique would then die within two hours. It was a last resort technique.

"You are too naive. Did you think that, when you were unconscious, I would not have done anything to you? Reverse the Goddess Technique. Try to reverse it, if you can." Zhou Chonglong laughed with great satisfaction. Since he had prepared to take action, he naturally would have made sure all his preparations were in place. Otherwise, he would not have taken a month to act on Lin Qing.

Lin Qing's heart thumped. Zhou Chonglong's actions made her dread what was to come.

"What did you do to me?"

She tried for a bit. The next moment she truly started to panic, because she couldn't feel nor control the Inner Qi of the Goddess Technique in her body. Although the Inner Qi of the Goddess Technique that had not broken through the sixth stage was faint, almost unnoticeable, as the owner of the Inner Qi, she should still be able to feel it at all times.

But now, she realised that she could not feel the aura of the Goddess Technique Inner Qi. It was as though it did not exist. If that was the case, how was she going to reverse her power and fight Zhou Chonglong to the death?

"Pulse Sealing Powder, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it?" Zhou Chonglong laughed evilly.

"You" Lin Qing turned pale, despair filling her eyes.

Pulse Sealing Powder was a type of poison. It would clog the pulses in the human body, blocking the flow of the Inner Qi and the sensory towards it.

Pulse Sealing Powder was a low level poison. It was only useful when used on ancient martial art practitioners with cultivation levels lower than the Sea of Qi realm. The ancient martial art practitioners at the Sea of Qi realm could unclog the pulses instantaneously, expelling the Pulse Sealing Powder from the body.

Even for Soothing Pulse realm ancient martial arts practitioners, the Pulse Sealing Powder would, at most, impede the flow of their Inner Qi. Thus, its effect was not prominent. Only Regulated Breathing realm beginning stage ancient martial art practitioners would be scared of low level poisons like the Pulse Sealing Powder.

But, for people who practiced the Goddess Technique, the Pulse Sealing Powder was fatal. It was because for the Goddess Technique practitioners, who had not broken through the sixth stage, that the Goddess Inner Qi in their bodies was weak, and as tiny as a single blade of grass.

Once the Pulse Sealing Powder blocked the pulse, the Goddess Inner Qi would be locked in the pulse. Thus, reversing the Goddess Technique now would naturally be impossible.

Zhou Chonglong's moves had rendered Lin Qing with no resort.

"Don't you come near to me. If you dare touch me, my master will not let you off." Frantically, Lin Qing curled up at the corner of the walls. Before this, she could still risk her life to fight against Zhou Chonglong. The worst outcome would be them dying together. But now, she had lost her last playing card. She couldn't even ask for death.

"Wait till I became a master of the Qi Nucleation realm, or in the future, I might even enter the Embryonic Breathing realm, and then I would not be afraid of your master. It is fine if she doesn't come. If she comes, it will be a bonus for me."

Zhou Chonglong laughed wantonly. He took off his white shirt and threw it on the ground forcefully. He wouldn't mind the seniors or juniors of Lin Qing from the Goddess Cult seeking vengeance from him. He could deflower all of them, and make them his sex slaves.

Just thinking that he was about to become a master of the Qi Nucleation realm made Zhou Chonglong's confidence swell up.

"Don't come near me" Lin Qing's face was pale and lifeless, as she could only counter Zhou Chonglong with her quavering voice.

"Beauty Lin, don't cry out anymore. Today, even if you shout and scream your throat out, no one would come to help you. You are like Monkey Sun [1], and I am Buddha. No matter how you jump, you cannot never escape the palm of my hand."

Zhou Chonglong climbed onto the bed with a lustful smile. The girl before him was not only the successor of the Goddess Cult, she was the renowned beauty in Charm City. He was so thrilled, that he had goosebumps all over his body.

"Really? Why do I think that you are that jumping imp that gets killed by Monkey Sun with a simple swing of his pole."

A calm voice came from behind. No one knew when that someone appeared behind Zhou Chonglong.

[1] Monkey Sun refers to the fictional character Sun Wukong in the story Journey To The West by Wu Cheng'en.