Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Kill Su Boyu

A hand was as cold as ice, while the other hand was like hot fire. Both hands clasped together. The cold ice and hot fire disappeared at the same time, then a mass of invisible formless Qi gradually moving.

The bald old man's fist was near. A boundless grandeur enveloped around them, and all the sand and pebbles were blown into the air; even their clothes were flapping violently.

Mo Wen put both his hands together and pushed forward forcefully. Both palms hit the fist that was being punched by the bald old man.


An invisible wave of Qi engulfed them at the center and spread outwards, then it instantly spread to the whole of the garden. The broken cement pieces of the goddess sculpture were pushed by the wave of Qi and flew out, one after another.

The people of Su Clan who were near the two of them were also pushed and flung off by the wave of Qi.

The bald old man was flung outwards and hit the huge door pillar of the Su Clan manor. The door pillar was broken into a few segments. Even the eaves collapsed.He fell onto the ruins with blood gushing out of his mouth. His body twitched for a moment before limping onto the floor.

As for Mo Wen, he was pushed off too, but as he was prepared. His Qi sunk into his core like a ton weighing down on him, so he was not flung off. However, with a push of Qi, his body was dragged backwards a hundred feet. The drag on the floor created a deep ditch that was a foot deep and a hundred feet long; it was a shocking sight.

A stream of blood trickled out of his mouth; he was hurt by that stroke.

Now, he was unable to control Yin and Yang Combination. To use it against his enemy hastily would not only injure his enemy, but also himself.

However, compared to the bald old man, his injury was considered very light.After all, he was prepared so he managed to avoid the most violent hit at the first instance.

The bald old man didn't know how powerful the Yin and Yang combination was, so instead of avoiding it, he initiated a fierce hit towards it and was shaken violently by the outburst of Yin and Yang combination. If he didn't die, who would?

Mo Wen cast a glance at the pile of ruins. That bald old man of Qi Nucleation realm was lying on the ground. He did not breathe.

Though there was suspicion of playing some tricks in killing the ancient martial arts practitioner of Qi Nucleation realm, the result was that he was dead while Mo Wen was still alive.

He wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and looked at the people of Su Clan indifferently.

At this time, the people in the manor were in a chao. Many were dead and injured, and some took the opportunity to run away. The Clan leader of Su Clan, Su Bingcheng, was nowhere to be seen at this moment.

He smiled sardonically. Then, in a flash, he left many continuous images of his receding figure.After a few flashes, he appeared in the interior estate of the Su Clan Manor.

Just when he intended to get the people out one after one, he realized a group of people was walking towards him.

"Young hero, please spare our lives."

Su Binghcheng walked in the front with constant pleadings. He lowered his head to make ritual bows continuously. Layman Wu was dead in the youngster's hands, so Su Clan didn't have anyone to rely on. He knew that the Su Clan had already reached the state of a life or death decision. This person in front of him was someone whose behavior and style showed no apprehension, so there was a possibility of extermination if it not handled carefully.

Mo Wen raised his eyes, and his lips curled into a mocking smile as he realized that, among the people in the group, he finally found the person he wanted to see Su Boyu.

"Escort that evil creature here."

Su Bingcheng waved his hand and the two big men behind him immediately escorted Su Boyu to Mo Wen. Without expression, they kicked behind his knees, making him kneel on the floor.

Su Bingcheng looked at Mo Wen apprehensively and said respectfully, "Young hero, please spare us the punishment. You may deal with this son as you see fit."

"If you had known I would come to this, you wouldn't have done all that before," Mo Wen said insipidly.

When the people of a clan went to the extent of preserving one while sacrificing another which was considered less, it showed how merciless and cold they were.

At this moment, Su Boyu's face was pale with bluish lips. He knelt on the floor trembling. He never thought that this would be the end result; heaven must be playing a big prank on him. He was actually betrayed by his own clan and was mercilessly escorted to Mo Wen to receive his punishment.

"Su Boyu, I thought I told you that if you wanted to fight me, I would take you on. But if you involve innocent people, you will surely regret being alive in this world," Mo Wen said unhurriedly, while looking indifferently at Su Boyu who was kneeling on the floor.

"Mo Wen, let me go, and I will agree to any of your conditions," Su Boyu said while his body was shivered uncontrollably.

He was unable to calm down, as he was afraid of death like everyone else. Although he had harmed many people, when it was his turn, he was more afraid than anyone.Losing the support of his clan, he was just a poor little bug.

"Let you go"

Mo Wen's lips raised slightly and extended his hand to grab, then Su Boyu flew through the air into his hand.

"Don't worry, I will not kill you now. Killing you would be too easy on you."

His palm hit Su Boyu's body. Two enormous cold and hot Inner Qi rushed into his body forcefully.

The next moment, a few snapping sounds reverberated. Su Boyu's hands and legs exploded. Flesh and blood flew and scattered all over the floor.

Hysterical shrill cries resounded from Su Boyu continuously. His face was distorted, and his eyes rolled up showing white. His mouth was constantly salivating, and his body twitched uncontrollably.

Mo Wen threw Su Boyu, whom he had turned into a stick man without limbs, onto the floor indifferently before wiping away the blood stains on this palm without any expression on his face.

