Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Cleared Misunderstandings

Qin Xiaoyou bit her lip as she quietly said, "My mother is ill. We spent a lot of money on her treatment. Since we had no money, Su Boyu helped out. That's why my mother could continue to receive treatment at the hospital."


Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and repeated, "What did you say?"

Qin Xiaoyou's mother's illness was handled by him. What did it have to do with Su Boyu? Mo Wen was confused.

"... Sorry. I will find a way to return the money to him."

Qin Xiaoyou thought Mo Wen was angry, so she lowered her head while speaking. She had run out of options, so she had to accept Su Boyu's help.

"What does Su Boyu have to do with your mother's illness? Isn't the hospital providing treatment to your mother for free?"

Mo Wen was befuddled.

"It's because of Su Boyu's connection that the hospital treated my mother specially."

Qin Xiaoyou said sadly. Before this, when her mother was almost chased out of the hospital, nobody took pity on them. Now after a rich young master showed his face, even the deputy director of the Leading Military Hospital showed concern for her mother's condition. Such irony.

Mo Wen suddenly realized that the situation was a little weird. What exactly was Su Boyu doing?

"Tell me about this in detail."

Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips. After she had finished telling Mo Wen what had happened, his face became as cold as Antarctica.

This was his first encounter with someone who could be shameless and despicable to this extent. He would have never thought that his carelessness would become the root cause for this series of events. If he knew how it would turn out, he would have told Qin Xiaoyou straight away.

But Qin Xiaoyou's mother knew that he was the person who helped her. Why would Qin Xiaoyou still trust Su Boyu's words? Could it be possible that Wang Huiru didn't tell Qin Xiaoyou about him?

That scumbag! Mo Wen punched a tree forcefully, making a big hole.

Qin Xiaoyou was shocked. She stared at tree with a hole in it.. Her brain couldn't react to it for a moment.

Was Mo Wen's body made of steel? She had an urge to grab his body and check for herself.

"You how can you"

Qin Xiaoyou pointed at the tree and stammered. She knew Mo Wen was incredible and knew martial arts. But it couldn't be this absurd. This was like a superhuman

"If you had practiced the Nine Yin Scripture, you could be this strong too," said Mo Wen as he rubbed Qin Xiaoyou's head. "Who asked you to loaf on the job? Now you are being bullied, right?"

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head while blushing.

"I will practice it properly from now on."

After the military training was over, she had forgotten about practicing the Nine Yin Scripture.

"Let's go home first."

Mo Wen held onto Qin Xiaoyou's hand and walked out of the woods. He didn't know how to tell Qin Xiaoyou about her mother's treatment. He could only cross that bridge when he got to it. If he told her directly, she might blame him. Mo Wen didn't dare continue upsetting Qin Xiaoyou now.

He smiled wryly. Why did he feel that he had dug a grave for himself? If he had done everything openly before this, perhaps there wouldn't be so many incidents happening.

Qin Xiaoyou was found in the Leading Military Hospital the following week.

After Qin Xiaoyou had the incident, she had not visited her mother since.

But thankfully, Wang Xiaofei helped her come up with a story. However, Wang Huiru did not know about her daughter's disfigurement.


Qin Xiaoyou and Mo Wen walked into the ward, hand in hand. Looking at her mother lying on the sickbed, her tears rolled down uncontrollably.

Wang Huiru was leaning against her bed and watching television. When she saw that Qin Xiaoyou walked in, a glint of surprise flashed in her eyes. She had not seen her daughter for a week. She missed her terribly.

"Xiaoyou, you are back?"

Wang Huiru smiled radiantly, like a flower. She held onto Qin Xiaoyou's hand and refused to let go. "What are you crying about? My body is getting better each and every day. It won't be long before I can get out of this hospital."

She thought Qin Xiaoyou was still worrying about her condition. She didn't know that within this short period of time, a lot had happened to Qin Xiaoyou.

Wang Xiaofei lied to Wang Huiru and saying that Xiaoyou went to a colloquium due to the school's arrangement. She would be gone for at least a week.

"I'm back."

Qin Xiaoyou wiped away her tears and smiled happily. She must put on a cheerful look at all times in front of her mother. No matter how much pain she felt inside, she must face it with a smile.

Because she knew that if she was happy, her mother would be too. If she was unhappy, her mother would be unhappy too.

"Mo Wen! You are here too. Come, take a seat. I am a bad host."

Wang Huiru had been fully engaged in talking with her daughter that she didn't notice Mo Wen, who was standing by the door. It was only now that she saw him.

She prepared to get up and carry a chair over for Mo Wen. She could get out of bed and walk a few steps now. To ensure that her body's functions could recover as soon as possible, the nurses helped her take a walk in the garden everyday.

"Auntie Wang, please lie down. Don't worry about me."

Mo Wen smiled dryly. Naturally, he wouldn't make Wang Huiru get out of bed. He carried a chair for Qin Xiaoyou, then another for himself.

He knew that by following Qin Xiaoyou to visit Wang Huiru today, Qin Xiaoyou would definitely find out about the situation too. But he had made up his mind. The situation should be made known to Qin Xiaoyou as soon as possible to avoid her from being threatened by Su Boyu again.

As for himself, he really had no idea how to explain everything to Qin Xiaoyou.

"Mother, you know Mo Wen?"

