Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Buddha Statue

Mo Wen lowered his eyes and placed the Ming Yang ancient needles back into the needle box. Gu Xicheng's present condition was like he had taken the Huge Restoration Pill, which allowed him to have terrifying fighting capacity in a short period of time. The present Gu Xicheng was equivalent to an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm. If Mo Wen were to fight with him now, he might turn around and run away.

Gu Xicheng took a deep breath, which led to a whiff of air to form a tornado that raged a havoc in the main hall. He felt that, with the present condition, he was confident of defeating both two old fellows from Zhou and Tang Clans, if he were to meet them together.

The Intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm was the realm that he had always been dreaming for.He had worked for twenty to thirty years, but was never able to surmount the hurdle between the beginning stage and the intermediate stage.

"Old Man Gu, how are you feeling?" Mo Wen asked smilingly. Utilizing Needle techniques of Devouring spirit was not easy, as every time it was utilized, his Cultivation would be reduced by ten percent, which required five to six days of practice to regain back, so it was definitely too much like hard work.

"Ha ha, seems good. I am no longer afraid of the tricks that Zhou and Tang Clans may come up with for the fight tomorrow," Gu Xicheng said, with his face glowing with ruddy radiance, and his eyes filling with delight.Although his present Cultivation could only last for two days, it was simply a timely help for Gu Clan Fort's present situation.

"I'm afraid the people from Zhou Clan will not turn up tomorrow," Mo Wen said, while curling his lips to a smile.

"Huh? Young friend Mo, why do you say that?" Gu Xicheng glanced at Mo Wen quizzically.

"As the clan leader of Zhou Clan is dead, I'm afraid Zhou Clan's Manor house is preparing for the funeral now,"Mo Wen said smilingly.

The death of the old fellow from Zhou clan was equivalent to a loss of the main pillar for the Zhou Clan's Manor house. Without the expert in Qi Nucleation as their support, Zhou Clan wouldn't dare to make any evil plots against Gu Clan Fort. The death of the Clan leader of Zhou Clan and Zhou Chonglong might be said to be a fatal blow on the Zhou Clan's Manor house.

"What? Zhou Jiangwu, that old fellow, is dead!" Gu Xicheng was shocked and exclaimed, while looking at Mo Wen in disbelief.

Mo Wen nodded his head.

"You You killed him" Gu Xicheng gulped in a cold breath.Mo Wen exchanged blows with the Clan leader of Zhou Clan this afternoon, and now that Zhou Jianwu was dead, who else could have killed him, other than Mo Wen?

He originally thought that Mo Wen met with Zhou Jianwu accidentally, and had made a lucky escape from Zhou Jianwu's hands. He would never have thought that Zhou Jianwu would die at Mo Wen's hands.

"Just by a fluke," Mo Wen said while laughing. Killing Zhou Jianwu was definitely by a fluke, if it were to happen again, he might need to pay an extravagant price to kill Zhou Jianwu, and could no longer suffer just a bit of normal wound.

Gu Xicheng smacked his lips. Good gracious.Who exactly was Mo Wen? He knew Zhou Jianwu's ability very well. He was an old opponent of many years, with Cultivation that was similar to his, someone whom he had been fighting with for tens of years, but had never defeated him. In fact, Mo Wen had actually killed him.

At this moment, he once again found Mo Wen to be mysterious.Before this, he was shocked, when he used the Needle techniques of Devouring spirit, which was an acupuncture method that was against nature. Now, the shock was beyond words.

A youngster with such capability, who existed in this world, there were only a handful of those in the legend. After all, who else could do it?Mo Wen's ability was qualified to compete with any of the outstanding talented youngsters of the generation.

"The Clan leader of Tang Clan and Gu Xifu were now in Zhou Clan's Manor house, but it is difficult to say whether they will still be there tomorrow," Mo Wen said, with some hidden meanings.

Once the Clan leader of Zhou Clan, Zhou Jianwu, was dead, Zhou and Tang Clans' plan of taking over Gu Clan Fort had to be abandoned halfway. Hence, the challenge of the next day was reckoned to be a non-starter.

