Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Found Xiaoyou

After two minutes, Dongfang Yi walked back without any expression, and then shrugged his shoulders at Mo Wen and said, "After Qin Xiaoyou left the hospital yesterday, she disguised herself to join a tour group. That tour was heading to an attraction in the Taihang Mountains. However, Qin Xiaoyou went missing halfway through the tour. At the moment, she is registered on the list of missing tourists and the police are investigating this case now."

"As the clues have been disrupted, more time is needed for further investigation on the whereabouts of Qin Xiaoyou," Dongfang Yi said helplessly.

A woman lost in the deep mountains and forests of the Taihang Mountains, even if he wanted to investigate, it was not going to be easy.

"We don't need to investigate anymore," Mo Wen left in a flash after saying this statement.

Taihang Mountains, could she have gone there.

Mo Wen's heart trembled for a moment and he couldn't wait even for a moment. He just wanted to find Qin Xiaoyou as soon as possible.

Dongfang Yi rubbed his chin and gazed at Mo Wen's receding back while smilingly said, "How is Qin Xiaoyou connected to him? She makes him so anxious! Indeed it appears that even the strongest hero can be seduced by a beauty."

Seemingly thinking of something, a tinge of sadness flashed in Dongfang Yi's eyes then he smiled self mockingly, "At least he dares to fight for it but I" He gulped down his glass of red wine and diverted his attention to his laptop. Once again he put up the faade of frivolity.

In the deep mountains and dense forests of the Taihang Mountains, a figure traversed through the dense forests with great speed. In the blink of an eye, it appeared far away, yet in the next blink, it disappeared.

Mo Wen focused on hurrying through the forest. In the Taihang Mountains, Qin Xiaoyou had only one place to go, so he hoped he guessed correctly. Otherwise he really didn't know where else to look for Qin Xiaoyou.

Darkness gradually took over and the stars began to light up the sky with the cool moonlight shining over the ravine.

The ravine outside the Ming Cult historical abode was still and quiet.It was hidden in the deep mountains without any trace of fire or human life.

Mo Wen swiped away the grass plants that were blocking the main door of the abode. Then he opened the stone door and walked in nervously. He was afraid that Qin Xiaoyou was not inside, and was also afraid that his conjecture was all wrong.

However, as soon as he walked into the stone chamber, his tensed body gradually relaxed, but his heart was still laden.

On the stony bed, a little body was curled up in the corner like an ostrich hiding its head in its chest, seemingly asleep without any movement at all.

Mo Wen took a deep breath and walked to the side of the stony bed, then he embraced Qin Xiaoyou with trembling arms. He fixed his eyes on her blotchy little face. The demeanor of the past; the familiar lovely voice, and happy countenance; the voice that appeared beside him every day. The images flashed one after another in his mind at that very moment. It felt like Mo Wen's heart was being stabbed by a knife with the memories. For the first time, he realized that he actually cared so much about this girl who accompanied him through the most innocent youth.

The moving sound had awakened her. A pair of tired eyes opened gradually, still clear and bright, but the things hidden deep within were no longer filled with cheerfulness and optimism, but rather deep grievances and hurt.

"Mo Wen." Qin Xiaoyou looked at the face in front of her blankly and couldn't react suddenly.

Why was Mo Wen appearing in front of her, could she be dreaming again?

"Sorry," Mo Wen hugged Qin Xiaoyou tightly.He didn't know what had happened to Qin Xiaoyou but he promised to protect her before and didn't manage to do it.

Qin Xiaoyou widened her eyes suddenly, and her body started to shiver uncontrollably. Then she pinched her thigh aggressively and realized that it hurt badly.

It's real, it was actually real!Qin Xiaoyou had been dreaming of meeting Mo Wen, but she never thought that Mo Wen would appear in front of her at this moment.

"You You," Her eyes widened while her words stuck in her throat; speechless for a while.

