Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Martial Arts Battle

Mo Wen stood immovably on his spot. His lips curled into a mocking sneer. This old man was but a mere beginning stage Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioner, and he dared say that he would break Mo Wen's arms and legs? Wasn't he too full of himself?

After receiving a slap, the body of the old man in the Tang Suit drew a nice arc in mid-air, and slammed onto the stairs forcefully. After struggling for a while, he would never get up again. Mo Wen's simple slap had instantly snapped a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial arts practitioner's neck.

In the blink of an eye, a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioner died in front of the crowd. It was also an instant kill.

Su Bingcheng was shocked speechless. His brain couldn't keep up. The old man in the Tang Suit was one of the Su Clan's only two Sea of Qi realm ancient martial arts practitioners. He was always an honored guest in the Su Clan, using his martial arts to deter the Su Clan's enemies.

Who knew he would die today in the Su Clan's manor, and at the hands of a youth no less?

Although Su Bingcheng had never practiced ancient martial arts, he knew that ancient martial art skill resulted in the accumulation of years of cultivation. The longer one cultivated their ancient martial arts, no matter whether it was actual skill or martial arts experience, it would become stronger.

For a youth to be so terrifying? It was impossible to believe. Only a rare, bona fide genius could have such ability.

"Since you are so stubborn, don't blame me for spilling blood today," Mo Wen's face suddenly darkened. Since the Su Clan did want to give him face, then he wouldn't hold back his force.

One of his hands reached to his waist and twelve snake shaped pins appeared in his hand. Their icy cold, silvery blue shine sent shivers down people's spines.

Mo Wen opened up his fingers, and the twelve Silver Serpent Freezing Pins stood suspended in the palm of his hand. Their points were facing downward and they were slowly twirling.

The next moment, with a swipe of Mo Wen's hand, streaks of silvery blue light pierced in all directions. Everywhere they passed, a chill could be felt. The chill was so cold that people couldn't help but to shiver. That freezing chill stemmed from within one's body, and even ancient martial art practitioners couldn't withstand it.

In the time Mo Wen used to control the twelve Silver Serpent Freezing Pins, almost half of the people around him were frozen stiff, unable to move an inch.

Su Bingcheng had been struggling for power and profit for all his life and faced countless perilous situations. He knew almost instantly that his life was in danger. He couldn't care much about anything else and shouted loudly for help, "Layman Wu, save us!"

The youth in front of him was too terrifying. He knew that in the Su Clan manor, only that man could save them. Once Mo Wen instantly killed the old man in the Tang Suit, he regretted not asking.

Silver Serpent Freezing Pins would not stop just because people were breathing. In an instant, twelve streaks of blue light flashed, racing towards the crowd. The attack was fierce and decisive, a posture meant to bathe the Su Clan manor in blood.

A silvery blue cold light flashed, appearing in front of Su Bingcheng in an instant. The blue light had yet to reach his body when the terrifying chill almost froze the blood in his veins. His body turned stiff, his expression was pale and his lips turned green. He suddenly couldn't move.

As it seemed that the dignified head of the Su clan was about to be killed, a silhouette came flying out from the backyard, crossing a hundred meters in the air. He reached Su Bingcheng's side in an instant. With a palm strike, he sent the blue light flying away with a shockwave.

A short, bald, shady looking old man stood in front of Su Bingcheng. It was him who, with a palm strike, had just sent the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin flying.

"Such a frightening hidden weapon!" The shady looking old man looked at Mo Wen with surprise. A youth had such terrifying ability. If he hadn't coincidentally came out to see what was the commotion, he would not have made it in time to save Su Bingcheng.

He looked at the palm that had received the streak of cold light. Right now, a layer of ice had covered it, the chill that reached his bones causing him to lose his sense of touch within a short while.

Although the shady old man had saved the head of the Su Clan: Su Bingcheng, he didn't make it in time to save the rest. With the flash of tens of streaks of silvery blue light, tens of people instantly became piles of shattered ice on the ground.

"A Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner," Mo Wen narrowed his eyes slightly. The bald old man's cultivation was not low, nearly at the level of the Qi Nucleation realm. His ability was even higher than that of the Zhou clan leader. Though it was the beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm, he was at the pinnacle of the beginning stage.

"Who are you? Why are you behaving so atrociously towards the Su clan?" The bald old man asked coldly.

"Are you prepared to handle the Su clan's affairs?" Mo Wen said nonchalantly.

Just now Su Bingcheng called this person Layman Wu. Since his surname was Wu, naturally he wasn't someone from the Su clan.

"So what if I am? Such a young age, and such outstanding ability. Considering that your cultivation and talent are hard to come by, quickly leave now. Or else" the bald old man coldly snorted. Suddenly a majestic pressure emitted from his body, pressing down on Mo Wen violently.

From their exchange before, the bald old man knew that Mo Wen was not a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner. Ancient martial arts practitioners of the same realm could faintly sense each other. With a mere exchange they could detect each others level of cultivation. The youth's cultivation was around the later stage Sea of Qi realm, approaching the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. Although compared to him their cultivation was still too far apart, the youth's hidden weapons were very strange. It made even him a little fearful. To make enemies with a talented, unidentified genius youth for the Su Clan was not worth it.