Qin Xiaoyou stared at her mother, surprised. Even though she had often mentioned Mo Wen in front of her mother, she would have never seen him before. How could she recognize him at a glance?

"How could I not know? My life was saved by him."

Wang Huiru rolled her eyes at her daughter. Wasn't she asking something that she already knew? Based on Xiaoyou's personality, if she didn't have any thoughts about a guy, she wouldn't have brought him to visit her.

"Your saved by him?"

Qin Xiaoyou's eyes widened. She stared at her mother, puzzled. Was it possible that her mother had encountered danger in the past, and Mo Wen had coincidentally helped her? But if so, why didn't she know about it?

Wang Huiru looked at her daughter quizzically.

"You don't know?"

She thought Xiaoyou would have known about it long ago.

"If not for Mo Wen, I'm afraid that I would have had to undergo the organ transplant surgery and I wouldn't have been able to recover so soon," Wang Huiru said, while rubbing her daughter's hair.

Even the deputy director Han Jiangong spoke highly of Mo Wen's medical skills. She knew nothing about medicine, but from him being able to save a person like her who had one foot in the grave, she could tell that Mo Wen's medical skills were, indeed, incredible.

Now, Wang Huiru felt that Mo Wen was even more pleasing to the eyes. He was young, humble, and capable. Most importantly, he showed concern for others and knew how to be considerate to others. She was at ease to know that Xiaoyou could be with him.

If Wang Huiru knew the series of events that happened to Qin Xiaoyou before this, she would most likely not think so. She might even turn around and call Mo Wen out for being an idiot.

"Mother, you said you didn't go through the surgery?"

Qin Xiaoyou's eyes widened. Su Boyu said her mother went through the surgery, and that it was a success, and her mother was recovering well. How could it be

She was not in the hospital on the day of her mother's surgery, because coincidentally, on that day, a lecturer in the school asked for her help to conduct a scientific experiment. She was busy all day and night. If not because of Su Boyu informing her that her mother's surgery was a success, she wouldn't be able to rest her worries and complete her work.

If there had been no surgery, then what was up with the astronomical sum in her medical bill? An organ transplant surgery would cost a few million, but if no surgery had been carried out, then surely, they didn't have to spend so much money.

"There was no surgery, dear. Mo Wen helped cure me, so there was no need for a surgery."

Wang Huiru looked strangely at Qin Xiaoyou. Could it be that the hospital doctors did not mention this to her? She thought that her daughter had long knew. By right, the hospital should have informed her.

Suddenly, Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen with eyes full of shock and questions.

Mo Wen's mouth twitched.

"I've been taking care of Aunty Wang's illness for quite a while."

He could only bite the bullet and continue talking.

"That day, when you left the park, I quietly followed after you. That's when I knew about Auntie Wang's illness. Deputy Director of the hospital, Han Jiangong was coincidentally a friend of mine, so I asked him to help take care of Auntie Wang for a bit"

Qin Xiaoyou's eyes that were staring at Mo Wen in a daze started to turn red, little by little.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Mo Wen was dumbstruck. He didn't know how to answer.

"Mother, I need to step out for some air."

Qin Xiaoyou smiled at her mother, took a deep breath and silently walked out of the hospital room.

Mo Wen quickly followed behind her. He already knew that there would be problems when Qin Xiaoyou finally knew the truth. After all, after facing so many grievances, who would feel good after knowing this?

Wang Huiru was stunned. The two of them were just fine moments ago; how did the atmosphere shift so drastically? What were these two youths doing?

Qin Xiaoyou stood before the window, looking out at the scenery outside. Tears started flowing uncontrollably.

Why did they hide it from her? Why didn't they tell her? Did they not know how much stress and grief she had gone through? Suddenly, she felt she had been wronged. She wanted to cry out loud, venting out all the stress she kept in her heart.


Mo Wen hugged Qin Xiaoyou from behind, and said softly, "During that time, I was scared you might overthink it, so I didn't tell you. I didn't do it on purpose. Only today did I know that those kinds of things happened to you."

Qin Xiaoyou bit her lips and asked, "What else are you hiding from me? Why did you suddenly change so drastically? Why are you so different from who you were before? Was it possible that you have been keeping secrets from me since high school?"

She had witnessed Mo Wen's transformation all this while. Before this, she never asked, because that was his personal affair; she had no right to question him. But now, she really wanted to know. What was it exactly? Why was he keeping his secrets from her all this while?


Mo Wen opened his mouth, but no words came through. He could only sigh. Regarding him awakening a lifetime of memory, he didn't know how to tell others at all. Furthermore, he couldn't easily tell others about it either.

"Mo Wen, I will not ask any further. But could you please not be like this again?"

Qin Xiaoyou turned around and hugged Mo Wen, burying her petite face in his embrace. If he didn't say, she wouldn't ask. She only hoped that he would stay with her forever.

Mo Wen took a deep breath and said, "Hmm. I won't do it from now on."

"Thank you, I just know that only you would stand by my side forever."

Qin Xiaoyou tightly hugged Mo Wen. Two streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks as she smiled. She realized that she was too naive. She'd rather believe in Su Boyu, that beast, than the people around her. If she had told Mo Wen earlier, maybe things wouldn't have happened as they did.

But she didn't regret it, because she had found her most precious thing.