"Don't be afraid.I will not let them harm you anymore in the future.I will kill whoever dare to touch you," said Mo Wen. An unprecedented yet immense killing spirit surged intp Mo Wen's eyes. He had never been so infuriated before.

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head silently and hid her little head onto Mo Wen's chest.Her body was shivering as she wished that she could disappear before Mo Wen's eyes.

Mo Wen held her face in his hands and looked into her eyes quietly while asking.

"Am I ugly?" Qin Xiaoyou asked as she bit her lip and two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

"Not ugly, I am ugly," Mo Wen said softly.

"You are lying," Qin Xiaoyou said while turning away, refusing to look at Mo Wen.

"Xiaoyou has always been the prettiest" Mo Wen turned Qin Xiaoyou's head back and said undoubtedly, "Don't worry. Isn't it just a burn? It is easy to treat and by then you will still be a lively beauty."

"Really?" Qin Xiaoyou said while blinking her big eyes.

"Of course," Mo Wen patted his chest and assured, "If it can't be healed, then I will accompany you and stay in the ravine for the rest of our lives."

"Who wants that" Qin Xiaoyou snorted and lowered her head slowly.

The following few days, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou stayed in the ravine without going anywhere else.After Mo Wen's counsel, Qin Xiaoyou became more cheerful.When she was with Mo Wen, she felt unprecedentedly secure as Mo Wen remained the same as usual and would never change regardless of how she looked.

Mo Wen knew Qin Xiaoyou's thoughts so he was not in a hurry to leave the ravine.It would be fine for them to wait till her burn was totally healed before leaving this place.

Qin Xiaoyou suffered only a normal burn and nothing too major.It was nothing to Mo Wen who was a Miracle Physician.

This degree of burn could be treated with modern medical science with a skin graft operation in order to restore their look completely. However, that would require a medical fee that would cost an arm and a leg, and a long recovering period.

For Mo Wen, naturall it would not as troublesome. He just needed a beautifying and nourishing medicated ointment, which was an esoteric lore from the Imperial Courts, that would easily remove the scar from Qin Xiaoyou's face.

Fortunately, Chang Qingfeng had planted sufficient medicinal herbs in the ravine so he didn't have to worry about the supply of medicinal herbs.

In the stone chamber, Mo Wen was tinkering with a stone bowl which contained a black viscous lump of substance that looked like a lump of faeces; its appearance was horrible. "Take your clothes off," said Mo Wen.

"Whatever for?"Qin Xiaoyou glanced at Mo Wen in embarrassment.

"Take them off," Mo Wen urged as the patients shouldn't be mindful of the doctor.Qin Xiaoyou was not only burnt on the face but also many places on the body.

"Uh-huh," Qin Xiaoyou bit her lips and lowered her head, then she took off a piece of her clothing hesitantly. After pausing for a long while, she took off another piece hesitantly

After a week, Mo Wen held Qin Xiaoyou's hand while walking out of the ravine.At this time, Qin Xiaoyou's face had absolutely no trace of any scars. She was incomparably fair and lovely, beautiful as usual, and even her skin was getting better.She definitely looked like the pretty and quick-witted girl she was before the attack.

She touched her own face, with some disbelief as if she was dreaming. If it was a dream, she wished that nightmares would leave her forever and sweet dreams of accompanying Mo Wen every day would stay.

Qin Xiaoyou hugged Mo Wen's arms and said intimately, "Mo Wen, your Beauty Ointment was really magical! It will definitely fetch lots of money if it is put on sale in the market. These few days, Qin Xiaoyou was spending almost all her time with Mo Wen and simply couldn't stay away.

"How did you become a little moneygrubber?" Mo Wen smiled jokingly.

"I owe Su Boyu a lot of money," Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head dejectedly.

Her mother was still recuperating in the hospital and was uncertain if her body was getting better.She suddenly felt that she was so unfilial.

"What?" Mo Wen went blank for a moment and glanced at Qin Xiaoyou in surprise before asking, "How did you manage to owe him money?"