Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Soul Nurturing Jade

Mo Wen took a few steps forward and picked up the Buddha statue. The Buddha statue was but the size of a thumb. It was an orangey-brown and seemed to be made of wood. Upon closer inspection, though, it was not wood, but jade.

"Soul Nurturing Jade."

Mo Wen's eyes narrowed. His hands subconsciously started shaking. His eyes were filled with ecstasy. The Soul Nurturing Jade was a peerless treasure, absolutely something you can ask for, but never get your hands on. The other world's him spent seven to eight years trying to find the Soul Nurturing Jade, but had not been successful.

Who would have thought that a tiny treasure trove in the Gu Clan Fort would hold such a treasure inside?

Soul Nurturing Jade had the effect of nurturing the soul and calming the nerves. If worn on one's body, the one who was cultivating it could prevent incidents of one losing control from happening. For ancient martial art practitioners, who practiced demonic or dangerous techniques, the Soul Nurturing Jade was a safety charm. With the Soul Nurturing Jade on them, their psyche would remain calm and collected at all times. The chances of them losing control would be remote.

Back then, in order to find the Soul Nurturing Jade, Mo Wen searched high and low to no avail. The reason for this was because this jade had a strong suppressing effect against the Massacre's Host, and could let Mo Dong'er live for a few more years. Because his search was unfruitful, he had no choice but to venture into the mountains to seek other methods.

Mo Wen exhaled. In a different time, the strings of fate actually brought him to this jade. Maybe that, too, was fate acting now. It could only be that Mo Qingge's time was not up yet. Mo Dong'er's luck could not be compared to hers.

With the Soul Nurturing Jade, he was confident for Mo Qingge to live a few more years without incident. Although the Soul Nurturing Jade could not completely cure the root cause of the Massacre's Host, to a person who was the Massacre's Host, this was a huge surprise.

While playing with the Buddha statue in his hand, Mo Wen became pensive. How could such a treasure be left in the Gu Clan Fort for so many years, and yet remain undiscovered? By right, the Soul Nurturing Jade's effects were obvious. A normal martial art practitioner, who was carrying it on them, should be able to discover the effects of the Soul Nurturing Jade.

Could it be that there was some trick at play? How did he discover the Soul Nurturing Jade?

Mo Wen suddenly had an epiphany. He recalled that, just now, when he discovered the Soul Nurturing Jade, it was because of the guidance of the Nine Yin Genuine Qi and Nine Yang Genuine Qi within him. It was the sudden resonance that he felt that had made him come upon it.

Before, he did not even notice that the Soul Nurturing Jade was in this corner. Was it possible that someone had tampered with the Soul Nurturing Jade?

Mo Wen frowned and carefully examined the Soul Nurturing Jade. Inside the Buddha statue, there seemed to be something like liquefied amber flowing in it.

Following the flow of the strange fluid in the Buddha statue, Mo Wen's thoughts delved into it subconsciously. Mo Wen was like a statue, standing there motionless. As the time progressed, the Buddha statue in his hand seemed to vibrate slightly.

Two flows of air, one cold and one hot, seeped into Mo Wen's body quietly. The flows of air circulated in his whole body, along his pulses. Everything was changing silently. The two flows of air were ever-changing, and they contained unlimited profundity.

Subconsciously, Mo Wen sat on the ground. With his palms facing upwards, and his eyes closed, he entered the deep state of cultivation instantly. If someone were to pass by Mo Wen now, perhaps he wouldn't even notice.

After a whole two hours, Mo Wen opened his eyes suddenly. A terrifying shine flashed before Mo Wen's eyes. The next moment, two auras, one cold and one hot, engulfed him, filling the whole treasure trove in an instant.

His aura started to intensify, and his inner Qi fluctuated vigorously. His cultivation level leapt from the beginning stage of Sea of Qi realm to the intermediate stage of Sea of Qi realm, and it was still rising...

"So, that's how it is."

The radiance in Mo Wen's eyes toned down, but his gaze seemingly deepened, like a philosopher reaching an enlightenment. He extended both his palms. A small, bright red flame flared up on one palm, while the other palm was covered with a layer of ice.

He put his palms together slowly. The flame was gone, and so was the ice. A shapeless mass of Qi appeared at the center of Mo Wen's palms, like a heart, beating at a slow pace. Just when Mo Wen was about to take a better look at it, he received a shock.


A dull sound rang out, and the shapeless and colorless mass of Qi suddenly dispersed. Shapeless Qi waves diffused outwards, like ripples on water.

Mo Wen quickly moved backwards. Under the thrust of the shapeless Qi waves, he was pushed to the corner. He only stopped, when he hit the wall.

"How terrifying!"

Mo Wen took a deep breath. He couldn't defend himself against the Qi waves dispersed from the small little mass of Qi! He was so close to hurting himself.

He smiled wryly. His cultivation was indeed still too weak. The Yin and Yang combination and mutualism technique was not something he could master with the cultivation level of Sea of Qi realm. He reckoned that he could truly master it when he reached the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Mo Wen looked at the Buddha statue in his hand. His eyes flashed past a glint of surprise. The Ming Cult's 34th cult leader was a god. His understanding of the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique was unparalleled.

He was sure that the Buddha statue was left behind by the Ming Cult's 34th cult leader. This was because the Buddha statue hid the secrets of the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique in it. Basically, the statue had the essence of a lifetime of cultivating both divine techniques in it.

In the entire history of the Ming Cult, the Ming Cult's 34th cult leader was the only cult leader to practice both the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously. As for why Mo Wen was able to discover the secret of the Buddha statue, it was because he was the only person in a few hundred years, who could practice both the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously.

No wonder the Buddha statue was kept in the Gu Clan Fort for so many years, and still, no one could realize its secret. It turned out that the 34th Ming Cult Leader had tampered with it. Only those who practiced both divine techniques together could sense that the Buddha statue was unique.

It was precisely due to this, that in the past, when the Ming Cult faced the catastrophe, the Buddha statue didn't fall into other people's hands. The leader most likely left this Buddha statue in preparation for someone from the Ming Cult, who could practice both divine techniques simultaneously in the future.

The Buddha statue contained the collective knowledge of the leader, practicing both divine techniques at the same time. Using that as a basis, the leader created a set of theories and methods, to combine the Yin and Yang. Even though he was also a pioneer venturing in this area for the first time, he attained enlightenment based on his own ability. He was indeed an incredible genius.

Just now, Mo Wen tried out the leader's theory of combining Yin and Yang for the first time. But, unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low, and he still couldn't grasp it.

He reckoned that he wouldn't be able to grasp it before he reached the Embryonic Breathing realm. After all, the combination of Yin and Yang was a realm that the leader reached only when he was in his later years. At that time, his cultivation level would have most likely surpassed the Golden Elixir realm.

This encounter was an immeasurable help to Mo Wen. He was only figuring things out along the way, while he was practicing three divine techniques all at once. Now that the leader had passed on his collective knowledge of practicing the Nine Yang Scripture and the Nine Yin Scripture to him, undoubtedly it had helped him to make a great leap forward. It would save him a lot of time and effort in his cultivation journey from now on.