Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Turning Up at the Su Clan

After walking out from the hospital, Qin Xiaoyou's feelings had calmed down quite a bit. The sunlight outside was dazzling and it made her feel as though everything had become better.

"Xiaoyou, I think you should return to school. Remember to look for Teacher Shen Jing to report," Mo Wen smiled and said.

It was inevitable that Qin Xiaoyou returning to school would result in a rather big commotion. After all, it was a disfigured person recovering to just as she was before within a couple of days. No matter how advanced modern medicine had become, it was impossible to have such a drastic outcome.

"What about you?" Uncertainty flashed through Qin Xiaoyou's eyes. At this point, she did not want to leave Mo Wen.

"I will go ahead and demand justice on your behalf," a cold look flashed through Mo Wen's eyes.

"So, you're going to look for Su Boyu?" Qin Xiaoyou bit on her lip and asked full of worry. If she could convince him, she did not want Mo Wen to take revenge for her at all. She only hoped for him to stay by her side so that they could live a quiet life.

"A woman should not care too much about a man's business. Go back to school," Mo Wen ruffled Qin Xiaoyou's head and said.

"Oh, then you be careful, I will be waiting for you in school," Qin Xiaoyou worriedly lowered her head and hugged Mo Wen before slowly walking over in the direction of the school.

Mo Wen squinted his eyes slightly and his entire being became cold. The temperature all around him had suddenly lowered drastically.

Previously when he was with Qin Xiaoyou, he had been suppressing his feelings to prevent causing her any alarm. Now, he finally could not hold it in any longer and let everything out. That Su Boyu had really pushed his limits. He had to take revenge for all of the grievances that Qin Xiaoyou had suffered including both the principal and interest.

In the dormitory, Mo Wen had barged into Dongfang Yi's room once again.

"So how, you've still yet to find the person?" Dongfang Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at the cold Mo Wen. One would have thought that he had not found that Qin Xiaoyou. However, he had been gone for a week so where could he possibly have gone if he had not been able to find her?

"Where is Su Boyu?" Mo Wen asked dully. He was unable to find Su Boyu in school beforehand so he could only find Dongfang Yi once again.

"Su Boyu has already returned to the Su Clan. These few days, he hasn't been to school. He is probably trying to hide from you," Dongfang Yi smiled. That Su Boyu was rather intelligent. After knowing that Mo Wen had returned, he had actually disappeared from school and hidden himself in the huge Su Clan compound. Apparently, he also knew that Mo Wen was not a person to be provoked.

However, Su Boyu knew that Mo Wen did not have the intention to just let things be. Although he had gone into hiding, he had continued investigating into Mo Wen's whereabouts over these few days so it seemed as though he was also preparing to attack Mo Wen.

"Where is the Su Clan?" A cold smile stretched out on Mo Wen's face. Hiding behind his Clan doors and not coming out?

Even if you are hiding in the netherworld, I can still dig out your whereabouts.

"Are you intending to turn up at the Su Clan?" Dongfang Yi had suddenly gotten a shock and looked at Mo Wen in surprise. This Mo Wen really dared to doing anything.

"Just give me the concrete location of it," Mo Wen said without emotions.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you. The Su Clan is one of the largest clans in the capital. They are also influential in military, politics, and commerce. Moreover, they also have relations with one of the ancient martial arts sect. Currently, there is an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm staying in the Su Clan compound temporarily," warned Dongfang Yi. The corners of his lips curled upwards. Although the Su Clan was not the top clan in the capital, it was still placed rather high up in the ranks. They were rather influential in their respective fields and areas. Hence, if Mo Wen were to fight the Su Clan in order to get revenge, it was akin to completely offending the Su Clan.

Moreover, there was currently an ancient martial arts practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm residing in the compound of the Su Clan. If Mo Wen were to run over and take on his revenge, wasn't it just creating trouble for himself?

"If you're looking to take revenge on Su Boyu, you can take it out on him only. The Su Clan is very big in both the size of its clan and impact. Thus it cannot have a tight control on every single one of its clansmen," Dongfang Yi pointed out to Mo Wen meaningfully. If Mo Wen were to turn up at the Su Clan and pick up a fight, it would be challenging the entire Su Clan and deeming the entire clan as an enemy.

Meanwhile, although solely finding Su Boyu would offend some people, the Su Clan was so big and there were so many people in the clan that it was inevitable for there to be infighting and segregations into different factions.

If Mo Wen killed off Su Boyu, he would at most only offend the people in his faction. This way, even after taking revenge, he would land himself in much less trouble. In fact, those people in opposing factions may even celebrate internally so why would they turn against Mo Wen.

"Right now, I just want to know where Su Boyu is!" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and a cold look flashed through his eyes as he was getting a little impatient with Dongfang Yi's nagging.

Dongfang Yi rolled his eyes. This was a classic case of taking someone's good will for ill intent and how one's good intentions get no appreciation. He did not say much more. Instead, after fishing out a piece of white paper and writing down the address, he passed it to Mo Wen.

"You will find out sooner or later that some people are too extreme in pushing their limits and dare to climb all over me. In such cases, killing just one person is not enough," Mo Wen shot a glance at Dongfang Yi before walking away coldly.

"What" Dongfang Yi was stunned. What did he mean by that? Could it be that he wanted to uproot the entire Su Clan?

He suddenly stood up within a moment. This lad was really acting too indiscriminately. He simply had no qualms about anything and did not consider any consequences.

