Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 125

Chapter 125: He Said We Are an Adulterous Couple

"Your Goddess Technique is quite miraculous," Mo Wen exclaimed, while nodding his head. The world was so large. Truly, there were wonders beyond imagination. Although he had lived two lifetimes, his experience was but a drop in an ocean.

"Quickly, help me to remove the effects of the Pulse Sealing Powder," Lin Qing urged him, saying. The Zhou clan leader was almost chasing up to them, but Mo Wen was still dawdling. With his level of cultivation, removing the effects of the Pulse Sealing Powder should be an easy task.

"Don't! If you die, I will have nothing to show when I go back. It would be such a pity for a living beauty like you to end up dead." Mo Wen rolled his eyes as he said this. Although the Goddess Technique was miraculous, the cost of reversing the power was her life. If Lin Qing died, then what would be the point of him toiling around for half a day?

"Then, we will just die together." Lin Qing snorted. Even now, Mo Wen still had the mood to flirt around. She did not know what that mind of his was thinking.

"Ptui. Don't jinx it. I am still a virgin. I don't want to die so young." Mo Wen humphed to ward off the bad luck. Speaking of this, regardless whether it was his previous life or this life, he seemed to be still a virgin.

He was carrying Lin Qing, a sexy and voluptuous beauty, in his arms. As soon as he had such a thought, his lower half naturally reacted. Mo Wen quickly guarded his thoughts and suppressed the urge that he felt. Now was not the time to think about such things.

Lin Qing looked at Mo Wen helplessly. She was speechless at this youth's thinking. Could it be that she was old? She could not keep up with this youth's tempo.

As she saw the Zhou clan leader slowly catching up with them, Lin Qing got more and more anxious. Mo Wen was too arrogant. Did he really think that he could take on a juggernaut of the Qi Nucleation realm?

Only with her reversing the Goddess Technique, could they possibly change the situation. Although she would undoubtedly die, it was far better than being defiled by Zhou Chonglong.

The swiftly escaping Mo Wen suddenly came to a halt. He violently stopped on top of a tree, because before him, there was no more path. In its place was a steep cliff, with a sea of cloud below, so deep that they could not see the bottom.

"You can't run any more."

Lin Qing glared at Mo Wen. She let out a breath and said, "Quickly remove the Pulse Sealing Powder in my body. We still have a chance."

No matter what, Mo Wen had come to rescue her. She could not let him die with her, so she would give it her all.

Mo Wen's lips twitched. He was unfamiliar with the Yuntai Mountain. He had sprinted all the way down, but he did not expect to reach a dead end.

"If we can't run, then we won't run," Mo Wen said plainly. He calmly turned and faced the Zhou clan leader, who was coming from behind.

"Haha, you can't run anymore, can you brat? Today, I will grind your bones to dust, you adulterous couple." Zhou Jianwu laughed maniacally, and with a leap, launched himself forward seventy, eighty feet, appearing in front of Mo Wen in an instant.

Although he did not know what happened in Zhou Clan's Manor house, Zhou Chonglong's death was surely connected with the couple before him. No matter what, he would not allow them to leave alive.

"He said we are an adulterous couple." Mo Wen touched his nose and looked at Lin Qing in his arms. They had not done anything indecent. How did they become an adulterous couple?

Lin Qing totally gave up. What time was it already, and Mo Wen still had the mood to care about this?!

"Help me remove the effects of the Pulse Sealing Powder. I'll help you teach him a lesson in a moment," Lin Qing slowed down her tone and said. She felt that Mo Wen was rather childish, so talking to him required special methods. Maybe speaking to him like a child would be surprisingly effective.

"He insulted me. Why can't I insult him back?" Mo Wen smirked. He looked at Zhou Jianwu with relish, and with a clear voice said, "You old bastard, you parentless runt, quickly run over here and die."

Lin Qing immediately panicked. Communicating with Mo Wen was really difficult. Looking at the Zhou clan leader before them, she sighed inside. Was she really going to die with Mo Wen as a pair of lovebirds today? Ptui, what lovebirds! What was she thinking she felt that she was also being messed up, together with Mo Wen.


Zhou Jianwu had just caught up with Mo Wen. Upon hearing his words, he lost his footing and nearly fell off the tree. After two wobbles, he managed to steady himself.

"You bastard, I'll grind your bones to dust." The Zhou clan leader yelled. He furiously dashed in front of Mo Wen in a flash. A palm shot forward violently, and a terrifying Qi riled up like a gale, shaking the trees in the vicinity.

Mo Wen's eyes narrowed. His expression turned serious. His pupils shone blue and red, and a special aura spread out in an instant, with him as the center.

He stepped forward one step, stepping on thin air. However, his steps were solid and steady, as though he was on solid ground. A furious palm strike was sent out, and the roars of dragons and tigers sounded. A formless air of dominance eclipsed everything, as though a king had arrived.

Two silhouettes collided in an instant, directly clashing with Zhou Jianwu. In that instant, the winds swept up, and a formless Qi wave spread out, with them as the epicenter. Many trees seemed to be unable to handle the sheer pressure of the force of the wave, bending over, all at once.

With a deep humph, Mo Wen was sent back forty to fifty feet, shifting seven to eight different positions consecutively, before he managed to stabilize himself. That Zhou Jianwu's body merely shook, and he stepped back four to five meters.

"Old bastard, is that all you've got? If you want to kill me, you still fall short."

Mo Wen's face was slightly pale, the blood in his body churning. He was at a disadvantage just now, as the difference between him and the Qi Nucleation realm Zhou clan leader was not small. However, the Zhou clan leader did not pose a threat to his life at the moment.

At most, he would be a practitioner at the beginning stages of the Qi Nucleation realm. Even compared with the Qi Nucleation realm beginning stage martial art practitioners that he had encountered before, he was considered inferior. Some incredible Qi Nucleation realm beginning stage martial art practitioners could hold their own against three Zhou clan leader level Qi Nucleation realm martial art practitioners.

Zhou Jianwu looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. A youth actually managed to trade blows with him. He had not held back at all just now, going all out in his rage. He thought he could kill the youth with just one palm strike. He never would have imagined that his opponent not only could withstand his attack, but would also send him back by four or five meters from the shockwave.

For a youth to have such a frightening ability, it was a bit too terrifying. What realm was he at? The pinnacle of Sea of Qi realm, or is it the Qi Nucleation realm? Arguably, unless he was also a Qi Nucleation realm martial art practitioner, only then could he take his full force blow head on.

Even if he was a martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of Sea of Qi realm, it was impossible for him to so easily receive his full force attack. Could it be that he also was a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner? Then, why was his aura so weak? It was not at the level of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Zhou Jianwu started feeling that things were not what the seemed. He frowned without showing this, however. For a youth to have such a frightening ability, no matter what the reason, it was hard to deny his amazing talent.

Zhou Chonglong was known as the Zhou Clan's Manor house's once-in-a-hundred-years genius. But, compared to the youth before him, he wasn't even worth mentioning.