Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Extermination If Refused to Hand Over the Person

In front of the manor, there was a large garden with a pond, a fountain, and a nude goddess sculpture.

Mo Wen strolled into the Su Clan Manor as if it were his own house. It was indeed difficult to look for someone in such a big manor.

Therefore, he didn't intend to search by himself. He cast a glance at the tall goddess sculpture, raised his lips, and gave his belt a press. The next moment, seven bloody, red tokens shot out and thrust forcefully towards the goddess sculpture.


With a loud, crashing sound, the goddess sculpture collapsed and shattered into a pile of cement pieces before dropping into the pond, causing the water to splash out droplets into the air.

Such a loud sound alarmed the people in the manor house. Soon, some people rushed out to take a look. They then realized that the goddess sculpture had collapsed.

Mo Wen seemed to be the obvious culprit, standing beside the fallen sculpture. Naturally, everyone cast their eyes on Mo Wen instantly.

How did this youngster appear in the garden and topple the goddess sculpture?

However, from the attire of this youngster, he didn't look like anyone in the manor.The servants of the manor would be wearing the servant uniforms, and they recognized all the masters. This youngster was neither a servant nor a master, and he wasn't a guest in the Su Clan manor either.

As there were basically no guests in the manor that day, it was strange to have a youngster whom nobody recognized appear from nowhere.

"Who are you? Did you topple the goddess sculpture?"

A middle-aged man walked towards Mo Wen and asked this with his brows knitted together. He was the housekeeper of the exterior estate in the Su Clan manor, and he did not recognize this youngster. Where did this youngster come from?

"That's right. I toppled it."

Mo Wen curled his lips and said with a sardonic smile, "Today, I came here for only one thing. So hand over that bastard Su Boyu, or else"

After pausing for a moment, a terrifying cold radiance flashed in his eyes as he said, "All of people in the Su Clan shall die."

The middle-aged housekeeper's face went blank for a moment after hearing those words. So this youngster was picking a fight and even came into the Su Clan manor to do this.

He looked strangely at Mo Wen. Could it be that this youngster didn't know that this was the Su Clan manor and was generally very arrogant and reckless? Was he bored of living?

"Catch him," The middle-aged housekeeper said insipidly.

These kinds of people should be caught first before any further action. Since he was looking for the young master, Su Boyu, if he were to hand him over to the master himself, perhaps he would be rewarded.

Two big, tall men in black heard the instruction and went forward immediately.They intended to catch Mo Wen and deal with him later, so they walked towards Mo Wen casually, obviously thinking that this youngster was not a threat at all.

Mo Wen snorted coldly and flicked his fingers.A streak of blue light flashed across and went around the surrounding area once before returning to his hand the next moment.

It actually wasn't a streak of light, but a silvery blue, snake-shaped hairpin with two eyes emitting cold, blue radiance that would give people the creeps.

The two men in black who were about to approach Mo Wen suddenly froze in their tracks. Their bodies emitted a layer of cold air with a layer of fine and homogeneous, thick ice wrapping around them like a human figure ice sculpture.

Suddenly, crackling sounds came from the two bodies. Crack lines started to appear on the bodies. They became bigger and bigger, until they eventually changed into a pile of crushed ice on the ground.

The unexpected change had stupefied everyone. They looked at the two men in black who used to be alive with flesh and blood, but now had become a pile of crushed ice. The flesh and blood, not to mention the fabric of their clothing, were frozen into specks.

Like a scene in a horror movie, when the people recovered from their shock, waves of their panic-stricken screams reverberated in the air. Some were so shocked that they turned around and ran amok. The whole manor was in a chaos.

Mo Wen glanced at the middle-aged housekeeper without any expression, extended his hand, and grabbed.Suddenly, the middle-aged housekeeper's body floated into the air and was in Mo Wen's hand the next moment.

Mo Wen gripped the middle-aged housekeeper's collar in one hand and said indifferently, "Ask someone in charge of the Su Clan to come out, or else I will turn you into a pile of crushed ice, too."

After that, he threw him far away onto the ground.

That housekeeper was so shocked that he became speechless and clambered towards the inner court of the Su Clan Manor in horror, with a face drained of blood.

Mo Wen folded his hands without any expression and waited quietly.

After a short while, a rough voice resounded from the inside of the manor. In the next moment, a throng of people walked out from inside.

"Who's messing around in the Su Clan?"

There were young and old people who looked rather outstanding; obviously, they were people of some status.

Among them, an old man in his seventies, who looked very calm, walked forward with unhurried steps.

The old man scrutinized Mo Wen for a moment, cast a look at the two piles of crushed ice on the ground, then questioned indifferently, "You are the guy who's making a scene?"

"Who are you?" Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

"You don't need to worry about who I am, as you are not qualified to know. Tell me, who are you? Why did you come to Su Clan? If you can't explain clearly, don't even think of getting out of here alive today," the old man said indifferently.

With his manner, he was simply looking down on Mo Wen.

Mo Wen laughed after hearing his speech, curled his lips, and said, "Actually, I don't want to know who you are. I would just like to inform you that if you don't send Su Boyu to me within three minutes, I will begin my killing spree until there is no one left alive in the Su Clan."

Out of this big group of people who came out, Su Boyu was not one of them.

"How insolent."

The old man's face became gloomy instantly. He, Su Bingcheng, had been unhindered for his whole life. Nobody had ever dared to talk to him like that especially a youngster who was wet behind the ears.

"Break all his limbs, and cut his tongue for me."

Su Bingcheng's face became somber, and he glanced at Mo Wen as if he was looking at a dead person. Just any boy would dare to bully at their place, could it be that Su Clan had been keeping a low profile for too many years which made them think that it was alright to bully them.

After he had finished with his instruction, an old man in a Tang suit came out in a flash and dashed towards Mo Wen. His movement was as fast as lightning and as forceful as thunder, like the falcon pouncing on its prey.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Mo Wen, extended his hand, and grabbed, intending to capture Mo Wen before breaking his limbs and cutting his tongue.

"The behaviour and style of the people in the Su Clan are indeed ruthless and arrogant, which explains the generation of people like Su Boyu; it is simply genetic."

Mo Wen laughed sardonically while his body remained motionless. He then casually gave the old man in the Tang suit a slap on his face.

Before the claw of the old man in Tang suit could touch Mo Wen's body, a sudden invisible force field had catapulted him backwards. The force field was so terrifying that it ricocheted his Inner Qi. After the quake, not only did he not hurt Mo Wen, but he injured himself.

After a puffing sound followed by a spurt of blood from the mouth, the body retreated backwards uncontrollably.

However, his body was still unstable after retreating two steps. A shadow suddenly appeared before his eyes at such a rapid speed that he simply could not get a chance to react. The slap was already on his face, and he was flung off instantly.