Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Dont Disrupt Me Saving the Damsel in Distress

"Who is that?"

The voice that had rung out from behind him had given Zhou Chonglong a shock. It had caused the seemingly mighty and tall dragon to cower into a trembling little chick in an instant. He furiously turned his head around and looked behind him angrily.

"Who are you?"

Zhou Chonglong's pupils constricted and he looked at Mo Wen coldly. The hairs on his body had all stood up. Behind him, a person had appeared without a sound, and he had not even noticed. It was simply too shocking.

"No wonder, you're that little monster who is causing trouble. At least I've finally found you."

Mo Wen brushed off the dust on his clothes and leisurely walked over to the bed with confidence. He said to Lin Qing, who was locked in the corner, "Sister Lin, the hero has come to save the damsel in distress."

He laughed cynically without even a glance at Zhou Chonglong, as if he treated him like air.

"Mo Wen"

Lin Qing's eyes widened, and she looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. She could not wrap her head around the situation at that moment. Why had Mo Wen appeared here?

"Today, no matter who you are, you can forget about living once we arrive at the Zhou Clan's Manor House."

The cold voice rang out from behind Mo Wen. Zhou Chonglong was simply infuriated. Someone had actually dared to barge into the Zhou Clan's Manor house and ridiculously appeared in his room. Not only did he ruin his fun, he even treated him without a care, as if he was only the owner of the estate.

This was the first person he had met who was so wildly arrogant and did not value him, nor the Zhou Clan's Manor House.

"If you don't wish to die, then don't disrupt me in saving the damsel in distress."

Mo Wen had seemingly just taken notice of the person behind him as he spared a glance towards Zhou Chonglong. Then, he once again directed his attention to Lin Qing. In a gentlemanly gesture, he removed the servant attire on him and placed it over Lin Qing, who was only dressed in pajamas.

In the morning, Lin Qing was still sleeping in bed when she had gotten kidnapped. Thus, at that moment, she was only dressed in a thin sleeping attire. It allowed Zhou Chonglong to feast his eyes, but luckily, she had yet to be taken advantage of.

"B*stard. Go and die."

Zhou Chongling had gone utterly mad. He had come across many arrogant people. However, he had never met such an arrogant one as Mo Wen.

At that moment, he did not give a second thought to who Mo Wen was and why he had appeared in the Zhou Clan's Manor house. He simply swiped a palm towards Mo Wen's head. The palm garnered a lot of force and his Inner Qi from the Sea of Qi Realm exploded. He did not hold back at all and he looked as though he was ready to kill Mo Wen.


Lin Qing saw Zhou Chonglong execute his surprise attack from behind and instantly called out to Mo Wen as a reminder.

However, Mo Wen continued on as if he had not heard the warning and uncaringly faced his back towards Zhou Chonglong, who had executed his attack. He simply continued his action of placing the clothes over Lin Qing.

However, there was an intangible circle of ripples that had emanated with him as the central point. Zhou Chonglong's palm did not manage to hit Mo Wen's body. Instead, it was as if he had been struck by lightning himself, as he was fiercely thrown backwards three or four steps before he managed to stabilize his body.

His Qi and blood fluctuated, and his face turned pale. He looked at Mo Wen's back in disbelief, as if he had just seen a ghost.

Mo Wen's body wavered. Although he did not evade, nor dodge and took Zhou Chongling's attack head on, there was no big effect on him. However, his eyebrows had narrowed slightly.

Previously, his motive of allowing Zhou Chonglong to attack freely was to test The Heaven and Earth Great Shift's pure defense strength. Previously, the bodyguard of Zhou Chongling's had not tested the limits of The Heaven and Earth Great Shift's pure defense strength. Instead, he had been shattered dead himself.

Although that fist from Zhou Chongling had not broken through the defense of The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, it had come close to its limits. He estimated that if he had not ducked, evaded nor given a counterblow, an ancient martial arts practitioner with the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi Realm would be able to break through his defense.

