Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Would You Eat Me Up?

"I mean the cliff wall is very slippery" Mo Wen laughed dryly, and self-consciously removed his hand.

"Put me down. I can walk now," Lin Qing said uncomfortably, while blushing. It was inappropriate to be in Mo Wen's arms all the time.

"Don't. Let me carry you. Don't worry. I am very innocent" Mo Wen smiled awkwardly. Of course he wouldn't let Lin Qing off. God knows how long they would take to leave the forest, if he let her walk on her own.

Before Lin Qing could say anything else, straight away he dashed into the forest using Qinggong. Before this, they had moved far away, due to the chasing of the Zhou clan's leader. Gu Jingman was still waiting for him outside of the Zhou Clan's Manor house, so he couldn't waste too much time here.

Innocent, my eye! Lin Qing bit her lip and cursed in silence. Before this, she felt nothing being carried by Mo Wen. After all, Mo Wen was so much younger than her. In fact, she could totally pass as his elder sister, so she shouldn't have such embarrassing thoughts.

But now, she felt incredibly uncomfortable and uneasy being in Mo Wen's arms. She felt like she was on pins and needles. Was it possible that her thoughts had turned filthy, too It was all Mo Wen, this bastard's, fault!

Mo Wen was naturally fast. In a while, they had returned to the surrounding area of the Zhou Clan's Manor house. The gathering point with Gu Jingman was just some distance away.

"Mo Wen, regarding the Goddess technique" Lin Qing, who had been keeping silent, hesitated for a long while. In the end, she still voiced out her concern. Being the Goddess Cult's successor was her biggest secret. Accidentally letting Zhou Chonglong find out about her secret, had made her almost doomed beyond redemption.

Even though Zhou Chonglong was dead now, Mo Wen still knew about it. Would he Lin Qing's heart turned slightly tense at the thought.

"Is the Goddess Technique really that miraculous? If someone ate you up, he could greatly improve his cultivation?"

Mo Wen stared at Lin Qing strangely. If it was true, wouldn't Lin Qing become the Tripitaka [1] in the eyes of the ancient martial arts practitioners? Furthermore, she was such a beauty. She would definitely taste better than the Tripitaka. Tsk tsk

"Would you"

Lin Qing stared at Mo Wen while biting her lips. She couldn't bring herself to utter the phrase 'eat me up' for a long while. Why couldn't Mo Wen use a more decent term?

"No." Mo Wen shook his head.

Lin Qing felt comforted listening to his words. She felt that even Mo Wen's embrace was so much stronger now. Her sense of security increased greatly. When faced with such a huge temptation, there was at least a man who could hold his ground and guard his virtue.

"If I ate you up, you wouldn't take responsibility for me. The risk is too high." Mo Wen spoke, while shaking his head. His expression seemed to say that he was the one at a disadvantage.

"Don't you dare to be this unscrupulous" Lin Qing grinded her teeth. The urge to step on Mo Wen's face forcefully rose again. Unfortunately, she could only imagine it, as now, her whole body was in Mo Wen's embrace. What else could she do?

Mo Wen smirked and focused back on sprinting. Lin Qing's Goddess Technique was indeed miraculous, but martial arts, at its essence, stressed progressive cycles. Only by taking solid steps, one by one, could one go far. Seeking shortcuts and tricks would hinder one from truly mastering martial arts.

He had the confidence to again cultivate until the Embryonic Breathing realm, even going further than that, and breaking through to the bottleneck of the Golden Elixir realm. So, why did he need to covet Lin Qing's cultivation? Things obtained without one's own effort, although they could help one achieve things in the short-term, would surely become a stumbling block for the road ahead.

No matter what, Mo Wen was a man with a goal, an ideal, a cultured soul. How could he be compared with that Zhou Chonglong, who was nouveau riche?

In the distance, a large helicopter entered their sight. Gu Jingman was standing on a huge boulder, gazing in the direction of the Zhou clan's Manor house. She had a worried look on her face.

"Big sister, you don't need to look around any more. I'm here. Were you worried about me?" Mo Wen crawled out from the forest shrubs, carrying Lin Qing, and grinning cheerfully, as he looked at Gu Jingman and said.

His sudden voice gave Gu Jingman a fright. The next moment, Mo Wen's smiling face appeared in front of Gu Jingman.

Gu Jingman immediately rolled her eyes, "Who would be worried about you? You are so not a gentleman for disturbing me while I was enjoying the scenery."

"Then please continue to watch, I'll head back to the Gu Clan Fort first." Saying this, Mo Wen walked to the helicopter, carrying Lin Qing. He looked like he was ready to head off.

"You" Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen's silhouette. She stood speechless. What kind of person is this? Would it kill him to not anger her?

She jumped off the boulder unwillingly, following behind Mo Wen onto the helicopter.

"You are hurt." Gu Jingman lifted her eyebrows, as she looked at Mo Wen beside her and said. With Mo Wen's current condition, anyone would know he was hurt, unless they were blind. His wounds were not mild.

"Suffered some minor injuries. That old geezer from the Zhou clan sure had some skills." Mo Wen's mouth twitched as he said this. The Zhou clan leader sure had a thing or two up his sleeve. Even after falling and getting injured to that degree, he could still manage to harm Mo Wen. If he had known this, he wouldn't have rushed to attack. He could have waited until the old geezer was at a critical point of invigorating his Qi to heal himself, then only kill him.

"This is a minor injury?" Gu Jingman snorted quietly, incredulous. Looking at his face, which was pale, and his clothes that were stained with a big bloodstain, how could one call this a minor injury?!

"Sister-in-law, my little brother sure likes you. For you, he'd even go through hell." Gu Jingman look askance at Lin Qing, who was sitting without saying a word beside Mo Wen. Her tone was queer as she said this. Lin Qing was perfectly unharmed, while Mo Wen was injured. What relationship did she have with Mo Wen?

"Huh? What?" Lin Qing was stunned for a moment at what she heard, then she reacted. Sister-in-law? When did she become Gu Jingman's sister-in-law? Also, her little brother was Mo Wen? That...asshole...

"You and him"

Lin Qing wanted to explain, but she didn't quite know how to put it. She had no relationship with Mo Wen. They normally were not close. At most, they could be called acquaintances. Why would Mo Wen risk his life to rescue her? Up until now, she wasn't quite sure.

"You don't need to explain. Big sister already knows. Our Mo Wen is very outstanding. There is nothing to be shy about."

Seeing Lin Qing struggling to say anything,Gu Jingman had thought that she was shy, so she quickly gave Lin Qing a way out. They had barely met, and Gu Jingman had already decided to call herself big sister, even though she was four to five years younger than Lin Qing

Lin Qing opened her mouth, but her words failed her. Knowing that she would dig herself a deeper hole, she just closed her mouth and stopped talking altogether.

Seeing that Lin Qing didn't say anything, Gu Jingman thought that she had silently acknowledged it. She shot Lin Qing a glance with mixed feelings. In her mind, she thought that this Lin Qing had the face of a fairy, capable of bewitching people. No wonder Mo Wen would fall into her gentle embrace.

However, their age difference was a bit too large. She knew that Mo Wen was just eighteen, and based on what she knew, Lin Qing was thirty two. The woman was of such an age, and yet remained unmarried. No one had heard of her ever having an ambiguous relationship with any guy. In the upper circles of Charm City, there were even rumors that Lin Qing was a lesbian.

However, now that she had seen it, she knew that it wasn't that she was a lesbian. She seemed to just like younger men.

[1] Tripitaka refers to a fictional character in the story Journey To The West by Wu Cheng'en.