Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Climb Up the Cliff

On the cliff, the old fellow from Zhou Clan looked down at the sea of clouds and furrowed his brows. Logically speaking, a youngster, who jumped down from the cliff, while carrying a person, shouldn't have any chance of survival.Even if he himself, not to mention a youngster who was carrying a woman, jumped down from a height of more than a kilometer, he would be severely injured, or even possibly die.

After a moment of hesitation, the old fellow from Zhou Clan still decided to explore a bit, as he would only be satisfied when he saw with his own eyes that the person who killed his grandson had died. The old fellow from Zhou Clan looked around and realized that there wasn't a route to the bottom of the mountain. He gnashed his teeth and went down slowly by staying close to the wall of the cliff.

He didn't jump outwards like Mo Wen, but slid down close to the wall of the cliff, maintaining a distance of one meter between his body and the wall of the cliff.After every drop of more than ten meters, he would hit the wall with his palm, to create a hole on the rock, so as to delay the speed of descent.

Although the method was primitive, it was very effective. After a short while, the old fellow from Zhou Clan had descended a hundred meters, and was still keeping his body balanced.

The bottom was still a sea of clouds with low visibility, so he was unable to see the situation there. However, to think of it, that youngster should be still falling to the bottom at this moment.

Just when he was about to hit the wall of the cliff with another palm, to reduce the speed of descent, a figure flashed strangely at an extremely fast speed to appear in front of him. Just then, a smiling face with curled lips appeared in front of him.

"Old scoundrel, your descending speed is too slow.Let me help you to speed up." Mo Wen laughed mischievously, before giving a kick at a lightning speed towards the old fellow of Zhou Clan. The swift and fierce attack caused an upsurge of gale, which disrupted the sea of clouds.

The old fellow from Zhou Clan was shocked, but it was too late at that moment, so he was forced to receive Mo Wen's forceful kick as it came. A low thud sound was heard, the violent force had caused the old fellow from Zhou Clan to fly outwards, away from the wall of the cliff, before dropping downwards to the bottom of the cliff.

However, Mo Wen was flown in the opposite direction by the reacting force, but as the angle of his applied force was special, he was ultimately pushed towards the cliff. A bloody red radiance flashed, and the belt held in his hand shot into the rock instantaneously, to stabilise Mo Wen's body again.

Everything happened in a flash. Lin Qing, who was curled up around Mo Wen's chest, had yet to react, before the exchange of blows was already over.

Looking at the sea of clouds below, Mo Wen curled the corners of his mouth into a sardonic smile. At such a high cliff, even if the old fellow from Zhou Clan had not fallen to his death, he would definitely be disabled by the fall. The failure of that old fellow from Zhou Clan was that he followed Mo Wen down the cliff. If he had not been so careless, Mo Wen wouldn't be able to do anything to him at that moment.

A shake of the arm, and the tail of that weird bloody red metal belt ejected a cold blade that pierced through the wall of the cliff, about two to three inches. The edge of the blade sliced the metal like mud, the hard rock like bean curd to the blade. With the weight of Mo Wen and Lin Qing, the rock was being opened up by the blade.

Both of them gradually descended, and with the sharpness of the blade, the wall of the cliff was dragged with a deep ditch, which looked extremely terrifying. Lin Qing widened her eyes, and fixed them on the tail blade that was cutting downwards.To think that there was actually such a sharp weapon in this world, was simply unbelievable.

That weird belt in Mo Wen's hand, what exactly was it?Could it be his weapon? Lin Qing had a big question mark surging in her heart, once again feeling that Mo Wen was so mysterious.

For about five minutes, both of them had slid to the bottom of the mountain. The cliff was actually a long gully, with bumpy and uneven ground that was filled with sharp rocks.

"Good gracious!" Mo Wen uttered secretly. Fortunately, they didn't fall from the top, or else they would be either dead or delaminated.