As for Zhou Chonglong, he was still lacking slightly. After all, he had only just broken through into the Sea of Qi Realm not long ago and could only be considered an ancient martial arts practitioner at the beginning stage of the Sea of Qi Realm.

Mo Wen shook his head. The Heaven and Earth Great Shift was indeed an enduring martial art. However, he had only trained to the third level so his Realm was still a little low.

"How could it be?"

Zhou Chonglong looked at Mo Wen in disbelief and wanted to give himself a slap in the face to check if he was dreaming. The youth had clearly not done anything and used his back to receive his fist. Yet, he was the one who had been hurt.

What in the world was more absurd than this? He could not help but think if he had met a ghost. After all, the youth had previously appeared in his room; that in itself had already been shocking.

Lin Qing's pupils expanded, and she looked at Mo Wen, stunned. Within a short moment, she could not react.

Mo Wen maintained his uncaring attitude towards Zhou Chonglong and minded his own business as he undid the ropes that had been tied around her wrists. He smiled and said, "Sister Lin is really a big beauty. Every day, there are people having ideas about you. In the future, whoever gets to marry you will have to escort you by your side daily."

Lin Qing looked at Mo Wen helplessly. It was such a crucial time, yet Mo Wen still had the heart to tease her. She was already in a daze. Mo Wen was like a mystery soldier who had descended from the skies. He kept saying that he was the hero who was saving the damsel in distress. It was worlds apart from the impression that she had of Mo Wen in her mind. Was this the average student that had always followed Shen Jing around?

In Lin Qing's mind, Mo Wen was indeed always following Shen Jing around. This was because in the past few meetings, he always had Shen Jing by his side. She even had her suspicions if Mo Wen and Shen Jing shared a special relationship.

However, Shen Jing was already 26 years old, while Mo Wen was only an 18-year-old youth. It was only then that the idea of the two sharing a special relationship diminished a little.

Zhou Chonglong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Mo Wen with caution. He inched his body step by step towards the window trying to not make it obvious.

"Who are you?"

"Still thinking of escaping?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows to look at Zhou Chonglong and said cynically, "What did I say just now? If you don't wish to die, then don't disrupt me when I'm saving the damsel in distress."

As he said that, Mo Wen's foot took a small step out. His body swayed a bit and he had appeared in front of Zhou Chongling who was 13 to 16 meters away. He slapped out a palm and a cold gush of air immediately engulfed the entire room. A cold gust of wind blew past, and it seemed as though it had turned from summer to winter within a moment.

Zhou Chonglong looked at the palm imprint that had suddenly appeared in front of his eyes as it gradually became larger. In a second, his expression changed greatly. Under that palm, he was completely unable to escape. He could only grit his teeth and attack with a palm as well, meeting Mo Wen's attack with brute force.

With a dull sound, Zhou Chongling's body had flown back. His body was levitating in mid-air, yet to land. Mo Wen's figure, however, shockingly flashed past once again and hovered in mid-air, flying through the same arc as Zhou Chongling had. Then, he shockingly appeared in front of Zhou Chongling again.

With another fist, a scorching gust of wind flew by, and the temperature in the room suddenly spiked. In a moment, it seemed as though it had returned to summer again.

A bright red flame encased Mo Wen's fist, looking like a small sun that had knocked into a planet. After he had broken through into the Sea of Qi Realm, with the release of the Nine Yang Genuine Qi, he could already form the release of fire from within and harness the full potential of the Extreme Scorching Genuine Qi.

Mo Wen was already once an ancient martial arts practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing Realm. Once he had broken through into the Sea of Qi Realm, he managed to save on the acclimatization period. He could directly harness the full potential of all of the various Sea of Qi abilities.

There were not many who were also ancient martial arts practitioners with the Sea of Qi Realm who could understand the profundities of the Sea of Qi Realm better than Mo Wen did.