Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Where are you?

"What are you doing?"

Su Boyu looked at Qin Xiaoyou in shock and anger. She actually hid a bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid and brought it along with her. What did she want to do with it? Use it on him?

Indeed, she had never kept her promise. What a malicious woman!

"You You mustn't come near or else or else I will splash it on you"

Qin Xiaoyou was retreating slowly, and the hand that was holding the concentrated sufuric acid was trembling continuously. Her eyes were filled with hesitation.

"Don't you forget that you are the one who owes me. And now you want to renege."

Su Boyu smiled sardonically and glanced at Qin Xiaoyou with a dismal face. She took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped away the concentrated sulfuric acid from her hand, which had a big patch that burned because of it.

"Ican repay you. I can do so in the future."

Qin Xiaoyou trembled and retreated to the bottom of the tree roots. She looked around, searching for ways to escape.

"You think you are able to repay me? Don't be nave."

Su Boyu laughed weirdly and said, "It is not up to you today. It is only right and proper that you repay what you owe."

"Catch her," Su Boyu instructed coldly. Did she really intend to threaten him by using a bottle of sulfuric acid? She was truly a bit too nave.

After he had spoken, two shadows came out from both sides of the dark corners.They were the ancient martial arts practitioners who were always around Su Boyu to ensure his safety. Although Su Boyu was not an ancient martial arts practitioner himself, he spent an exorbitant price to enroll some lower level ancient martial arts practitioners who sought after riches and indulged in pleasures.

"Don't come near"

Qin Xiaoyou was so terrified that she lifted the bottle of sulfuric acid while looking at the two young men in panic.

Unfortunately, her threat was completely useless. The two men obviously didn't care, so they closed up on her with a mocking laugh.

Qin Xiaoyou turned around and intended to run, but she simply couldn't. In a blink of an eye, a young man appeared beside her and picked her up like a little chick.

"Let me go You let me go"

Qin Xiaoyou was so terrified. She struggled continuously, but how could she escape from the hands of an ancient martial arts practitioner?

"Don't you like Mo Wen? You always consider his needs. Since you like him so much, I would like to know if he would still accept you if he knew that you were a loose woman."

Su Boyu laughed sinisterly and demanded coldly, "Take off her clothes."

A youngster went forward intending to remove the sulfuric acid that was gripped in the hands of Qin Xiaoyou, just in case it splashed accidentally and hurt his young master. Then, the other person caught hold of Qin Xiaoyou and began to strip her clothes off.

Instantly, Qin Xiaoyou panicked. Desperate times called for desperate measures. She suddenly splashed the sulfuric acid onto the two men.This scared the two men's daylights out of them, and they dodged immediately. As they were still too close, a splatter of the acid still got onto their bodies. They immediately grimaced in pain.

"Don't force me, or else I will splash this on you" Qin Xiaoyou threatened with a trembling voice, as she held tightly to the bottle of sulfuric acid. Although the acid dripped onto her hand when she splashed it, she didn't dare let go of the only protective talisman that she had at the moment.

"You are rebelling now."

Su Boyu snorted coldly and asked his bodyguards, "What are you waiting for? Catch her and I will reward you with a million dollars."

The two men exchanged looks and walked towards Qin Xiaoyou slowly. This time, they were particularly careful and attempted to snatch the bottle acid first. Although they practiced ancient martial arts, their levels were still too low to hide from the splashes of acid, especially from their distance.

Looking at the two ill-intentioned guys approaching her, in a moment of desperation, Qin Xiaoyou squirted the sulfuric acid towards Su Boyu's face.

Su Boyu's face changed rapidly, and he retreated immediately. As a result, his hind leg was caught by a rock, and he fell backwards onto the floor. Coincidentally, the sulfuric acid dripped from the air onto his crotch.

A puff of white fumes emitted from Su Boyu's crotch, followed by a heartrending groan. Su Boyu's hands covered his crotch while rolling on the floor continuously, his face distorted by pain.

"Young Young master, are you alright?"

Blood drained from the two young men's faces. They ran towards Su Boyu and helped him up.If something were to happen to their young master, they would be in trouble. Looking at Su Boyu's crotch, which was still constantly emitting white fumes, both of them were not amused at all, but were shocked in cold sweat.

"Bitch! Catch her for me, I must have her today."

Su Boyu pressed his thighs together with a hand covering his crotch area. The other hand pointed at Qin Xiaoyou. He spoke with a hoarse voice, like a eunuch who had been grabbed by the neck.

"You don't come near"

Qin Xiaoyou looked at the two men anxiously.How could it be possible for her to escape from their hands when she was left with only one last splash of the acid in her hand? After this splash, she would be the sacrificing lamb, awaiting slaughter by anyone.

A sense of despair surged in her eyes. No matter what, she refused to be defiled by Su Boyu.

Gazing at the two men approaching her, she bit her lips hard. Before the two men could get any closer, she splashed the sulfuric acid onto her own face.

"You You"

Su Boyu pointed at Qin Xiaoyou, totally speechless for a while. There was indeed such a crazy woman in this world!

"Su Boyu, do you like me anymore? Didn't you think that I was a princess? Are you ready to marry me into Su Clan?Because you can marry me now!"

Qin Xiaoyou threw the empty bottle to the ground forcefully, laughed mockingly. She said, "Don't be a hypocrite. I am so disgusted by your disgusting countenance. Let me tell you something. So what if I like Mo Wen? At least he constantly makes me feel his heartwarming closeness!What do you think you are? You pretend to be a gentleman, and you think you are Casanova! You are just a beast in human's clothing.

She had never thought of giving her most precious thing to a person that disgusted her. She had always been pretending to be compliant hypocritically to delude Su Boyu.


Su Boyu gave Qin Xiaoyou a slap that sent her rolling on the floor. He was trembling with rage and was completely speechless for a while.

He didn't gain an advantage from the slap, as that hand instantly burnt and a big patch was corroded. Now, Qin Xiaoyou was like porcupine; her whole body was untouchable.

The heartrending pain on his palm made him so furious that he gave Qin Xiaoyou, who was prostrated on the ground, another kick aggressively.

The two bodyguards of Su Boyu stood on the side with faces totally paled. A weak girl was enraged. She could be so unyielding, that she became extremely frightening even the two of them had chills in their heart.

"Su Boyu, you will never be able to have me, you are such vermin brute"

Qin Xiaoyou curled herself up on the floor. There was excruciating pain all over her body, that she couldn't even move.She felt like she was ice cream in water, melting away little by little.

Su Boyu's face was gloomy when he wiped the acid off his hand. The mood that he had before had disappeared instantly, and the desire that he used to have about spending effort and time on Qin Xiaoyou had vanished completely.

He gradually walked out of the little forest.He only wanted to find Mo Wen now and shred that bastard into pieces.

"Qin Xiaoyou, consider yourself ruthless! This is the first time I, Su Boyu had failed so terribly on a woman. But do you think Mo Wen would still like you with how you look now? Don't be nave."

Su Boyu stopped in his path, and laughed chillingly and mockingly. It reverberated in the little forest.

The one thing that he couldn't have, Mo Wen wouldn't be get it either.

Qin Xiaoyou's tears streamed down silently while she gazed hurtfully at the clear blue sky.

Where are you? Qin Xiaoyou suddenly thought of Mo Wen. There was so much that she wanted to tell him, but she would never want to see Mo Wen again either.

Mo Wen didn't know what had happened in the capital, because at that moment, he was following the group from Hua Xia University, which was on their way back to school.