So he wasn't really preparing to trade blows with Mo Wen. He even hoped that with his Qi Nucleation realm cultivation, he could scare Mo Wen away.

"Threaten me?" Mo Wen laughed coldly, "In the first place, this matter did not concern you. Since you decided to meddle, then I'll eliminate you along with them."

"Such arrogance!" The bald old man snorted angrily. This youth did not know what was good for him! If so, then don't blame him.

Mo Wen couldn't care less about making small talk. With a flick of his hand, he used the essence of The Heaven and Earth Great Shift to summon back all the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin that were flying around. The twelve silver pins immediately returned to his hand.

The next moment a silhouette flashed past and appeared in front of the bald old man. Two flows of Inner Qi, one hot and one cold, seeped out. With a furious punch, the roar of dragons and tiger sounded, followed by a terrifying pressure which clashed against the bald old man.

The bald old man chuckled coldly. Mo Wen dared to match fists with him? He sure was reckless.

The youth chose not to use his hidden weapons. This caused him to relax somewhat. He reinvigorated all the Inner Qi in his body and forcefully matched Mo Wen's fist.

As the blows collided, the two silhouettes shook for a moment. Mo Wen then took three steps back, and the bald old man only took a step back.

But just with that, the bald old man was shocked speechless. With just the cultivation of the Sea of Qi realm, he could actually release such a powerful punch. It was incredible. With his cultivation level's advantage and facing Mo Wen head on, he actually didn't manage to gain an advantage.

"That's all you've got?" Mo Wen's lips curled into a cold smile. That first punch was but a test. In reality, Mo Wen's cultivation was only at the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. However, because he was practising three different martial arts techniques, his Inner Qi was comparable to the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm.

"You want to die?" The bald old man bawled, losing his temper from the humiliation. He took a step forward; his figure rose like an eagle for a moment, then he dropped firmly from mid-air, "Square Fist!"

The surrounding air suddenly tightened, seemingly sealed off from the surroundings in a square space. It totally enclosed Mo Wen in it. A simple fist, yet inclusive of the essence of countless martial art realms.

"Higher rank martial arts!" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. It was his first encounter with an ancient martial art practitioner who could display higher rank martial arts.

All martial arts that could be considered of higher rank had some special effects. Taking Mo Wen's Overlord Fist as an example, it had the effect of pressuring one's mental state. The strength of the fist was overpowering and unstoppable.

The martial arts displayed by the bald old man was also a higher rank named the Square Fist. It seemed to have the ability to seal off space. Once it was put to use, it would be hard for the enemy to escape from the shroud of the Square Fist.

But all martial arts that could be considered to be higher rank were rare and precious. Normal ancient factions would not have inherited such deep and profound martial arts. The Zhou Clan's Manor house leader Elder Zhou' cultivation level was at the Qi Nucleation realm, but he had never practiced higher ranked martial arts.

Mo Wen felt a surge of interest. He knew very little about this world's ancient martial arts factions and had never encountered this world's martial arts teachings. He wanted to know, between the two worlds, which one had more abundant and advanced martial arts teachings.

He had not displayed any martial arts teaching when he faced the bald old man. Instead, in the space of an inch, he used Inch Travel Steps.

The Square Fist technique did not allow for the opponent to have the opportunity to dodge. If so, he would purposely run in the opposite direction. With the essence of the Inch Travel Steps, he could easily negate the effect of the opponent's martials arts.

Only by contesting could martial art teachings be improved. And Mo Wen was an expert of this way. An inch under the step was equal to a thousand miles on the ground.

Mo Wen's silhouette kept flickering with an inch of space; sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left, sometimes right. His afterimages were visible and then disappeared, and once again disappeared then reappeared.

No matter how the bald old man's Square Fist sealed off the space, he could not seal Mo Wen in. Punch after punch, he could not even graze Mo Wen's side.

"Brat, do you dare face me head on? What meaning is there in dodging? Are you a tortoise?" The bald old man could not stand it anymore. Using the Square Fist consumed a lot of Inner Qi. It hadn't been long, but he had already drained his Inner Qi by half. His breathing was starting to become ragged.

Mo Wen on the other hand looked like he was having a casual walk in the yard. His breathing was steady. If this continued, with one expending continuously while another maintained his strength, the old man would surely lose to Mo Wen.

"You think I do not dare to face you head on?" Mo Wen's silhouette flashed past and he moved five feet horizontally, just enough to dodge a fist from the bald old man. He lifted the corner of his mouth. Surprisingly he stopped hiding; instead he stood on the spot, poised.

The bald old man's lips curled to form a sneer. He displayed the Square Fist again and smashed towards Mo Wen forcefully.

The youth was young after all; he was still too inexperienced. He thought just because he was not at disadvantage just now after exchanging a punch with him head on, he could take him down.

Before this, he was just punching casually. He didn't display his martial arts. But now, after he used the Square Fist, the power of his attack doubled. It was not something a mere Sea of Qi realm martial art practitioner could stand against.

He had already started imagining the scene where the youth was sent flying by his punch, vomiting blood.

But Mo Wen smiled strangely. He suddenly folded his hands together. Two streams of Qi, one cold and one hot, slowly merged