Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Sister, Excuse Me

A warm Inner Qi exploded in the air, causing Zhou Chonglong to be blown off once again, and to hit the wall forcefully, before rolling onto the floor.He slumped onto the floor, like dead swine, and struggled a little, but didn't manage to get up.

Mo Wen cast a look at Zhou Chonglong coldly, knowing that death was knocking at his door. After being hit by Nine Yang Genuine Qi and Nine Yin Genuine Qi, the body would be intermittently mixed with Yin and Yang, which would cause the Yin and Yang to be colliding aggressively, hence, losing the chance of survival.

"Sister Lin, excuse me." Mo Wen turned around and picked Lin Qing up. After such a huge commotion just now, the two old fellows in the Zhou Clan Manor house would definitely find something amiss, so he reckoned that they would be on their way here in a while. There was no time to wait, so they must leave immediately.

"Err" Lin Qing was instantly carried by Mo Wen, and nestled close to his chest, a blush climbing up her face, as she wriggled a little unnaturally.Being carried by a young guy, so close to his chest, caused a strange feeling to surge in her heart.

However, now was the critical period, so Lin Qing stayed very obedient, and curled herself onto Mo Wen's chest without struggling.

Two sounds whizzing through the air resonated from outside, like something was moving in high speed. Mo Wen raised his brows, as he carried Lin Qing and leapt out of the window, as agile as a cat, before reaching the ground silently.Then, the next leap, and they were already about eighty feet away. After a few breaths, they were about a hundred meters away, which was almost out of the boundary of the main villa, as they were travelling at a shocking speed.

The door of Zhou Chonglong's room was suddenly opened forcefully from outside.Two old fellows walked into the room, one after another, their faces full of bewilderment. The strange commotion in Zhou Chonglong's room just now, had made the two persons feel extremely uncomfortable. After recalling the strange sensing of Zhou Clan's Clan leader just now, both leaders of the clans rushed to the fifth floor immediately, to find out what had happened.


Once Zhou Jianwu walked into the room, he instantly saw Zhou Chonglong lying on the floor. He groaned loudly, before appearing beside Zhou Chonglong. He examined him carefully, but there wasn't any sign of life, as he was completely dead.

"Who dares to kill my grandson? I will definitely remove all your muscles, skin you alive, break your bones and burn you into ashes." Zhou Jianwu gave out a long roar out of grief and anger, then he leapt instantly. In a blink of an eye, he flew out of the windows, before shooting out about 60 feet away and giving chase immediately.

Zhou Chonglong was the hope of the Zhou Clan, and was the most talented among the Zhou Clan's third generation. He was only in his early thirties, and yet, he had the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm. It was almost definite that he could be a martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm in the future, and even had the possibility of being a martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, if he progressed further.

Zhou Chonglong could be considered as the treasure of Zhou Clan Manor, destined to be the next Clan leader, and also the rising hope of Zhou Clan Manor. However, now that he was killed in his own house, how could Zhou Jianwu not be mad?A rising new star had fallen, which was a tremendous loss to Zhou Clan Manor's house.

In addition, Zhou Chonglong was also Zhou Jianwu's biological grandson.In a rage, the old fellow cast caution to the winds, and gave chase with almost all his might.

The Clan leader of the Tang Clan, who walked behind him, gazed at the corpse of Zhou Chonglong on the floor, furrowed his brows, and looked gloomy. However, he didn't give chase, as this was Zhou Clan's matter.

As the Clan leader of Tang Clan, he naturally wouldn't meddle with it easily, especially without knowing the attacker's exact details. One who dared to intrude into Zhou Clan's Manor house to kill someone, particularly if that someone was Zhou Chonglong, this person's ability was naturally unusual.

As such, he was not dumb enough to offend someone, who had nothing to do with him, for no reason, just while helping Zhou Clan to revenge. After Zhou Jianwu acted violently out of rage, his speed was increased instantly, to a terrifying extreme, sending him almost tens of meters in a blink of an eye.

As Mo Wen was carrying another person, his speed was naturally slowed down, so his speed became slower than Zhou Jianwu's. With one chasing, while the other was hurrying, the distance between the two persons was gradually closing up.

Mo Wen brazenly scuttled around Zhou Clan's Manor house, which naturally aroused the attention of the people in the Manor house. However, as Mo Wen's speed was indeed too fast, he managed to scuttle off far away, within a blink of an eye, and disappeared from their eyes on the second blink.

When they were about to react, it was too late to stop him...

The two persons, one in front and one at the back, left Zhou Clan's manor house in no time. Mo Wen didn't go towards Gu Jingman's direction, because, if he didn't manage to get the old fellow of Zhou Clan off his back, running in that direction might implicate the people from Gu Clan Fort.

An expert in Qi Nucleation realm was not easily obstructed by a few practitioners in Sea of Qi realm.When fighting directly, the housekeeper of Gu Clan Fort was reckoned to be able to take two strokes of the old fellow from Zhou Clan, but under such an emotion of rage, he might not be able to take even one stroke.

After he came out of Zhou Clan's Manor house, he headed towards the peak, as there was a higher possibility of shaking the old fellow of the Zhou Clan off in the dense forests.

"Bastard, you better stop.If you have the guts, fight me for three hundred matches." Zhou Jianwu couldn't catch up with Mo Wen after a while, so he was fuming and stomping in rage, before starting to curse and swear. Then, he summoned all his energy and chased further.

That young guy's speed was extremely frightening. Even when he was carrying a person with him, his speed was just slightly slower than him. If he were to put the person down, he might not be able to catch up with him.

The more he chased, the more fearful Zhou Jianwu got.At this moment, he already knew that the one who killed his grandson was the youngster who had escaped from the Zhou Clan's Manor house. However, he was so young, yet he had such great ability, so it was indeed frightening.

At this moment, Zhou Jianwu still didn't know why this youngster intruded into Zhou Clan Manor house to kill Zhou Chonglong, and he also didn't know where the woman in his arms came from. He only knew that his own grandson died at the hands of that person in front, and just this point was enough for him to break his bones and burn him into ashes, at all cost.

"Old scoundrel, I am not in the mood to fight you for three hundred matches, but we will definitely have a chance in the future." Mo Wen didn't turn around, but still bellowed out the threat. He leapt onto a big tree, and tapped on it with his foot, then he flew into the air for about eighty feet, before continuously flying above the treetops.

"Bastard, I will kill you!" Zhou Jianwu bellowed back, before stepping onto the ground with one foot. Then, his body shot off, like the missile, with an increased speed.

"Mo Wen, neutralise the Pulse Sealing powder in my body for me, I have a method to deal with that old fellow." Lin Qing curled herself into Mo Wen's arms, with a pale face, as she glanced back at that old fellow, who was continuously chasing and getting closer. She seemed to have made a certain decision, and bit her lips, before speaking suddenly.

"That Reversal of Goddess technique of yours will allow you to defeat that old fellow?" Mo Wen asked curiously, while looking at Lin Qing, who was curled up in his arms. He heard some of the conversation between Lin Qing and Zhou Chonglong just now, so he was quite curious about Goddess Technique. It fascinated him that there was indeed such a mystical martial arts method in this world.

"Yes." Lin Qing nodded her head affirmatively. Reversal of Goddess Technique was equivalent to breaking through the six level, but it shouldn't be a problem for an ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm.

For a woman who was practicing the Goddess Technique, if they had not broken through the sixth level, Reversal of Goddess Technique was almost like their bottom line, and as such, was their last trump card. Once it was reversed, the price was death.