Since the Clan leader of the Zhou Clan and Gu Xifu didn't know about Gu Xicheng's reception of the treatment, using Needle techniques of Devouring spirit, they wouldn't continue to have any evil plots against Gu Clan Fort. However, the truth would be out, the news about Gu Xicheng being unable to practice martial arts for a year, due to the reception of Needle techniques of Devouring spirit, would be known.

By then, there wouldn't be any expert of Qi Nucleation Realm in charge, just the Tang Clan alone would be able to bully Gu Clan Fort, not to mention Gu Xifu, who had been eyeing Gu Clan Fort all this while. Therefore, Gu Xicheng must get rid of the old fellow from Tang Clan and Gu Xifu, before the effects of the Needle techniques of Devouring spirit wore off, so as to avoid the future consequences.

"Thanks for young friend Mo's advice. I understand. I will make a trip to Zhou Clan's Manor house tonight." Gu Xicheng's eyes had a flash of radiance, as he squinted his eyes and said. That Gu Xifu had indeed colluded with Zhou and Tang Clans, which was simply a deed of outrage, and a betrayal to the Clan.

No matter how the two brothers fought, it was still a domestic matter, but the nature of the matter had changed, when he had colluded with Zhou and Tang Clans to harm Gu Clan Fort.

That night, Gu Xicheng went to the Zhou Clan's Manor house alone, and nobody from Gu Clan Fort knew about it. However, there would be a drastic change in Zhou Clan's Manor house and Tang Clan the very next day, and everything happened quietly under the cover of the night.

The story of the mutual exchange in positions of the hunter and the prey was about to unravel, and the director of this was Mo Wen. But, at this time, he was wandering leisurely in the enormous treasure trove.

Gu Clan Fort was worthy to be called an ancient clan, with four to five hundred years of history. Its treasure trove was piled with antiques and historical relics that were dazzling to one's eyes.

Mo Wen didn't pay attention to those that were worth a lot in the market, but were actually insignificant things to him. He walked directly to the shelves where Ming Cult's historical relics were placed. It was said that these things were being excavated from the ruins of the Ming Cult's Sacred place, Bright Peak, by the Gu Clan's ancestors then. Many things were dilapidated and in ruins, a far cry from their past glories.

Bright Peak was Ming Cult's Sacred place, and the things in it were mostly very significant treasures to the Ming Cult. That year, although the Ming Cult leader, Chang Qingfeng, had moved most of the treasures to the historical abode, there were still many treasures that were not moved in time, and some of them were even equivalent to the Sacred Flame Insignia, which were Ming Cult's most valuable inherited treasures.

Mo Wen was not having much expectation of Ming Cult's historical relics collected in Gu Clan Fort, rather, he was just having the attitude of enriching his knowledge, when he brought up this request to Gu Xicheng. After all, it was already a few hundred years old, so the treasures wouldn't be there for his grabbing.

Besides, that year when Bright Peak was being destroyed, all the things in the Sacred place had long been robbed. After that, the things that were preserved by the rest of the members of Ming Cult were reckoned to be those things that were not taken, as they were not appealing to the eyes of the others.

Mo Wen spent half a day wandering leisurely in the treasure trove, as Ming Cult's historical relics were mainly in the form of art pieces, which consisted of an assortment of things, such as paintings, implements, sculpture, swords, tokens, etc., and they were mostly incomplete remnants.

The only ones that were worth a look would be the broken treasure map and a few books on Ming Cult's martial arts methods. Only about a quarter of the treasure map was left. Mo Wen studied it for a while, and yet couldn't make heads or tails of it. As to whether the treasure map had hidden the route to the Ming Cult's historical abode, it was unable to know as well. If it was impossible to collect all four pieces of the treasure map, it was simply a piece of useless paper.

As for the Ming Cult's martial arts method, they were all incomplete, and simply impossible to practice. At most, one could only comprehend a bit of it. One of the books was Nine Yang Scripture's martial arts method,but it was not the genuine version.

It contained only some descriptions and commentaries on Nine Yang Scripture's martial arts method. It was reckoned to be the insights of one of the Ming Cult leaders, who was practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique, which explained how Gu Jingman was able to recognize the method that he was practicing as Nine Yang Divine Technique.

He didn't find anything valuable there. Just when Mo Wen was about to leave, a strange buddha statue suddenly caught his eye