He raised his eyes to look around, and discovered a trail of blood on the ground not far away. That trail of blood extended into the inside of the gully, but there was no sight of the old fellow from Zhou Clan.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a cold smile. Knew the need to hide now, huh old man? Could you escape by hiding?

He followed the trace of blood and walked forward. After a short while, a cave appeared, with the blood trail extended all the way to the inside of the cave.

"Sister Lin, let's go in and rub salt into his wound." Mo Wen laughed happily, as he was obviously very good at rubbing salt into someone's wound.

Lin Qing glared at Mo Wen.This shameful guy was so mean.

Mo Wen put Lin Qing down and flashed into the cave. The interior of the cave was relatively big, about the size of two bedrooms. When Mo Wen entered it, his first glance was directed at the old fellow from Zhou Clan, who was crouching in the corner, treating his injury by invigorating his Qi. He was in a sorry state, with tattered clothes, and one of his legs seemed to be broken, as it was lying on the floor crookedly.

"Little bastard, I want to shred you into pieces."

When Mo Wen, a big living human, walked in, the old fellow from Zhou Clan naturally noticed him immediately.He instantly gnashed his teeth, as he wished that he could skin and swallow Mo Wen alive. He had lived for so long, but had never been taken so much advantage of.

"Old scoundrel, now is not the time for you to be arrogant. How can anyone not know himself well enough?!" Mo Wen snarled, as he curled his lips and glanced cheekily at the old fellow from Zhou Clan, who was so seriously injured, that he could hardly move and was gasping for breaths.

"I will fight you till the end."

Zhou Jianwu's heart was filled with hatred, as he had been in the martial arts circle for fifty to sixty years, to finally become a martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm. But, at the end, he failed at the hands of a youngster, who was still wet behind the ears. How could he not be mad?

Hitting a palm to the ground, Zhou Jianwu's body bounced from the floor and lunged towards Mo Wen. Although both his legs were broken, he still had his hands and his Inner power, so he wanted to take Mo Wen down with him, even if he had to sacrifice his life.

"Since you want to die, I will give you lift."

A radiance flashed across Mo Wen's eyes, his wrist shook, and the weird belt held in his hand split open instantly into seven pieces of grotesquely shaped tokens, which flew in all directions, like live objects. They revolved in the sky, before surrounding Zhou Jianwu instantaneously.

In the cave, rumbling sounds were continuous, and reverberated, as the surrounding walls of the mountain were shaking and moving. Lin Qing gripped her hands tightly outside the cave, waiting anxiously. She didn't go into the cave, as she knew that, by following Mo Wen into the cave, she might hold him back.

After fifteen minutes, Mo Wen walked out without any expression. His clothes were a bit torn, with traces of blood on them.

However, in the cave, Zhou Jianwu's mouth was wide open, with blood gushing out, but he was unable to utter a word. A protruding stone on the wall of the mountain had penetrated through his chest, and nailed him to the wall of the mountain.

After struggling for a bit, the body gradually limped without any breath, and then became a corpse. In his eyes, there was still a rich sense of disgruntlement. If he was not seriously injured by the fall from the cliff, with his Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm, how could he die at the hands of a youngster, who was still wet behind the ears.

Mo Wen carried Lin Qin up the cliff again. Though there was a route below the cliff, it was easy to be lost while walking in the deep mountains. So, going back by the original route would lead them to the right way back.

"Mo Wen, how are you feeling?" Lin Qing curled onto Mo Wen's chest and used a hand to caress his chest, to help him sooth his breath. Mo Wen had definitely suffered a relatively serious injury while fighting the old fellow from Zhou Clan just now.

"Huh? Very good, very smooth." Mo Wen went blank momentarily, before commenting subconsciously.

Lin Qing heard him and instantly had the impulse of punching him in his face.She aggressively brushed off Mo Wen's hand, which was holding on to her clean and silky thigh. Then, she glared at Mo Wen exasperatedly, while her face was red, as if she had a tinge of blush on.