All the people of the Su Clan were totally shocked with their faces as pale as a sheet. Everyone trembled uncontrollably. This youngster was too ruthless and was simply a killing machine.

Su Boyu didn't die but rolled on the floor like a ball. His body twitced in spasm. The strange thing was that with his limbs being ruptured, he didn't bleed too much from it, as if the blood vessels in his body was completely sealed.

"Put him into a wooden barrel and leave him alone. If I find that he is dead within seven days, I will still come after Su Clan," Mo Wen said coldly.

Su Boyu would not die in a short period, without any external interruption. He would only die after seven days and seven nights. This was what they called a living death.

Su Bingcheng gasped and felt a cold chill trickling down his spine. A youngster with such malicious heart was simply frightening.

"Yes, everything will be done according to young hero's instruction."

However, at this point, whatever Mo Wen said would be followed. Su Bingcheng wouldn't dare to disobey him, so he asked his men to prepare a wooden barrel immediately and put Su Boyu into it. After that, it was placed at the main door as a warning.

"I killed quite a few people in Su Clan today. If you want to take revenge on me, you may look for me any time. However, the same rule applies; don't play any tricks and involve innocent people. Or else, the whole Su Clan will be the next Su Boyu."

Mo Wen turned around and walked out of the manor after leaving them with this speech. He naturally didn't think that this matter was going to be settled so easily. With so many people dead in Su Clan, how could they not think of taking revenge on him? The present submission was just an expedient.

If it happened in the other world, Mo Wen would have exterminated Su Clan directly, without any consideration of the future consequences.

But now, even if he had the desire, it would be too difficult to be done.

After walking out of Su Clan manor, Mo Wen's body paused for a moment, and he said without any expression, "Are you going to take your move? Be more forthright about it."

There was no one around him and the surrounding was totally empty. He was seemingly talking to the air.

After Mo Wen killed the bald old man just now and intended to start the killing spree on Su Clan, there was a strong aura that suddenly broke into the manor and released a grandeur that was aimed at him.

He was certain that if he were to start the killing spree at that moment, this person would definitely obstruct him.

This person's Cultivation was very strong and far beyond the bald old man, should have the Cultivation in the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm.

Hence, when the Su Clan compromised, Mo Wen took the chance to get out of it.As Su Boyu was killed, the rest of the people naturally became unimportant.

After a few seconds of silence, a sudden voice resounded strangely. The next moment, a figure walked out of the dark area. The figure was tall and thin, with a wrinkled old face; yet another old man.

"You have violated the regulations, so you should be punished, but I am not confident that I can catch you."

"Who are you? You are meddling too much into other people's business." Mo Wen squinted his eyes and asked while turning around slowly to look at the old man. This person gave him a dangerous feeling, so he didn't dare act rashly without consideration.

"Meddling with other people's business?"

The tall and thin old man laughed.

"You are right; my job is to meddle with other people's business. Let me introduce myself. I am the Executor of Huatian Palace White Tiger Palace Hall, Zhu Qingyi. I bet you know my purpose of being here."

"Huatian Palace?"

Mo Wen raised his brows, as this was the second time he heard of Huatian Palace.The last time was when he killed the retainers of the Su Clan in the city center, which attracted the people from Huatian Palace. Now, the people of Huatian Palace were also here for the killing in Su Clan.

"Huatian Palace likes to meddle with other people's business? What does it got to do with you that I kill the Su Clan?" Mo Wen asked indifferently.

The tall and thin old man glanced at Mo Wen weirdly.

"Do you know what the significance of Huatian Palace is to the ancient martial arts world?"

He really didn't know, or did he pretend not to know? Huatian Palace had a history of maintaining the order of the Hua Xia ancient martial arts world for four hundred years, so it was unreasonable that any practitioners in ancient martial arts circle did not know about Huatian Palace.

"Significance of Huatian Palace? Maintain world peace? Uphold justice?" Mo Wen laughed mockingly.

"It seems like you don't know the significance of Huatian Palace's existence, or else you wouldn't kill Su Clan hastily."

The tall and thin old man cast a thoughtful look at Mo Wen, as under normal circumstances, if one wanted to kill another, there were many ways to do it. One would not be like this youngster who went killing people in a big clan without the slightest scruple and was even prepared to exterminate the clan.

"I don't need to know the significance of your existence. So, what are you going to do now? Catch me or kill me?"

Mo Wen laughed sardonically, as he didn't like restrictions regardless of whether it was in this life or the past lifetime.

"We can't catch and also can't kill you. With such ability at your age, it was indeed shocking to this world. If my guess is correct, you should be from the hidden martial arts strain?"

The tall and thin old man sighed, as he was late before, but he came at the opportune time when Mo Wen was killing the bald old man who was an expert in the beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm. Even he, who had the Cultivation of the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm, might find it very hard to kill the expert, but this youngster in front of him did it. As he had such capability, he didn't have much confidence of capturing him.

An ancient martial arts practitioner of such age with such ability and didn't know about Huatian Palace. Other than hidden martial arts strain, he couldn't think of anyone else.