Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Falling Off the Cliff

No wonder he could kill off Long'er so easily. Upon thinking about his grandson dying in this person's hands, the old man of the Zhou Clan immediately became crazy with anger once again. No matter the status of the youth and no matter his origin, he had to be buried together with his grandson today.

"B*stard, even if I have to sustain injuries, I will ensure that your body is dismembered into a million pieces," Zhou Jianwu jumped forward at him fiercely and launched full power in a crazy attack. In an instance, his palm had been thrown all over and his legs had been used unstoppably, as the wind whistled crazily around. The surrounding trees were rustling and trembling, and the fauna had flown off in fright.

Mo Wen hugged on to Lin Qing and used his Inch Travel Steps to constantly rotate around with Zhou Jianwu. He did not clash with Zhou Jianwu physically again. After the first round of trial, he knew that he would gain nothing from using brute force. When this old fellow went crazy, one could not use brute force to fight against him.

However, Mo Wen's techniques were exquisite and incomparably ingenious. While the torrential attacks of Zhou Jianwu appeared frightening, most of them had only hit thin air.

However, even so, Mo Wen was still at a disadvantage. From time to time, he would receive one or two blows from Zhou Jianwu which would make his vital energy and blood fluctuate, which had already caused him some internal injuries.

Lin Qing's eyes widened as she looked at the scene that was flashing at a fast speed all around them. At times, the sky and earth would spin around, at other times, they would flip up and down. In the face of Zhou Jianwu's attacks, and under the situation of Mo Wen hugging her, they could actually still rotate around with Zhou Jianwu.

She knew that she had underestimated Mo Wen. This youth that was only ten over years old actually had such unimaginable abilities.

Mo Wen's pupils scanned around. He knew that it was not possible to just continue consuming his energy like that. He had to find a way to get himself out of it. Currently, it was not the time to risk his life against the old man of the Zhou Clan. A battle between two strong parties would inevitably result in both parties getting hurt. Even if he won, he would still sustain serious injuries.

He was just saving someone, he did not want to risk his life.


The Overlord Fist clashed against Zhou Jianwu's palm and a dull banging sound rang out. The strong gust of wind made off with everything and the two had blasted each other off ten over meters once again.

At this moment, Mo Wen had already retreated to the edge of the precipice. Behind him was a sea of clouds.

"Sister Lin, that old fellow is forcing me to no end. If I have no other choice, we will have to jump off the precipice."

Mo Wen hugging Lin Qing in the fight against Zhou Jianwu was naturally taking a huge toll on his abilities. At this moment, he had already sustained some internal injuries. The vital energy and blood within him was fluctuating and drove them into a frenzy. His mouth tasted saltiness as a stream of blood had flowed down the corner of his mouth.

After he had awoken, it was the first time Mo Wen encountered such a powerful opponent. It was also the first time he had sustained injuries. No matter what, the old man of the Zhou Clan was an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm. Solely based on his current beginner stage of the Sea of Qi realm, there was still a gap between them.

However, the old man of the Zhou Clan did not feel good as well. Although he was not hurt, his hair was also in a mess and the vital energy and blood within him was also fluctuating, which made him look extremely haggard.

If Mo Wen could put Lin Qing down and give it his all to battle, there was still an ambiguity as to who would emerge victorious.

"Dying for love?"

Lin Qing accidentally bit onto her tongue. What was he saying, did he even know what he was saying!

A young youth like Mo Wen still knew how to say flowery words and flirt? Indeed, one could not judge a book by its cover. Lin Qing's impression of Mo Wen changed immediately from an honest and good youth to a psychopath.

She should say she was cynical and there was no logic in it. It was such a crucial time and yet he was doing such illogical things.

"Lad, are you forced into a corner?"

Zhou Jianwu laughed coldly. With a flash, his body had blocked in front of Mo Wen, preventing him from running the same way he came.

"Old scoundrel. All the skies and the earth are my roads. If you have the guts then come after me."

Mo Wen smiled and teased. Then, without looking back, he jumped down the precipice. In the blink of an eye, he had dropped into the sea of clouds and his figure had disappeared.

Zhou Jianwu was stunned. That youth really meant what he said. He had really jumped off the precipice. It was such a high precipice that was probably 1000 or 2000 meters deep. Even if he had jumped off such a high place, it would be very hard for him to come out alive.

In that moment when they lost their center of gravity, Lin Qing instinctively let out a sharp scream. Her hand subconsciously hugged around Mo Wen tightly and her entire face went pale.

The feeling of death was so near. Although Lin Qing had already prepared herself beforehand, nobody would be truly able to remain calm in the face of death.

"Aiyo, don't use so much strength Sister Lin, my back is about to be broken by you."

Mo Wen's frustrated voice rang out beside Lin Qing's ear. She got a shock, shouldn't they have fallen to their deaths?

Hurriedly, she looked all around and realized that they had not fell off the precipice. Instead, they were hovering below it. Meanwhile, one of Mo Wen's hands was still hugging on to her. His other hand was grabbing on to a strip of bright red item that was shaped like a belt. The other side of the belt had been caught onto the icy cold rocks, hanging the two of them in mid-air.

Lin Qing heaved a sigh of relief. Previously, she had thought that they were already dead. However, afterwards, she could not care less about anything else. Her face turned red immediately and she simply wanted to find a hole to bury her face in embarrassment.

At this moment, Lin Qing suddenly realized that she was hanging on to Mo Wen's body like a koala. Her arms were circled around Mo Wen's neck; the two of them were tightly pressed against each other. Because she was shocked, Lin Qing's pair of slender legs were tightly wrapped around Mo Wen's waist, the image was very beautiful

"Just how much do you want to cause trouble?"

Mo Wen said without much strength. If they went on like that, with Lin Qing's enchanting figure and seductive face, it would cause all his internal heat to rush to his head. By then, the heat that he would emanate would be too much to deal with.

"I I"

Lin Qing's face reddened and she could not say anything for a long time. An aching and limp feeling spread throughout her body. If not for Mo Wen carrying her with one arm all the while, she would have gone weak all over and directly slipped down the cliff already.

"Sor sorry"

She lowered her head and awkwardly released her two limbs from Mo Wen's waist. However, her arm remained wrapped around Mo Wen's neck. The two of them were currently hovering in mid-air. Doing so would also ease the burden off Mo Wen.

Although Mo Wen had taken advantage of her, the cause of it was her. Moreover, Mo Wen was just a 19-year-old youth. In her eyes, he was just a kid. Thinking about it, she could not help but want to bury her head in the sand like an ostrich.

"You took advantage of me, are you going to take responsibility?"

Mo Wen shook his head and sighed, his expression looking as though he was the one who was taken advantage of.

"Oh" At this point, Lin Qing really wanted to bite Mo Wen. Why was this little scoundrel so hateful, just who was the one who had been taken advantage of?

And he was still asking her to take responsibility! If she could, she really wanted to step on Mo Wen's face twice.

"What do we do now?" Lin Qing lowered her head and tried to change the topic. Currently, the two of them were still hanging in mid-air. They were neither here nor there and it was still unknown if they would end up falling to their deaths.

"We wait for that old scoundrel to come down, then we kill him off," Mo Wen's gaze shifted upwards and his lips curled up into an unusual smile.