Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Xiaoyous Shocking Change

Mo Wen's mouth curled upwards. He naturally placed the buddha statue into his pocket. The buddha statue was a treasure left behind by the 34th generation's Leader of the Ming Clan for his descendants. He had trained up on two divine techniques so for the new generation Ming Clan Leader, it was natural that only he was most suitable.

The buddha statue withheld all kinds of martial arts principles. The one that he had previously witnessed was but one percent of it. In his future trainings, the buddha statue would be of great help to him. If he could see further, it was by standing upon the shoulder of giants.

Moreover, through the epiphany previously, he had trained up on the Nine Yang divine technique and Nine Yin divine technique, which had resulted in very amazing changes. It had actually allowed him to directly break through into the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. His abilities had increased substantially by a whole two times and this was a fortunate happening that he had not expected.

On the second day, when the news got out that the two Clan leaders of the Zhou Clan and Tang Clan had died simultaneously amongst the Yuntai Mountain martial arts scene, its influence had spread like an earthquake, spiraling through the entire area of the Yuntai Mountain.

Once the two Clan leaders with the Qi Nucleation realm had died, it meant that the two Clans would soon also become obsolete and would no longer be one of the three big Clans of the Yuntai Mountain, unless the two Clans could produce a master with the Qi Nucleation realm once again.

Meanwhile, after the Gu Clan Fort had gone through this ordeal, they had irrefutably become the top power of the Yuntai Mountain martial arts scene. On the second day, there had already been some martial arts practitioners, both big and small, that had turned up at the Gu Clan Fort to formally take them as their master

Mo Wen did not know about these things as he had left without a word that very night. Even Gu Jingman did not know when exactly he left.


In the capital, Hua Xia University was filled with boundless dynamism as usual. In the evening afterglow, pairs of young boys and girls had grouped up to walk leisurely in the field. They were laughing and talking, running about and hitting one another as they eased the stress from a day at school.

Su Boyu felt very down and could not make himself feel happy at all, as he had waited in the field for half an hour but Qin Xiaoyou had yet to appear. Having a meeting with her felt even more difficult than meeting a country's leader.

Not just that, there was something else that almost drove him insane and almost made him smash all the household furniture. That was because the senior master that had been called upon had not managed to treat that unmentionable disease. Instead, he was completely baffled and did not have any idea what he could do.

He had not done the deed in a whole week and this was simply unimaginable to him. He really wanted to skin and drink the blood of that person who had basically turned him into a eunuch!

He did not know what Mo Wen had done such that even a senior master with the Qi Nucleation realm was at his wits end. Now, the only person he could find that would be able to treat him was Mo Wen.

It had already been a week and Mo Wen had yet to appear. He investigated a bit and found that Mo Wen had gone to the Charm City. Moreover, he had gone with Shen Jing. Thinking about the image of the two of them travelling together, Su Boyu was so jealous that he could kill someone.

Now, he was just like a tire that was full on air, with so much air but nowhere to release, such that he suppressed it like a cuckold.

And then there was Qin Xiaoyou. He had experienced so many setbacks, acted like a saint and a gentleman, and even whipped out his trump card, which was to promise to marry her into the Su Clan and become the young lady of the Su household.

However, after a week, he had not even managed to touch her hand, let alone move her. She was hiding from him all along so he could not even get a hold of her. He had never seen such a stubborn woman before.

With regards to girls from middle-class families, Su Boyu had always been successful in his pursuit. The slightest bit of care could charm them to no end. However, the moment he had met Qin Xiaoyou, he had been fraught with so many obstacles that his head was in a bind.

Especially knowing that Qin Xiaoyou likes Mo Wen and finding out about Mo Wen's situation every day, it had simply made him furious and felt as though he was made a cuckold. Not only was he unsuccessful in sabotaging Mo Wen, he had even gotten himself in more trouble and now, he had even lost his primal ability.

Su Boyu's face was dark and he could no longer hold it in. When the beast in gentleman's clothing takes of his clothes, he was just a beast. Su Boyu had never thought of himself as a good person which explained why he still felt at peace with himself even after committing such atrocious things.

"What have you come to look for me for?"

After a full hour, Qin Xiaoyou had finally appeared fashionably late. If it had not been for Su Boyu threatening her with her mother's medical fees, she would not have come down at all.

"Must I have a reason to look for you?"

Su Boyu said coldly. The edges of his lips twitched upwards and there was a look of tyranny flashing through his eyes.

"If there's nothing then I'll go back up, I still have homework that is undone."

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head and an apprehensive look flashed past her eyes. Today, Su Boyu was acting a little weird. Why was he not acting like an elegant and gentlemanly guy anymore? This exception was frightening her a little.

"Doing homework? Do homework my foot, come with me, I have something to say to you."

Su Boyu laughed coldly. Every day, if it was not one excuse, she would use another excuse. Was he the King of Hell to make her so afraid of him?

"If you have something to say, just say it here. I still have things to do."

Qin Xiaoyou took a step backwards and looked at Su Boyu cautiously. Su Boyu's attitude had caused a sense of danger to rise within her.

"Today, it's not a choice for you. Come with me obediently."

Su Boyu looked at Qin Xiaoyou tauntingly, "This young master is not going to play with you anymore. Don't you like Mo Wen? Since Mo Wen has rendered me inhuman, I will personally destroy you."

Su Boyu came forward and strangled Qin Xiaoyou's neck while dragging her into the thick forest behind them.

"Help! Help!"

Qin Xiaoyou turned pale with fright and let out loud cries for help. She fiercely used the bag in her hand and smashed it at Su Boyu's head.

However, how could a girl like her be a match for Su Boyu?

Su Boyu pulled on her neck and basically dragged her as he walked into the thick forest.

The students in the surroundings had all heard Qin Xiaoyou's cries for help. Yet, when they saw that the person attacking was Su Boyu, they all remained silent

"Let go of me Let go of me What are you trying to do?"

Qin Xiaoyou struggled relentlessly. However, she could not stop herself from being dragged into the thick forest by Su Boyu.

"What am I doing? Of course I'm doing something that is to be done between a guy and a girl."

Su Boyu smiled evilly.

"You beast, let go of me, you promised not to force me."

Qin Xiaoyou said with her eyes all red.

"You even believe the words that I say. That is bullsh*t, so what?"

Su Boyu raised his eyebrows. As he said that, his hands stretched out and he was all prepared to tear Qin Xiaoyou's clothes apart.

"Scr*w off You scr*w off"

Qin Xiaoyou was crying and she reached into her handbag to take out a bottle. Fiercely, she took the bottle cap off and the liquid inside flowed out immediately. An acidic scent pierced the air. The liquid that had landed on the ground caused white smoke to evolve and the dried leaves and twigs on the ground had corroded into a single lump.

Su Boyu got a huge shock and hurriedly let go of Xiaoyou. Even so, there was still a drop of concentrated sulfuric acid that had splattered onto his hand and had immediately corroded a huge section. His skin turned white and it was so painful that he grimaced in pain.