Dongfang Yi reached for a phone and walked out swiftly.

The huge compound of the Su Clan was situated at the south of the capital. It looked like a huge manor. It was of an impressive grandeur and surrounded many mountains. Only a single private road led up to the Su Clan manor.

It was said that the Su Clan had such a longstanding history that it could be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty. The people of the Su Clan had been government officials generation after generation. Although they had experienced many trials and tribulations, the Su Clan people could always secure first place in their business aspect.

Mo Wen lowered his gaze and walked alone on the private road leading to the Su Clan manor. His footsteps were neither hurried nor slow, and he appeared as though as he were strolling.

It was a stretch of road that was 3000 meters long which belonged to one Clan. Indeed, the prosperity of the Su Clan was not easily comprehensible by average people.

"Who is that?" There was a sentry post in the middle of the road and a person walked out from within. He looked at Mo Wen and said coldly, "This land is private property. Trespassers and the likes should leave quickly or the consequences will be yours to bear."

Normally, there were also some pedestrians or people strolling who would accidentally walk into this road. However, only the Su Clan people or valued guests as specified by the Su Clan could enter the manor. Hence, even people like Mo Wen who appeared to have mistaken the area and lost his way had to be chased away as soon as possible.

Mo Wen gazed at the person and remained expressionless throughout. He did not bother caring about that person and minded his own business as he walked forward.

That person furrowed his eyebrows. Could it be that the person was deaf? He could not even hear such a loud sound? "Stop there. Did you hear what I said? This area is private property. You have to leave quickly or I won't be polite anymore."

"Is this place the Su Clan?" Mo Wen asked dully.

"That's right. Since you know that, you should hurriedly get lost. This is not somewhere a person like you can come," the guard said a little irritably.

"As long as it is the Su Clan," Mo Wen nodded apathetically and continued walking forward at a comfortable speed.

Looking at Mo Wen being so sure that the place was the Su Clan and yet continuing on his way without a care or regard for him made the security furious,"You're purposely looking for trouble aren't you. You're not afraid of serious consequences? You're really looking for death." He had seen brave people but such a person who was both brave and cocky was a first for him. He reached for a taser in his belt and fiercely moved to smash it over Mo Wen's head.

However, before the taser could be smashed on Mo Wen, it seemingly hit an invisible cover and in the next moment, the security, along with his taser, had been sent flying backwards before falling on the ground and losing consciousness.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen continued to mind his own business and headed forward, not stopping at all.

The mishap that had happened outside shocked the people in the sentry post. Immediately, four to five people wearing black suits had dashed out from within and surrounded Mo Wen. They all drew out their guns and pointed them at Mo Wen one after the other.

"You dare to behave wildly in the Su Clan? You must be tired of living," A middle-aged man, who was the leader, looked at Mo Wen coldly. Then, he told the person beside him, "Tie him up and bring him back to the estate where we will deal with him."

After receiving the order, that person reached for a handcuff and walked forward inpreparation to handcuff Mo Wen.

Yet, the moment he had stepped forward, a strong gust of wind came upon him and an invisible hand, seemingly formed by air, immediately slapped him across the face, sending him flying.

"You're looking for death. You're really tired of living," The middle-aged leader's expression became dark. That youth had actually still dared to revolt and was so arrogant that he did not want to live anymore. He thought that being pointed at by so many guns should have rendered the youth afraid.

"Noisy," Mo Wen said and glanced over at the leader while twitching his hand in a slap casually. In the next moment, that middle-aged man was sent flying.

That middle-aged leader climbed back up from the ground. His mouth was bleeding and it appeared that a couple teeth had been knocked out. Immediately, he went mad and pointed at Mo Wen as he shouted, "Kill him, go ahead and kill him." From the previous interactions, he could tell that Mo Wen was an ancient martial arts practitioner and one that had come forward to challenge them.

Having stayed in the Su Clan for so many years, he had a rather rich experience and knew that there were still types of people known as ancient martial arts practitioners in this period. However, no matter how amazing the ancient martial arts practitioner was, could he be even more powerful that a pistol? Since he dared to cause trouble in the territory of the Su Clan, it would not be much of a problem if he were killed.

Just as the middle-aged person finished his words, there was immediately a person who had prepared to pull the trigger and shoot. However, they were shocked to find that the pistols in their hands had disappeared. In the next moment, their world went black and they lost all control of their bodies as they flew backwards.

Mo Wen toyed with the multiple guns in his hand and a cold smile spread across his face. All of the security guards had a gun and they were able to kill people so indiscriminately at the door. The Su Clan was indeed insolent and arrogant.

He rubbed his hands together and the four to five pistols that had been crafted with iron immediately turned into fine powder and fell onto the floor. When a light breeze came, they all gradually disappeared into the ground.

The main door of the Su Clan manor was very imposing and could be compared to the school gate of Hua Xia University. It could cater to ten cars parking or driving through. On the main door, there were dragons and phoenixes carved in it and the combination of modern with traditional design made it all the more imposing and luxurious.

The main door only had a frame and did not have an iron gate. This was because the Su Clan never had to worry about anyone barging in since not many people had the courage to do so. Even all the thieves were afraid of robbing the Su Clan manor or it would be like courting death.

Mo Wen's entire road was free of obstacles. He could casually walk into the Su Clan manor unhindered. That natural look made him appear as though as he was walking into his own backyard garden.